Baked Fish: Cooking, Benefits, and More

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What can you do with spare Bream and Sunfish on your chest in Stardew Valley? A Baked Fish (B.F.), of course! Read this complete item guide to learn everything about this meal!

The player holding a Baked Fish in Stardew Valley.
It’s mouth-watering!

Raw catch in the waters is something you can sell for a decent amount. Since most players in Stardew Valley are keeping their fish instead of eating them, they’re rarely used. Fishing also looks more like a job than an enjoyable hobby because of its competitiveness.

There’s no problem keeping your loots inside Chests or fishing to be an expert. Most don’t sell well either, so why not turn them into something better? We’ll teach you how to cook this delicious dish and everything you need to know.

Important Question

What is a Baked Fish?

This tasty meal comes straight from the oven under a bed of herbs for placement. It’s a better option than Sashimi because of its healing effects, and here’s a table for proof (with and without Qi Seasoning):

Healing EffectsWithout SeasoningWith Seasoning

Facts and Information


Preparing this dish won’t take you long. You’ll need Bream, Sunfish, and Wheat Flour (one each) from your inventory while using the Kitchen from the Upgraded Farmhouse or Cookout Kit. Moreover, its recipe will be available in Year 1, Summer 7, by watching the Queen of Sauce.

Stardrop Saloon offers the food item on a rotating basis, costing 200g. You can also find it in Krobus’ shop at random times every Saturday.

Selling Price

Normal quality sells for 100g while its Gold counterpart adds another 50g. You’ll profit with the seasoned variant with all the ingredients’ pricing. However, getting the two fish types in Stardew Valley will be challenging.


In-game Sewing Machine and Dye Pots mechanic.
The outfit looks primitive.

Using a piece of Cloth with this food item at the spool of the Sewing Machine will give you a wearable Shirt. It resembles the meal’s color with some dark buttons in the middle. If you’re using the Dye Pots, it’ll serve as the Yellow dye.


Abigail, Alex, Caroline, Clint, Demetrius, Dwarf, Elliott, Emily, Evelyn, George, Gus, Haley, Harvey, Jas, Jodi, Kent, Leah, and Lewis are fans of this meal. The rest have the same desire, except for Krobus and Leo.


While some basic dishes in Stardew Valley can help fulfill a villager’s craving, they’re not seeking it through the Help Wanted board. You need to make the first move, but it’s for developing friendships.


Most dishes used on Community Center bundles are the easiest and less demanding to cook, such as Maki Roll and Fried Egg. Oddly enough, it’s the Junimos requesting but with a villager’s profile.

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