An In-Depth Look at the Stardew Valley Character Creator

How customizable is the Stardew Valley Character Creator? Can I choose my clothes? Do they have creative hair colors? Yes and yes! The Stardew character creator is full of customizable options!

Stardew Valley Character Creator Screen
Stardew Valley Character Creator Screen

Character creation is one of the most exciting parts of an RPG game. You can build an avatar of yourself or create someone entirely new. When it comes to character creation, players want as much customization as possible, which is why it’s always a drag when there are only four skin or six hair colors to choose from. Thankfully, Stardew Valley lets you customize some items down to the shade!

You’ll start off with a basic character and can choose between 2 genders, 24 skin tones, 74 hairstyles, 4 pants, and over 100 shirts! Plus 20 accessories like beards, glasses, and earrings.

Name, Farm Name, & Favorite Thing

You’ll see three type boxes in the character creator, one for your name, your farm’s name, and your favorite thing. I like to build my character before I name them, so the name fits their vibe best, but others like to start with a name—creator’s choicereator’s choice. Your farm name shows up every now and then in game, so make sure to name it something you like. And be warned that the word Farm will follow whatever you type. So don’t name it Moonlight Farm unless you want it to read: Moonlight Farm Farm. Maybe you do.

The last typable option is your favorite thing. This only comes up in the game if you eat a Stardrop, and the text will say either of these phrases:

“Your mind is filled with thoughts of [favorite thing].”

“It’s strange, but the taste reminds you of [favorite thing].”  

Animal Choices

You get to choose between 6 different cats and dogs. Take your time looking at the cute pets here because once you choose in the Stardew Character Creator, you can’t go back. 

You can always go the route of mods, too. If you’re into pups, you might want to check out our Top 5 Stardew Valley Dos Mods! Scroll down to number 4 on the list if you REALLY like animals and want to fill your farm with unlimited cats and dogs. Who wouldn’t?

When does this cute and cuddle pet come into the game? The NPC Marnie will come to your farmhouse when you gather 1000 gold. If you’re struggling to gather that much coin, you’ll have to be patient and wait until the 20th day of spring for Marnie to stop by. Be warned, if you say no to Marnie when she asks you if you’ll adopt a cat or dog, she won’t ask you again, and you’ll be on her bad list! If you accidentally say no and don’t want to start the game over, you’ll have to get a mod for a pet.

Skin, Hair, Shirt, Pants, and Acc.

To change these settings, simply click on the left and right arrows around the text. Skin color consists of 24 different choices, including unique colors like pink, green, and purple! Hairstyles are the same whether you choose the male or female gender, so even if you select male, you can rock pigtails! 

The 112 shirts range from v-necks and overalls to sweaters and button-ups. You unfortunately can’t customize the shirt colors, but if you’re savvy with the sewing machine and dye pots at Emily’s house, you can learn to dye clothes how you want.

While there are only 4 options for pants in Stardew (2 are skirts!), you can customize pant shades and colors. I’ll go into the details below. 

The Acc. tab stands for accessories. Choose to give your character a mustache, lipstick, thick eyebrows, or robot goggles.

The Best Accessory

I couldn’t write this post without giving the best accessory it’s due. And that is the duck beak. I don’t know why they added the option for a beak, but by the sky do I love playing a bird person. Sometimes you just want to make a quirky character. 

Stardew Valley Accessory 20 Beak
Duck/Bird Beak Option

Eye, Hair, and Pants Color

To really customize your eye, hair, and pant color, use the sliders on the right-hand side. There are three bars for each, signaling Hue, Saturation, and Brightness. Basically, your HSB color model. Hue is the full range of colors on the rainbow (aka red, orange, yellow etc), saturation is how intense the color is (to give you an idea, pastel colors generally have low saturation while neons have high saturation), and brightness is how dark or light the color is.           

Farm Choice

On the ride side of the character creator box, you’ll see a column of different farm choices. Hover over each one to see what benefits they give you. The Standard Farm gives you the easiest space for building but looks a bit boring compared to the others. Something like the Hill-top farm, on the other hand, is annoyingly hard to customize and decorate your farm, but deposits lots of minerals for you to work with. Basically, there’s always going to be a give and take. My personal favorite is the Wilderness Farm, where creatures come out at night. I like the spooky vibe, plus it’s fun to improve combat skills without having to travel to the mines.  

All In All

The Stardew Valley character creation screen is pretty customizable, especially for an older pixel game. And don’t fret; your choices are not permanent! After reaching four hearts with the Wizard, you can venture into his basement and use The Shrine of Illusions to change your character’s appearance. You can switch genders, pets, and even your name! It does cost 500g, but it’s worth it if you don’t like your build.

It might be worth mentioning the little wrench on the bottom left of the Stardew Valley Character Creator, too. If you select that, you can choose to change a few things.

Stardew Valley Character Creator Advanced Options
Character Creator Advanced Options

First, you can remix your Community Center Bundles. This makes some rooms randomize bundles instead of the traditionally fixed ones.

Second, you can choose to select the option “Guarantee Year 1 Completable’ to ensure the traveling cart sells a Red Cabbage in the first year, allowing you to complete the Community Center in year 1. It’s a lot of work… 

Third, change the rewards from the mines to random. And lastly, click to spawn monsters on your farm at night!

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