Who is the Stardew Valley Goblin?

Did you know that you will run into a character called Goblin or Henchman in Stardew Valley? Well, once you complete the Dark Talisman Quest and arrive in the Witch’s Swamp, he will stop you and block your way. This guide will give you more information about how you can solve this issue!

Who is the Stardew Goblin?

Basically, the Stardew Goblin (also later called as the Henchman) NPC in Stardew Valley that guards the path in the Swamp to the Witch’s Hut. While doing so, this character prevents you from getting the bottle of Magic Ink that the Wizard asked you to get at the beginning of the Dark Talisman Quest. As you can imagine by now, finding a way for him to let you pass becomes the main part of the task.

Henchman says that he can’t let you pass because he would lose his job! This kind of makes us feel bad for him! Who would want to lose their job?

The Goblin Dialogue Blocking Your Path.
Stardew Goblin won’t let you pass

How to Get Past the Stardew Goblin?

First things first, the Dark Talisman quest appears for you after entering the Witch’s Swamp for the first time. Basically, completing the task is the only way for you to unlock wizard buildings and the dark shrines that can be found inside the Witch’s Hut

So, the real question is – how do you get past the Stardew Valley Goblin?

learn more about goblins!

Well, there will be some clues along the way. One of them will be that you “should seek out more information on goblins”. We know that this might sound a bit vague, but hear us out. If you need to learn more information about something, you will have to go to the library!

You will need to go to the east side of Pelican Town, just across the lower bridge where you will find the library. If you need more help finding it, the building is located directly south of the Blacksmith. Gunther is the character who takes care of the library, and when you arrive in the library for the first time he will ask you to help by donating some artifacts and minerals. You will also be asked to help with finding the lost books from the library. This is actually a very important part of the task.

Finding the book

One of the most important books for you will be Goblins by M. Jasper. If you want to find it, you will have to use a hoe to dig up artifact spots or get fishing treasure chests. Once you find the books, they will be automatically added to the bookcase shelves in the Library. Just go and take some time to read!

Basically, reading the book Goblins by M. Jasper will give a lot of information about these green characters. One of the things that you will learn is that they are from the forests far northeast, beyond the Bluemire hills. Despite their unsettling appearance, they are said to have similar emotional and intellectual capacity to humans. It’s quite nice to know that they are friendly to humans and do not appear to mean them any harm. 

Goblins mostly eat grub meat, but on rather rare occasions they will want to have the finest delicacy of all goblin cuisine: void mayonnaise. That’s the one thing that might make them forget everything else.

Void mayonnaise for the Stardew Goblin

So, there are a few ways to get void mayonnaise.

The first way is to craft it. You can do that by putting a void egg inside the Mayonnaise Machine and keep it there for 3 hours.

You can also try fishing for it in the Witch’s Swamp. Just keep in mind that each cast has a 25% chance of reeling in the item you need.

Lastly, you can just buy it from Krobus for 5,000 gold. Of course, this can be quite expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Give him a gift!

Once you have the void mayonnaise, it’s time to use it as a gift to the Stardew Goblin! He won’t be able to resist it and will let you go. Simple enough, right?

Are you ready to meet the Goblin? He might look a bit scary, but just remember that he just needs a bit of mayonnaise to be nicer to you!

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