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Being one of two pets you can have in the game, a dog is for many players still a mystery. What is the purpose of Stardew Valley dogs? How to interact with them? These are the most common questions Stardew Valley players keep asking.

Stardew Valley Dogs – how to get one?

To adopt a dog, you will have to cash out 1000 in gold. After you do so, Marnie will come to your house with your new best friend. On the other hand, if you are unable to gather 1000 gold, don’t worry, you will still have a chance to adopt a dog. To make that possible, you should wait until the 20th day of spring. However, to initiate this event, remember to leave the farmhouse somewhere between 6 AM and 9:30 AM on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Stardew Valley Dogs – how to interact with them?

You can choose any name you want for your dog. However, don’t forget, that you can do that only once. Pet’s name can’t be changed later on in the game. Also, pet your dog regularly to maintain the relationship. To do that, click on the dog once a day, and feel the pure love filling your heart.

Furthermore, the maximum friendship you and your pet can have can is 1000. Every time you pet your dog, the points increase by 12. After every 200 points, you will level up by 1.

There is another way to firm the bond with a dog. Fill the bowl with water each day for your dog, and as you fill it your pet friendship will increase by 6 points the next day. The bowl is on the top left side of your house, placed on the wooden tiles.

Stardew Valley Dog Mod

Although your interaction with a dog is quite limited, there are certain ways you can add more fun to the experience of having one. With this mod, you can choose from 101 dog skins, configure different textures for a dog’s skin, choose collars in 20 different colors, or replace the dog’s head icon in the menu.

The mod is not impacting the interaction, but it does add variety. If you choose to install it, you will get the opportunity to make things more personal, even though things are related to aesthetics only. At last, you will get the opportunity to recreate your real-life pet in the game, which is pretty awesome. 

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