How to get Caviar in Stardew valley | A Buy or Make Decision!

How to get a Caviar in the game? What can you do with this artisan good? We’ll provide a detailed guide to this item!

The player holding a Caviar in Stardew Valley.
A delicious-looking preserved Sturgeon Eggs!

As one of the most significant updates ever, Stardew Valley 1.4 adds new items and secrets for more gameplay hours. Quality of life, more selling opportunities, new areas – how generous can ConcernedApe get?

With free versions, albeit some challenge, you can now make Caviar. We’ll talk about everything you should know about the item, how to make it, and what you can get from it.

What is a Caviar?

It’s an exotic delicacy from a cured roe that you can consume. It’s also one of many late-game items with decent profitability, although not practical for farm space.

Caviar’s QualityHealthEnergy

How to Get a Caviar?

The player near a Sturgeon Fish Pond and the Traveling Cart.
Either buy or grow – it’s up to you.

There are two easy ways to get the item:

  • Sturgeons in Fish Pond. One Sturgeon has a 5%-95% chance of producing one to two Roe. Use the fish product, load it into a Preservers Jar, and wait for 6000m before collecting.
  • Traveling Cart. Costs 1500g – 2500g

Selling Prices

This preserved Sturgeon egg is worth the wait when processing. However, here’s a side by side pricing comparison:

QualityNormalWith Artisan


Making a Fashion Hat in Stardew Valley with Caviar and Sewing Machine.
Another apparel to collect!

With a piece of cloth on the spool of the Sewing Machine, you’ll make a Fashion Hat.


It’s a decent gift to every villager except Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent.


Not used in any quest


This item is an excellent alternative for a Prismatic Shard in completing the Missing Bundle at the abandoned JojaMart.

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