Stardew Valley Mushrooms Or Bats? What Is Better?

Are you not sure what Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats are? Well, here you will learn everything you need to know about them. If you already know what they are, we will tell you the best option so you won’t regret choosing the wrong thing.

What are Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats?

Once you have worked hard on your farm and earned 25,000g a man named Demetrius will offer you the option between having a mushroom cave or a bat cave to take part in a community experiment. If you are not sure who Demetrius is he is Robin’s husband. Therefore, he also lives in 24 Mountain Road. If you’re wondering why he’s asking you to take part in an experiment, he works in his laboratory and is found always taking notes of Stardew Valley. Demetrius is mostly interested in Stardew Valley’s wildlife.


So, what are Mushrooms? The only way you can get Mushrooms are by using Wild Seeds, growing them in the Cave, foraging or tapping Mushroom trees. They can be useful to make seeds if you have a Seed Maker. If you insert a Common Mushroom into a Seed Maker, you will receive 1-3 Fall Seeds.

If you would like to forage Common Mushrooms, you can find them in different places during different seasons:

  • Spring: Secret Woods
  • Fall: Secret Woods
  • Summer: Forest Farm

If you are wondering what Mushrooms can be used for, keep reading. They are not a great gift as none of the villagers love them. Only Harvey, Linus and Leah like them. However, they do make great recipes! Mushrooms are included in Stir Fry, Tom Kha Soup, and Fried Mushroom. Yummy!

As aforementioned, you can use mushrooms to craft them into Wild Seeds. Moreover, Mushrooms may be requested on the “Help Wanted” Board and Fish Pond quests. Now let’s move onto learning about Bats.


Bats may sound scary, but they are useful. They can be found in the Skull Cavern and Mines. You may have noticed that Bats are not that friendly while you’re trying to get items you need. They attack you.

However, in the context of this situation, Bats will be used to provide you with fruit. Finally, something kind from them. Bats can give you great fruit if your farm really needs some. Many bundles may require fruit, so it can be quite useful.

Moreover, fruit is usually a great gift for villagers as they mostly like or love them. If you’re struggling to obtain certain fruit that requires luck or a lot of gold, Bats could give you a chance to get it.

Lastly, an extra fact for you. If you’re wanting to complete the Monster Eradication Goal which is at the Adventurer’s Guild, you’re going to need to kill 200 Bats. Yeah, 200. Therefore, I would recommend practicing your fighting skills!

Are Mushrooms or Bats Better?

So, which option should you choose? Mushrooms! Although mushrooms are a terrible gift, they are a much better option in this context.

Why Mushrooms? You may ask. Mushrooms are a time-saver as it’s much harder to find mushrooms compared to fruit. This is due to the fact that Mushrooms are only available in a few seasons and they require a lot of mining to get to them. Consequently, if you want to keep your character alive, choosing Mushrooms for the Cave would be a great option. Furthermore, they can make Life Elixirs once you reach Level 2 Combat Skills.

Moreover, compared to Bats, Mushrooms are a lot more consistent. As Bats are animals, they won’t always bring you lovely fruit. Consequently, you may end up with less fruit than you anticipated for. Once you plant Mushrooms in the cave, you will notice that you have 6 planters. Therefore, you will be able to grow 6 Mushrooms every 2 days. However, you may not get 6 Mushrooms every time as sometimes they might not grow. Don’t worry though, most of the time 6 are able to grow.


At the end of the day, it is always personal preference. Even though Mushrooms are a more consistent option, you may be more in need of fruit. Therefore, you can choose whatever option you find best! After all, it is Stardew Valley, a game where you don’t need to stress.

Hope this was helpful!

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