Is Changing Gender in Stardew Valley Possible?

Are you not sure about your character’s gender in Stardew Valley, or feel like a change would satisfy you? Read the simple instructions below to start swapping sexes between male and female.

Two players with different gender waving from Pelican Town and Ginger Island.
The player can select between two genders: Male and Female.

One of the first few things you’ll encounter when starting the game is choosing a gender. Sure, it’s easy to pick between the two because you know yourself more than ConcernedApe does. But what if you had a sudden change of mind?

The short answer is that changing your sex in the game is possible thanks to M. Rasmodius or the Wizard. Also, update 1.5 made it possible alongside different changes and new endgame contents.

If you want to swap between sexual orientations, stick to this guide, and we’ll talk about everything to make it possible.

Will Switching Gender Affect my Game?

Before you change your sex in Stardew Valley, you might have second thoughts. Will it shift some perspective in the game? How about the gaps that my male/female character may encounter? Will my spouse leave me?

Good news: the game is not a fan of gender bias, so you continue the game as usual. If it doesn’t help, your spouse will still feel the same way as before! One unsurprising exception, though, is the spa entrance between males and females, which is not a big issue.

How to Change Gender Anytime?

A narrow basement where the player stood in front of the Shrine of Illusions.
The Shrine of Illusions can help the player change their appearance and gender in the game.

I understand the reason why some players swap between sexes. It may be for fun, their feelings in real life, or they want to transfer their whole personality in Stardew Valley. The game is extremely friendly to everyone, and the inclusion of this feature speaks more heartwarming greetings to all sorts of people.

If you’re ready, you might want to meet the Wizard first because he’s the one who can help you. 

The Wizard resides at his tower Southwest from your farm, near the Secret Woods and Abandoned House. You may enter as you wish, but his basement is off-limits. That’s where you need to go to change your gender.

You must reach a 4-heart friendship with him by giving him loved items to unlock this area. 

Here’s a complete list of items that you can gift to the Wizard:

Loved GiftsLiked Gifts
Purple MushroomAmethyst
Rabbit’s FootApple
Solar EssenceApricot
Void EssenceBeer
Blackberry Cobbler
Blackberry Jelly
Blue Jazz
Bok Choy
Cactus Fruit
Chocolate Cake
Cranberry Sauce
Duck Feather
Duck Mayonnaise
Earth Crystal
Fiddlehead Fern
Frozen Tear
Hot Pepper
Ice Cream
Maple Syrup
Pale Ale
Pickled Eggplant
Pickled Tomato
Salmonberry Jelly
Spice Berry
Sweet Pea

Using the Shrine of Illusions

The interface of New Player screen and Shrine of the Illusions bearing similarities.
This is what the Shrine of Illusion’s interface looks like.

Once you reach the needed friendship level, you can now enter his basement, where you can operate the Shrine of Illusions. This place is where you can alter your character’s appearance and change gender. 

To use the Shrine of Illusions, you need to pay 500g. There’s no limit on how many times you can use it as long as you have gold.

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