Trees Not Growing? Do This Simple and Easy Trick!

Trees stopped growing before even reaching their adult size in Stardew Valley? Read this easy and helpful guide on what you can do about the issue.

The player standing within Maple, Oak, and Pine Trees.
Trees in Stardew Valley can reach full maturity while near each other.

Wood and sap are the most common resources you can get by cutting down trees. These two resources are undoubtedly some of the valuable items in the game, especially if you’re a beginner. Besides, you can get seeds you can plant, giving you an endless pool of materials for basic crafting in the game.

Sure, swinging your axe repeatedly is boring, but what if the seeds you planted are stuck in its middle stage for eternity?

Might you’ve forgotten to water the tree or were misguided by that myth? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you grow your sapling to its full size. And we’ll also bust some misconceptions so that you won’t get confused next time.

The Life Cycle of Trees in Stardew Valley

A tree starts from a seed and ends up being fully mature at later stages. Unlike most plants, you don’t need to water it, and it won’t die. What it needs is a single space between another seed to grow naturally for almost two weeks.

At its maturity, shaking a tree sometimes drop acorn, pine cone, maple, or mahogany seed. That opens more opportunities for planting and more wood and sap to come.

Growing a Tree Properly

The player standing ahead of the Mahogany sapling, Oak, Maple, and Pine Trees.
While tree fertilizers are applied to all trees, there’s a chance the Mahogany will not reach full maturity even after five days.

Trees grow everywhere around Stardew Valley (with Caves and Cavern as exceptions.) You only need to select the tree you want to plant and right-click. While doing so, don’t forget to include a space in between for zero interruption while growing.

New seeds and debris spread across the farm almost every season. Although this isn’t possible during Winter, nor the viability of growing one within the cold environment – but there’s another way.

Regardless of the season, time, or day, a tree can reach full maturity in just five days. All you need is a Tree Fertilizer where you can craft from five pieces of fiber and stone. However, you must reach Level 7 in Foraging first to have the recipe.

Tree fertilizers function like standard fertilizers, except you’ll plant a seed first before applying it. While you can use it for all trees, Mahogany takes five days or more before growing into its adult version.

Tree Fertilizer is Not For Fruit Trees

While speeding up the growth of previously mentioned trees anywhere is possible, you can’t do it with fruit-bearing trees. These include banana, mango, cherry, apricot, orange, peach, apple, and pomegranate. They grow similarly to their non-fruit counterparts but take 28 days to start producing fruits for three days.

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