Spring Onion: Uses, Benefits, and More

Did you know that collecting a Spring Onion helps you get some earnings in Stardew Valley? They aren’t the most lucrative item, but they still make a profit! Here’s a guide on where and how you can get them.

A player holding a Spring Onion in Stardew Valley.
Here are some freshly foraged Spring Onions from Cindersap Forest.

You can always visit the Cindersap Forest to forage goods whenever you’re bored. Occasionally, you’ll discover exciting items that help you earn gold and accomplish tasks.

If you stumble upon Spring Onions (S.O), you can use it to make a few profits and regenerate your health in Stardew Valley. In this guide, you’ll learn about its benefits, uses, and more!

What is a Spring Onion?

It’s a foraged good you’ll obtain in the year’s first season. And harvesting it provides an additional 3 Foraging XP. But this item doesn’t benefit from the Gatherer Profession.

Additionally, consuming it would restore some of your health and energy. Here’s the amount of restoration you’ll get per quality:

QualityEnergy Health
Silver Star+18+8
Gold Star+23+10
Iridium Star+33+14

How to find a Spring Onion?

A player standing in the middle of Cindersap Forest in Stardew Valley.
Best place to look for these foraged goods!

You’ll find it by foraging in the southeast island of Cindersap Forest. It respawns daily, which gives you the advantage of getting more profit every day. You may also occasionally get it in the Traveling Cart costing 100g to 1000g each.

Additionally, watching the Livin’ Off the Land channel on the 4th day of the season helps you get tips on locating them.

Selling Prices

Selling them is also an option despite the unimpressive base prices. But having an S.O Mastery would multiply their cost five times!

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of this foraged item with and without mastery:

QualityBase PricesWith Mastery
Silver Star10g50g
Gold Star12g60g
Iridium Star16g80g


A player wearing a pink shirt in Stardew Valley.
The perfect outfit for a bright and fresh Spring!

To upscale your clothing, you can make a Spring Shirt with it.


Almost everyone dislikes it, except for Leah, Linus, and Harvey.


Not used in any quest.


It’s an option to complete the remixed Spring Foraging Bundle in the Craft’s Room.

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