Red Snapper: Catching, Fish Pond, and More

Are you looking to finish your Ocean fishing journey in Stardew Valley? You might lose progress since the Red Snapper (R.S.) appears under a specific requirement. However, we’ll tell you all the important points in this guide, including its location and uses.

The player holding the Red Snapper in Stardew Valley.
It can still grow bigger!

You’ve seen most of the big catches in Stardew Valley: Tuna, Salmon, and Lingcod are some of them. Since bodies of water are everywhere in-game, it’s possible to hook in this red-colored fish. It’s even a piece in completing one of many Community Center bundles!

This guide will teach everything about Red Snapper, from catching, locating, and using. 

What is a Red Snapper?

This popular sea creature boasts a nice red color on its body. Its smallest size locks at eight inches, while its maximum growth is 26. Since the fish has a mixed behavior, it combines how other types behave like sinker, floater, and dart. However, it has a beginner-friendly difficulty at 40.


Where to Catch a Red Snapper?

R.C. is a common fish, so using a Magic Bait is unnecessary. It’s one of the first few types you’ll have in Year 1. Check out this table for all the info about its location, season, time, and weather availability:

Pelican Town Ocean• Summer
• Fall
• 6am – 7pm• Rainy
Beach Farm• Summer
• Fall
• 6am – 7pm• Rainy

Alternatively, you could resort to the following sources, but with luck:

  • Traveling Cartcosts 150g-1000g to buy.
  • Garbage Cans – available during Summer, Fall, and Winter but no chance specified.

Fish Pond

The Red Snapper occupying the Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
This place must be the perfect place to build Fish Ponds.

Depositing a piece at the Fish Pond will let it reproduce every two days until reaching the maximum of ten capacity. It may produce something daily, but it depends on the population after completing quests.

Item Requests

The ocean creature is less demanding to maintain because of the necessary items you’ll need for population expansion. Here’s a list of required materials for extending the pond’s capacity that you can get easily in-game:

Initial CapacityItem RequestedFishing XPImproved Capacity
Three• Driftwood (3)
• Frozen Geode (1)
• Seaweed (1-2)
Five• Clam (2)
• Coral (2)
Seven• Aquamarine (2)
• Mussel (1)
• Sea Urchin (2)


Roe is the only possible output from Fish Pond farming, and here’s the daily drop chance. Note that you won’t get a regular harvest until reaching population five and higher, where odds are better.

ItemPopulationItem PercentageChanceFishing XP
Roe (1)1-470%16-33%+12
Roe (1)5-10100%55-95%+12

Selling Prices

Since R.C. doesn’t sell that much, expect the same thing from Aged Roes at the Preserves Jar. That’s because the base price is too low (raw selling value). However, it’s better than nothing for beginners who need extra seeds.

QualitySelling PriceWith FisherWith AnglerRoeAged RoeWith Artisan


Quality Fertilizer is easy to make since the fish you’ll use don’t matter regarding the type. Here’s the universal ingredient to help your crops get better quality and selling price when upon harvesting:

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Quality FertilizerLevel 9 FarmingRed Snapper (1)
• Sap (2)


The player holding a Sashimi and Maki Roll in Stardew Valley.
Commonly cooked food in the game.

Because R.C. is one of the most common ocean denizens in Stardew Valley, expect only the most basic food item you can prepare. Here’s the recipe for cooking Maki Roll and Sashimi in the upgrade Farmhouse or Cookout Kit.

RecipeIngredientsEnergyEnergy with QSHealthHealth with QSBuff + DurationBuff + Duration with QSSelling PriceSelling Price with QSRecipe Source
Maki RollRed Snapper (1)
• Rice (1)
• Seaweed (1)
+100+180+45+81  220g330g• Watching the Queen of Sauce on Year 1 Summer 21
• Stardrop Saloon permanent stock for 300g
SashimiRed Snapper (1)+75+135+33+60  75g112g• After reaching a three-heart friendship with Linus


Sewing Machine and Dye Pots in-game screen.
Now the Sailor Shirt has the fish’s color.

Using this fish with a piece of Cloth at the spool of the Sewing Machine will result in a Sailor Shirt. Since the fish is red-colored, it applies to the apparel on the collar part. Moreover, it could be a red dye in the Dye Pots.


Demetrius, Elliott, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy feel neutral about this gift. Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre hate the fish with a passion. But it still wouldn’t help if you give this item to the unmentioned people.


There are two tasks you can complete with this item:

  • Help Wanted at Pierre’s General Store (Item Delivery). Any villager may request a piece during Summer, Fall, or Winter for 150g and 150 Friendship points.
  • Help Wanted (Fishing – same location). Willy will order one to four pieces during the same seasons for 50g each.


It’s a requirement to complete the Ocean Fish bundle at the Fish Tank (Community Center). Completing the set will unlock Panning – a resource-gathering technique to get quality ores in the waters.

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