Top 5 Stardew Valley Children Mods


Have you already found your favourite Stardew Valley children mod? If not, you are in the right place because this guide will give you all the information you need to know!

We have gathered very different mods, so everyone will find something for them. Whether you’re looking for new features or just some new styles for your Stardew children, take a look below because you can choose from so many great mods.

Here are some of our recommendations for the best Stardew Valley children mod:

1. Stardew Valley Children Mod: The Farmer’s Children

If this is your first time hearing about The Farmer’s Children, then you are in luck! This mod is not just decorative, it adds some really nice features for Stardew Valley, so it really deserves a spot here.

Basically, your children are not babies anymore! They are big kids that go to Stardew’s school with Jas and Vincent. If you install this mod, your children will get to travel around Pelican Town and explore all types of interests outside the farmhouse!

Source: NexusMods

This is definitely a great Stardew Valley children mod!

2. Everyday Children Haircare

If you are bored of the way your kid’s hair looks like, then we have an easy solution for that!

This mod will allow you to change the hairstyle of you kids in a very easy way, and there will also be random hairstyles after you save the game!

Just take a look at how nice they can be:

Source: NexusMods

These are just some of the hairstyles your female children can have! Choose the cutest one for your kid and change it whenever needed.

This mod doesn’t add a lot of new features, but the quality of the hairstyles is so nice that we are adding it to the list.

3. Toys for Children

While Toys For Children might be a more decorative mod, it still adds a lot of new items, so no wonder why the Stardew community has been enjoying this mod!

Source: NexusMods

Basically, this Stardew Valley children mod replaces the wizard couch and two house plants with a such kids items as the doll house and paint stand, a toy truck, and others. This is definitely something new that players have been asking for for a while, so it becomes a great addition to the game.

4. Babies Take After Spouse

When it comes to having kids in this game, having the right type of Stardew Valley children mod can go a long way! For example, if you’d like to upgrade how your babies and toddlers look in Stardew Valley, then you just need the Babies Take After Spouse mod for your game!

So, what can this mod do?

Basically, it adds new hairstyles and clothes to make them look related to your spouse. Quite easy to guess that from the mod’s name!

Here is what you can expect from the game if you download this Stardew Valley children mod:

Source: NexusMods

Nice, right? Just choose your spouse and look how cute the kids will be.

5. Anthro Babies Take After Spouse (Furry Mod)

Stardew Valley anthro mods are getting more and more popular, so, of course, there is an anthro Stardew Valley children mod!

It might take you a while to get married and have babies in Stardew Valley, but this is a rather nice experience in the game. Once you get to that point, why not make the kids look like adorable anthro versions of your spouse?

If you’d like that, then you need the Anthro Babies Take After Spouse mod! This is definitely an interesting upgrade, so check it out when you will have a moment.

Here is what you can expect:

Source: NexusMods

So, which anthro baby will you get? It really depends on which Stardew character you choose to be your spouse! If you are not sure and would like to learn more about which NPCs are considered to be the best for marriage, then take a look at our marriage candidates guide. That’s how you get the best marriage in Stardew!

Which Stardew Valley children mod will you install today? Get your favourite mods and upgrade the way your kids can look in the game!

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