Stardew Valley Trees in Greenhouse:  Easy Guide, Tips, And Tricks!

Are you tired of planting crops in your Greenhouse? Then, you might want to try planting Fruit trees for a change. Read this complete guide, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about growing Fruit trees inside your Greenhouse in Stardew Valley!

Did you know that the Greenhouse can be used to grow more than just crops?

Growing Fruit trees is a great way to spruce things up in your Greenhouse. Not only that, but it can also bring you great profit. As long as you use the space wisely, this glass-covered structure can become a gold mine.

Does the idea of harvesting fruit any time of the year excite you? Then this guide will teach you what trees you can plant and how to maximize the little space provided in this building. Keep reading this guide to learn all about Fruit trees in the Greenhouse.

What Is The Greenhouse In Stardew Valley?

Are you ready to enter the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley?

The Greenhouse is a building on your farm where you can grow fruit trees and crops indoors any time of the year. Its interior consists of a plotted land, a water trough, a wood border, and exterior tiles lined with decorative tools, plants, and barrels. You can also add automated sprinklers or use Deluxe Retaining Soil to save more crop spaces in this structure. 

You’ll initially find the Greenhouse in poor condition and, therefore, unusable. However, you can repair it by purchasing this structure for 35,000g from the Joja Community Development Form. Another way to fix this is to complete all of the Community Center’s Pantry Bundles.

It’s also a great place to plant your produce since it prevents the crows from devouring your crops. You also won’t have to worry about your trees getting hit by lightning. Additionally, it protects them from the changing seasons, which means they won’t wither and will keep yielding fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Note that Giant Cauliflower, Melon, and Pumpkin crops can’t grow inside this building. Also, if you place a Bee house inside, it won’t yield any honey. 

What Trees Can Grow In The Greenhouse?

You can plant Fruit trees inside the Greenhouse and wait for them to mature after 28 days. These will produce one fruit per day even when it’s not in season which can be a steady and lucrative source of income. See the table below for the types of trees you can grow in this glass-covered structure:

Fruit TreeSaplingSapling SourceFruitSeason
Apricot TreeApricot Sapling• Pierre’s General Store (2,000g)
• Traveling Cart (1,500 – 2,500g)
Cherry TreeCherry Sapling• Pierre’s General Store (3,400g)
• Traveling Cart (2,550 – 4,250g)
Banana TreeBanana Sapling• Island Trader – Dragon Tooth (5)BananaSummer
Mango TreeMango Sapling• Island Trader- Mussel (75)MangoSummer
Orange TreeOrange Sapling• Pierre’s General Store (4,000g)
• Traveling Cart (3,000 – 5,000g)
Peach TreePeach Sapling• Pierre’s General Store (6,000g)
• Traveling Cart (4,500 – 7,500g)
Apple TreeApple Sapling• Pierre’s General Store (4,000g)
• Traveling Cart (3,000 – 5,000g)
Pomegranate TreePomegranate Sapling• Pierre’s General Store (6,000g)
• Traveling Cart (4,500 – 7,500g)

Although it’s possible to grow Common trees like Maple, Oak, Pine, and Mahogany in this building. It’s advisable to plant them outside and use the space inside for fruit-bearing ones to maximize your earnings. Meanwhile, you can’t plant a Special tree inside because they either randomly emerge from a tree stump or don’t have saplings you can plant.

Where Should Trees Be Planted In The Greenhouse?

You can plant them inside the 12 columns by 10 rows plot of land in the center of this building. They can also grow on any exterior tile region unoccupied by any decorations with its adjacent tiles similarly empty of any ornaments. However, you can’t place them in the corners of this building. 

Take a look at this Greenhouse layout:

Look at how much fruit you can harvest in the Greenhouse!

How To Plant Fruit Trees In Stardew Valley?

You must plant Fruit-bearing trees two tiles apart from each other on the plotted land or in any of the exterior tiles without decorations. Additionally, each sapling needs to be one tile away from a sprinkler. Note that neither the wooden border nor Greenhouse walls will impede the growth of your Fruit tree.

What Are The Best Sprinkler Arrangements in Stardew Valley?

Sprinklers are handy items that water your crops daily. And although, Fruit trees don’t need to be watered, they’re still an important addition to your Greenhouse if you’re growing other plants inside. See the table below for the different types of Sprinklers in Stardew Valley:

TypeIngredientsRecipe SourceUse
Sprinkler • Copper Bar (1)
• Iron Bar (1)
Level 2 FarmingActivates each morning to water four adjacent tiles.
Quality Sprinkler • Iron Bar (1)
• Gold Bar (1)
• Refined Quartz (1)
Level 6 FarmingWater plants in the eight adjacent tiles every morning.
Iridium Sprinkler• Gold Bar (1)
• Iridium Bar (1)
• Battery Pack (1)
Level 9 FarmingSprays water on crops in the 24 nearby tiles each morning.

Planting Fruit Trees alongside other crops is a profitable endeavor. Therefore, it’s important to manage the placement of your sprinklers to make more space for your plants in this building. Here are several Sprinkler arrangements you must try in this glass-covered structure:

Check out this Quality and Iridium Sprinklers with no Pressure Nozzle arrangement!
You only need a few Iridium Sprinklers if you put in a Pressure Nozzle!


Can You Plant Directly In The Ground In A Greenhouse ?

The great part about planting any crop or tree in the Greenhouse is that you can directly plant it in the ground. There’s no need to use your hoe to prepare the soil before planting. Instead, you can use the time and energy you save on doing more tasks around your farm. 

Do You Have To Water Fruit Trees In The Greenhouse Stardew Valley?

Unlike the crops in the game which requires watering daily in the greenhouse even during rainy days. Fruit trees don’t need to be watered. Instead, they’ll naturally grow and mature after 28 days in this permanent structure.

Do Trees Grow Faster In A Greenhouse?

They don’t grow faster in the Greenhouse. Instead, they’ll undergo the same rate of maturation inside this building. Thus, it’ll bear fruit 28 days after planting.

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