The 10 Best Swords in Stardew Valley

Are you looking for a blade to complete your lineup of weapons in Stardew Valley? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of the best swords you can get to beat monsters in the game effortlessly. 

Player holding galaxy sword in The Mines, Stardew Valley
There are many swords you can choose from.

Stardew Valley is more than just farming, selling, and creating goodwill with the residents of Pelican Town. You can get married, start a family, and even go on a different adventure every day in other areas of the town.

Among these areas are The Mines, which you can find just northeast of the Carpenter’s Shop and west of the Adventurer’s Guild in the Mountains. The Mines consist of 120 floors (also called levels) where you can fight monsters and find treasures. These treasures may be weapons or accessories and are dropped when you defeat the monsters.

Weapons in Stardew Valley

A weapon is a tool designed for combat. Unlike other tools in the game, it doesn’t cost you energy when you use it. It causes damage to your enemies when you use it in battle, and the level of damage depends on the kind of weapon you use.

There are various kinds of weapons in the game, but the most versatile is the sword. It’s well-rounded and allows you to attack your opponent with a single swing, which is done by left-clicking on your mouse. On the other hand, right-clicking launches a secondary attack or special move, which blocks damage, causes minor damage to your opponent, and knocks back flying monsters.

The Best Swords in Stardew Valley

There are a total of 24 swords you can collect, and each has varying benefits. Here’s a list of what we think are the ten best swords, ranked by damage dealt and other factors.

 10. Bone Sword

Player wielding bone sword in The Mines, Stardew Valley
The Bone Sword is basic but does the job.

This piece of sharpened bone is the best basic combat tool you can wield. It may not look as impressive as the others on this list, but its stats will impress you.

It deals 20 to 30 damage to your enemy with a .02 critical strike chance. Because it’s lightweight, it guarantees that you’ll hit the enemy at +4 Speed. Its +2 Weight adds to the distance your enemy gets knocked back once hit.

You can get it starting on level 5 by doing the following:

  • Adventurer’s Guild. It’s available for purchase at 6,000g after you reach level 76 in The Mines.
  • Skeleton Drops. There’s a 4% chance Skeletons will drop it.
  • Reward. It’s a possible reward on level 90 of The Mines if you’ve selected “remixed” mine rewards in the Advanced Options menu.

9. Yeti Tooth

Player wielding yeti tooth in the mines at stardew valley
The Yeti Tooth absorbs damage from enemies too.

Icy cold to the touch, this battle instrument packs a punch with 26 to 42 damage and .02 critical strike chance. It also reduces the damage you take from an attack with +4 Defense and deals +10 critical power for additional damage to your opponent.

Get it starting on level 7 at:

  • The Mines. Break boxes and barrels on levels 60-120. (28%)

8. Obsidian Edge

The Obsidian Edge will slow you down a bit, but it’s very sharp.

The Obsidian Edge is incredibly sharp and can be efficient at killing your monster enemies. While it causes 30 to 45 damage at .02 critical strike chance, it reduces your speed by 1. It also causes bonus damage with +10 critical power.

How you can get it starting on level 6:

  • The Mines. You can get it from a chest at level 90.

7. Dark Sword

player uses dark sword in the mines stardew valley
The Dark Sword may slow you down but it makes up with damage and knockback.

This item proves that reduced speed doesn’t always mean it’s any less of a weapon. Although it’ll slow you down by five points, it ensures that your enemy will get knocked back pretty far (+5). It also gives you +2 Critical Power, with a base damage of 30 to 45.

You can get it starting on level 9 through:

  • Haunted Skulls. Getting it from these monsters means it has a Vampiric enchantment, giving a 9% chance of regaining health once you kill enemies.
  • The Mines. Random monster drops on dungeon levels.

6. Steel Falchion

player holding steel falchion in stardew valley the mines
The Steel Falchion is lightweight yet powerful.

If you want a light and powerful blade, this is for you. The Steel Falchion gives you +4 Speed and +20 Crit Power on top of 28 to 46 base damage! Hitting your enemy with this is almost a guarantee that you will beat them.

You can obtain it on level 8 through the following:

  • Adventurer’s Guild. You can buy it for 9,000g only after reaching level 90 in The Mines.
  • Levels 40+ in Skull Cavern. Break boxes and barrels or get it as a special monster drop. (8%)
  • Reward on level 110 of The Mines. It’s one of the possible rewards if you’ve selected “remixed” in the Advanced Options menu. (14%)

5. Lava Katana

player ready to fight with lava katana in stardew valley the mines
The Lava Katana deals greater damage to your opponent.

The Lava Katana is forged in a pool of churning lava, making it highly valuable and powerful. It deals 55 to 64 ATK with .015 crit. chance. However, it has a +25 chance of causing even greater damage to your enemy when hit right. 

It also absorbs damage meant for you by three points and will knock back your opponent (+3).

You can get it on level 10 and after at:

  • Adventurer’s Guild. Purchase it for 25,000g after getting to the bottom level of The Mines.

4. Galaxy Sword

player fighting with galaxy sword in stardew valley the mines
The Galaxy Sword is one of the fastest swords to wield.

This beautiful blade deals 60 to 80 ATK with a .02 crit. chance, made even better by +4 Speed. You can get it at:

  • Calico Desert. Take a Prismatic Shard (obtainable from mystic stones and serpent) to the Three Pillars to get it. Once you have one, you can no longer use a Prismatic Shard to obtain another.
  • Adventurer’s Guild. Buy one from Marlon for 50,000g.

Obtaining the Galaxy Sword unlocks the Galaxy Hammer and Galaxy Dagger at the Adventurer’s Guild.

3. Dwarf Sword

player wielding dward sword in the mines stardew valley
The Dwarf Sword is ancient and a valuable addition to your weapons.

This ancient blade that never dulls causes 65 to 75 ATK to your enemy with a crit. chance of .02. It reduces damage to you by four points and hits your opponent at +2 Speed.

Get it on level 13 at:

  • Volcano Dungeon. Find it as loot in Ginger Island treasure chests.

2. Dragontooth Cutlass

Player fighting with dragontooth cutlass in stardew valley the mines
The Dragontooth Cutlass causes severe damage to your opponent.

The Dragontooth Cutlass’ weird shape is from the magical tooth it was forged from. It’ll cause 75 to 90 ATK to your enemy at .02 crit-chance. The +50 Critical Power is also a nice bonus.

You can obtain it on level 13 at:

  • Volcano Dungeon. Open chests to get one.

1. Infinity Blade

Player uses infinity blade in the mines in stardew valley
The Infinity Blade causes the most severe damage to enemies in The Mines.

And finally, we have the Infinity Blade: it’s arguably the strongest sword of all and the final form of the Galaxy Sword. This is because you can get it by combining the following in the Forge:

  • Galaxy Sword
  • Galaxy Soul (3)
  • Cinder Shards (60)

It causes 80 to 100 ATK with a .02 crit. chance bonus and hits at +4 Speed. It’s also able to absorb damage by two points when you’re hit.

Facts and Trivia

What weapon should I buy for Stardew Valley?

There’s an abundance of free weapons in Stardew Valley — monsters drop them a lot. Chances are you wouldn’t need to shell out coins for a nice weapon, so you don’t have to if you’re already doing well in battle.

If you feel like you’re struggling to defeat enemies, the best weapon to buy is the Steel Falchion. It’s light and powerful, and lets you quickly hit your opponent.

How do you get a good sword early in Stardew Valley?

The best way to get better weapons in the game is to go further into The Mines as much as you can and collect monster drops. However, that takes time and effort, and not everyone has the stamina to keep battling enemies.

If you really want to get a good weapon in Stardew Valley, take the Prismatic Shard to the Three Pillars in the Calico Desert. From there, you’ll get a Galaxy Sword.

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