Tips to Getting Hay in Stardew Valley- Full Guide 2022

Have you ever wondered what farm animals eat in Stardew Valley? It’s simply Hay! If you’re a new player, check out this guide to get tips to obtain them in-game.

A player holding hay in stardew valley.
It’s handier than you think.

Owning a scythe may seem useless, but did you know you can use it to get Hay? This loot may seem inconsequential at first, but wait until you begin raising livestock on your farm. It’s relevant in building your relationship with them and getting good quality products.

In this guide, we’ll give you tips to get them for your farm animals in Stardew Valley!

What is Hay in Stardew Valley?

A player checking her Silo's content.
A Silo unexpectedly holds a good amount of Hay.

It’s an item used to feed your farm animals. You’ll need this to maintain friendships with them and get good-quality products. It also makes a good substitute for fresh grass, spoiler: you won’t find these natural feeds during the winter, making it advantageous for you to own Hay. 

Moreover, livestock only eats one bundle of this dried grass per day. You can store them in a Silo that can hold 720 pieces of it or place them in a chest. Dispensing them requires you to tap your Hay Hopper and it’ll automatically release a certain amount of it depending on the number of animals. 

However, it won’t work on Deluxe Coops and Barns since they have an auto-feed system. It fills the building’s feeding bench automatically.

How to Get Hay in Stardew Valley?

Obtaining this loot won’t make you anxious. Beginners may find it overwhelming, but don’t worry, we got you. Refer to the tricks below to easily acquire this loot.

Purchasing from Marnie

stardew valley heater
She’s your go-to person when getting supplies for your mini-ranch.

The most effortless way to get it is by buying them from Marnie’s Ranch. You can acquire it for 50g. It may sound cheap, but it’s quite a loss if you’ll continuously purchase them. Nonetheless, if this is your preferred method, pay Marnie a visit!

Harvesting Hay

A player growing grass in Stardew Valley.
Note: You don’t have to till soil to plant them.

This is the cheapest yet not-so-convenient way to obtain them for busy players like you. You can harvest it from Grass or Wheat. There’s a 40% for the latter to drop this loot, and if you have some Junimos around, you’ll eventually find it in the Junimo Hut Storage. But you’ll discover them in your inventory instead if the one you’re gathering them.

Anyhow, you’ll need a normal Scythe or a Golden Scythe. The first tool gives you a 50% chance to get this feed, while the second apparatus offers a 75% probability of accumulating it.

As mentioned, you can’t get them during cold seasons. However, you still have the option to grow Wheat in your Greenhouse or Ginger Island Farm. 


A player looking through the Desert Trader's list on Monday.
You’ll save 150g if you make this trade.

You can trade an Omni Geode with the Desert Trader on Mondays to obtain three pieces of it. This method is a good way to eliminate fewer resources on the player’s inventory while running errands. But we suppose that veteran players would disapprove of this idea.

Cutting Weeds

If you’ve been to the Mines or Mutant Bug Lair, you’ll find some interesting plants. These weeds also have a 33% chance of dropping this item if your weapon has the Haymaker Enchantment. Once you obtain this loot, they’ll go straight to your unfilled Silo.

Receiving It as a Gift

Upon earning some friendship points with Marnie, you may receive 30 pieces of it for free! This method is the easiest way to acquire this loot. However, you won’t regularly get it from her making it an unreliable way to get it.

Other Uses

Aside from making a good meal for your animals. You can also use your other skills to extract other benefits from them in-game. However, here’s a spoiler, it doesn’t make a great gift since it’s a universally hated item.


A Hawaii-like outfit that you’ll love.

If you want a new fit that’ll vibe with your stay in Ginger Island, you can try making a Grass Skirt with it. You simply need to place it in the spool of the sewing machine and wait for it to process. While you may also use it as a dye for the Dye Pots in-game.

Quests and Bundles

Unfortunately, you can’t use it in any task, but you can still utilize it in bundles such as the Fodder Bundle. You’ll find it on the Bulletin Board and upon completing it, you’ll obtain a Heater as a reward. Anyhow, you’ll need 10 pieces of Wheat and Hay alongside three apples.

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