20+ Best Stardew Valley Animal Mods

If you are looking for some of the best Stardew Valley animal mods, then you are in the right place because this guide will go over the most popular mods that every player needs in the game!

Whether it adds some new animals or just adds new skins or objects, different types of custom content and animal mods can really spice up the game! And if you play with your friends in multiplayer mode, the more entertaining you will have!

Take a look below at our suggestions and choose Stardew Valley animal mods that fit your needs the most!

The Best Stardew Valley animal mods

While there are thousands of mods, we have selected some of the best Stardew Valley animal mods that you can add to your game!

Here are our recommendations:

21. Elle’s New Barn Animals

Stardew Valley Animal Mods - Elle's New Barn Animals
Source: NexusMods

Elle’s animal mods are some of the most popular online! With some of them having close to 1 million views, you know that we couldn’t miss it!

That’s right, we are starting with Elle’s New Barn Animals Stardew Valley mod!

Here is what you will get from this mod:

  • Many beautiful skins for your default barn animals
  • 22 skins for brown and white cows (including deer)
  • 18 skins for goats (including deer)
  • 14 skins for sheep (including alpacas)
  • 18 skins for pigs (including deer)

Doesn’t that sound great? You will also get some nice wool and cloth recolors, so you will be able to make the animal life more stylish!

Most mods from Elle will require SMAPI and Content Patcher (created by Pathoschild) to work. So just make sure to download and install those as well.

Download here

20. Elle’s New Coop animals

Source: NexusMods

Continuing with Elle’s mods, you will probably also enjoy the New Coop Animals mod!

In this mod, we are moving to the coop animals (for example, chickens, ducks, etc.).

If you install this mod, then you will get:

  • 22 skins for all chicken types
  • 7 skins for ducks
  • 26 skins for rabbits
  • 6 skins for dinosaurs

Whether you are just trying to take better care of your chicken or make your coop animals look better, this is definitely one of the most beloved Stardew Valley animal mods!

Download here

19. Elle’s old Barn Animals

Source: NexusMods

If you are looking for even more skins for your barn animals, then look no further than Elle’s Old Barn Animals!

With this mod you will get:

  • 45 skins for brown and white cows (including deer)
  • 60 skins for goats (including deer)
  • 25 skins for sheep (including alpacas)
  • 46 skins for pigs (including deer)

This mod definitely has a lot of lovely additions to the gameplay, so don’t miss out on these features!

Download here

18. Elle’s Town Animals

Source: NexusMods

If you are a fan of all the cute animals you come across in the town of Stardew Valley, then take a look at the Elle’s Town Animals mod!

This mod replaces pretty much all animals that you will see in the game, so this is definitely a useful mod!

Just some of the possible changes include:

  • 2 options for seagulls
  • 18 options for town birds in each season
  • 2 options for crows
  • 2 options for owls
  • 42 options for all butterflies

Doesn’t that sound great? This does make the game look more aesthetic, so any player will get to enjoy this animal mod!

Download here

17. Elle’s Old Coop Animals

Source: NexusMods

If you are a fan of Elle’s mods, you definitely need to have the Old Coop Animals!

This Stardew Valley mod adds some useful coop animal replacements and adds new skins!

Download here

16. Stardew Valley Animal Mods: More Animals

Source: NexusMods

If you are looking for ways to get more pets and randomize the appearance of your farm animals, then you need the More Animals mod!

Just don’t forget to install and use the latest version of SMAPI for this mod to work properly.

Download here

15. Trent’s New Animals?

Source: NexusMods

If your Stardew Valley needs more interesting animals, then what you are looking for is Stardew Valley Trent’s New Animals.

Once you install this mod, you will be able to have:

  • Peacocks
  • Armadillos
  • Moles
  • Deers
  • Buffalos
  • Silkworms

You can buy these animals at Marnie’s shop!

Download here

14. Elle’s Animals for Alternative Textures

Source: NexusMods

While this might not be a huge mod, the Alternative Textures mod does exactly that! This is one of the best mods that adds more sprites to the game, making your farmer’s life more enjoyable.

Of course, these textures are just a small part of the game, but it does make a lot of things look better!

Download here

13. SH’s Wild Animals

Source: NexusMods

Wild Animals mod is a great choice if you’d like to add more interesting animals to your Stardew Valley collection! Such Stardew Valley animal mods are very simple to install, but they add a lot of nice new features!

Of course, these animals won’t do much, they are mainly for decoration. However, if you have an animal-shaped hole in your Stardew heart, then this is what you need!

Download here

12. Stardew Valley Animal Mods: Qute Animals

Source: NexusMods

Do you sometimes just think that the Stardew animals are not adorable enough?

Then what you need is the Qute Animals mod by iFeng at NexusMods! Try it out for yourself and see how sweet the pets look now!

Download here

11. animals Need Water

Source: NexusMods

Now, this is a functional one!

If you’d like to make your water troughs functional, then Animals Need Water is what you need for your Stardew Valley farm!

Basically, your pets will now drink water from the troughs in the animal houses and you will have to refill them with water regularly! Of course, this adds one more task, but it’s quite realistic and fun, so definitely consider adding this to your collection of Stardew Valley animal mods.

Download here

10. Solip’s coop animals

Source: NexusMods

Would you like to retexture the animals that you already have in your coop?

Then look no further than the Solip’s Coop Animals mod for your game!

Download here

9. Paritee’s Treat Your Animals

Source: NexusMods

Have you ever wanted to give better treats to your horse or other animals? Well, you just need Peritee’s Treat Your Animals mod and you will be able to do that!

Basically, you will be able to interact with your animals while holding any edible items. Just don’t give any poisonous items to your pet! Of course, they won’t eat them, but it will still have a negative impact on your friendship.

Download here

8. Mopsy’s Harvest Moon Animals

Source: NexusMods

Are you a fan of the video game called Harvest Moon? Many players agree that Stardew Valley has a lot of better features, but it’s understandable that Harvest Moon fans might miss the animal designs.

If you also feel the same, then take a look at the Mopsy’s Harvest Moon Animals mod for Stardew Valley!

If you get it, you will be able to update/upgrade the colors of your:

Download here

7. Pokemon Animals

Source: NexusMods

Let’s be honest, who didn’t like Pokemon at least a little bit?

Well, you are in luck because there are quite a few Stardew Valley animal mods that will add these creatures to your game!

Basically, your old animals will look like Pokemon, so you can think of this mod as a very fancy redesign!

Download here

6. Paritee’s Gender-Neutral Farm Animals

Source: NexusMods

This Stardew Valley animals mod is quite different, but it’s very interesting!

Once you install this Paritee’s mod, you will be able to remove the gendered nouns that your animals used to have!

In other words, they will be mentioned as “they/their” in the game! If you are looking for something similar, then definitely give this mod a go!

Download here

5. Animals Die – Old Age – Hunger – Illness

Source: NexusMods

When it comes to Stardew Valley animal mods, not all of them have to be sweet and cute. This mod is undoubtedly one of the best Stardew Valley mods if you’re looking for some real experience.

That’s right, we are talking about the Animals Die mod for Stardew Valley. This mod adds a bunch of new features and info where your pets can die of old age, illness, or hunger.

Just don’t forget to take care of your animals, feed them, and keep them happy to ensure that everything will be alright!

Download here

4. More Dinosaurs for more animals

Source: NexusMods

Are you looking for ways to make dinosaurs look even more interesting in Stardew Valley?

Well, you’re in luck because the More Dinosaurs mod is exactly what you need!

Once you install this mod you will get plenty of new styles:

  • Vanilla
  • No spikes
  • Bearded
  • Long neck
  • Alternate colors
  • Black and white

Download here

3. (BFAV) My Cuter Farm Animals

Source: NexusMods

While there are quite a few similar mods, there is no way we could skip this mod called My Cuter Farm Animals!

Just look how adorable they look! This is a great addition to Stardew Valley, so definitely give it a go!

Download here

2. Pastel Animals (incl. Albino-Ghost)

Source: NexusMods

Now, this is by far one of the cutest nexus mods you can find out there on the Internet! Nothing better than some adorable pastel animals!

If you agree, you really need to check out the Pastel Animals mod by Galadien!

Once you install this mod, you will get purple, pink, blue, and ghost versions of your animals.

Download here

1. Holiday Animals

Source: NexusMods

Have you ever wanted to give your animals some holiday accessories? Well, you just need the Holiday Animals mod!

All chickens, cows, ducks, and other animals will get small accessories or little hats that will definitely make them look more adorable!

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you own animals in Stardew Valley?

Absolutely! You can own and raise animals in Stardew Valley in two ways. The first way requires some money to actually buy animals in Marnie’s Ranch. You can buy chickens, cows, pigs, goats, ducks, sheep, and rabbits. The second way is to put any eggs you found in the Incubator.

Do you need to keep animals fenced in Stardew Valley?

In short, no! Without fences, animals in Stardew Valley can’t escape the farm so you can still feed them and get the product they produce. However, the collection progress may be a little bit difficult since they’re just free roaming around. With that being said, you will still need some fences to limit the area your animals can wander around.


And that’s it, folks! We’ve covered the best Stardew Valley animal mods from the modding community. Which mods are your favorite? Try them out and upgrade your vanilla game!

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