Fence: Types, Decay Time, and How to Prevent Decaying

Are you done with the constant need to replace every fence on your farm just to protect your crops and animals? Not familiar with every type and what they do? We have you covered with everything down below!

Three players in three screens standing inside the crops with fences in Stardew Valley.
Fences in Stardew Valley.

From separating crops and keeping ranch animals to preventing weeds from spreading and decorating the farm, these are some of the functions of a fence.

A fence in Stardew Valley is considered an early game item because it’s available for crafting during your first day. With repeated swings from an axe to a tree, you can get pieces of wood that you can turn into a convenient enclosure for plants and livestock.

However, there’s a lot to know about fences in-game. That’s why we’re talking about it, its types, and how to save it from decaying.

What Are The Different Types Of Fences?

The player standing beside the different fences mentioned in this guide.
Wood, Stone, Iron, and Hardwood are the materials for making a fence.

Before proceeding to the main fence issue, you must first understand all four types. Each has unique looks and sturdiness, but all of it plays a role in your progression towards the thriving farm.

Here are all the fence types you can use in Stardew Valley:

Wooden Fence

This type is the most available and accessible fence if you have two pieces of wood. It’s commonly used in the first year, although the weakest on the list, with only 56 days as a duration.

It might be the most affordable and beginner-friendly in the group, but it costs more in the long run. 

Stone Fence

As a better alternative than its wooden counterpart, the stone version lasts 120 days on average. It becomes available after reaching Level 2 in Farming and if you have two pieces of stone for the ingredient. 

Iron Fence

The iron fence might be your safe haven if the sticks and stones are not working. This tough boy lasts 250 days before becoming useless to the farm. But don’t worry, you can craft ten more with only a piece of Iron Bar.

For players in the middle game, the iron version is a viable option if they have spare materials and have reached Level 4 in Farming.

Hardwood Fence

Maybe underestimating “sticks” is a bad idea because there’s a better version of it. It’s called hardwood fence, and it’s the most robust among the group with 560 days of duration on average. 

Getting hardwood is hard enough, unlike reaching Level 6 Farming (unless you have Mahogany Trees). For instance, a tree stump on Secret Woods only gives you two pieces of the ingredient. Not to mention the trouble of having a steel axe to enter the area.

But overall, trading your time, gold, and effort on the most reliable and strongest type of fence in Stardew Valley is worth it.

How to Prevent Fences From Decaying?

The gold clock on the left screen and its description on the right side: it prevents a fence from decaying.
Gold Clock – a luxurious building you can buy from the Wizard.

Unfortunately, fences don’t last forever. It will wear and tear over time because of snow, wind, or pollen from different seasons. Your only solution is to replace them once it’s in a state of disrepair.

If you want a quick solution, you can purchase a Gold Clock for 10,000,000g. It keeps debris from your farm and prevents fences from decaying.

Accessing this build menu from the Wizard is hard, though. You have to retrieve the Magic Ink first from his storyline. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered in this guide that will help you progress and buy the luxurious building.

Alternatively, you can install this free mod to prevent your fences from decaying without grinding your way.

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