Stardew Valley Wedding Dress Mod: How To Look Best!

Stardew Valley Wedding Dress mod is a mod that changes the player’s visual appearance during certain game events.

Stardew Valley has a wide range of unique and interesting NPCs to meet in and around Pelican Town. The player can interact with these characters by speaking to them, giving them gifts, or completing quests for them. Doing these will cause the player’s relationship status to increase with that character. Doing quests and giving gifts will reward the player with Friendship Hearts for that character.

The player’s journal will mark several NPCs as “single”. The player can attempt to romance these characters, propose to them, and eventually marry them.

List of Stardew Valley Wedding Dress Mod

For your big day, you’ll want to look your best. While it is possible to craft your own bridal outfit, you may want something a bit more elegant. There are several mods that provide a variety of wedding dress options for Stardew Valley but not Marriage dialogue.

Let’s take a look at the best Stardew Valley Wedding Dress mod!

9. Maru Dutch-Xhosa Wedding Dress

Stardew Valley Wedding Dress mod - Maru Dutch
Source: NexusMod

Ever want to marry Maru in Stardew Valley? Instead of normal vanilla clothing in the game, why not make it a little bit more traditional with Dutch and Xhosa wedding dresses?

Both dressed in this mod contain several detailed parts such as the headdress, white beads, long skirt, shawl, beaded jewelry, and more!

Download here

8. Dyeable Wedding Dress for Fashion Sense

Source: NexusMod

Dyeable Wedding Dress adds recycling your dress for each occasion. This mod is converted to a Fashion Sense pack for more useability.

Download here

7. Emily Ukrainian Wedding Dress

Source: NexusMod

This Stardew Valley mod update Emily’s vanilla wedding dress with a Ukrainian traditional wedding dress. And this also has seasonal variations for each season in Stardew Valley.

Download here

6. Chinese Wedding Dress

Source: NexusMod

Well, if you love Asian culture, you will love this mod!

Basically, it adds two shirts, two pants, hairstyles, and hats to the game. Those new clothes combine to become a beautiful Chinese wedding dress that you can see in almost every wedding scene.

Download here

5. Haley Russian Wedding Dress

Source: NexusMod

Another great Stardew Valley wedding dress mod for cultural outfits by replacing Haley’s wedding dress with a traditional Russian regalia dress. You can find a lot of details in this mod’s dress such as the jewels, collar necklace, headdress, and long shirt with puffed sleeves.

This wedding dress mod also comes with seasonal variations!

Download here

4. Abigail Spanish Wedding Dress

Source: NexusMod

Here is the season Spanish wedding dress for Abigail in Stardew Valley! What is more awesome in your wedding ceremony than a girl in a black dress with a mantilla around her head?

Download here

3. Penny Irish Wedding Dress

Source: NexusMod

We have Maru, Emily, Haley, and Abigail’s traditional dress, so what about Penny? This mod adds an Irish wedding dress to Penny with seasonal variations as always!

Download here

2. Dyeable Wedding Dress for farmer

Source: NexusMod

This Stardew Valley wedding dress mod replaces the vanilla shirt and skirt with much more fashionable clothes. And on top of that, you can dye those new clothes and the wedding dress with pretty much any color of your choice!

Download here

1. Ran’s Wedding and Flower Dance Attire

Source: NexusMod

Want your big day to look more formal? Ran’s mod adds several new clothes with 16 new shirts, 5 new shoe colors, 2 new skirts, 1 pant, and 1 new shoe for both females and male in the game.

Other than adding new clothes to the game, this mod also modifies the texture to make every cloth look better. You can see all shirts for female are now having sleeves. They also dance better!

You will need SMAPI and Content Patcher in order for this mod to work properly.

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Married in Stardew Valley?

Players can marry any of the “single” NPCs in the game. First, players must obtain 8 friendship hearts with a single character. After that, players will receive a letter from Pierre telling them that he is now selling the Bouquet for 200 Gold. Giving this to an eligible NPC unfreezes the relationship status and lets the player progress beyond 8 hearts. This now marks the NPC as “Boyfriend” or “Girlfriend” in the Player Journal.

After earning 10 Friendship Hearts with a character, the player will receive a letter from Mayor Lewis informing you that to propose, you will need to acquire the Mermaid’s Pendant. The Old Mariner near the beach sells them for 5,000 Gold.

Three days after proposing, the wedding will take place.

How to get a wedding dress in Stardew valley?

You can start tailoring the Bridal Veil at the sewing machine and the top shirt and white skirt. Then you can use the Dye Pots to dye your clothes with the exact color you want, in this case, it’s pure white.

Can you marry in Stardew Valley?

This is the vanilla game feature so you can marry in Stardew Valley without installing any mods. You will need to reach 10 hearts with the villager you want to marry. And you can even marry a villager that has the same gender as your main character. Currently, there are 6 eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in the game for you to marry!


And that’s it, folks! We hope you can find those mods helpful for your big day in Stardew Valley. And remember to check out this list of every Stardew Valley marriage candidate so you can find your true love easier!

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