Best Stardew Valley Memes – The Most Relatable Memes

Whether you’re just starting on Stardew Valley, of course, you’re gonna relate yourself to these hilarious memes. We’ve compiled all our favorite and the best Stardew Valley memes we could find!

Check these funny memes made by the farming folk of r/StardewMemes.

Best Stardew Valley Memes

Seasonal Plans

In Stardew Valley, you always have to be careful when it comes to watering your plants. A good upgrade before any kind of season will help you out in the long run.

Image by u/HipsterFrodo

It’s always necessary to have upgraded materials and utilities, not just because a new season is coming, but also because you need to be ready for another season of harvest.

Talking to Shane is a Pain in the *ss

We didn’t know Shane’s past, but it looks like Shane suffers from depression and we can see how much he is such a drunkard.

Pretty sure everyone can somehow relate to him, just be more understandable, okay? Sometimes, you need to drink your problems away.

There’s No Meme at All

Image by u/Rockstar762

When you’ve been farming for too long, you’ve become nothing but a recreational joke.

The Perfect Stardew Valley GF

Image by u/FrankliniusRex

If you’re feeling single this Valentine’s Day, that’s alright. In Stardew Valley, you can marry your favorite girl and no one will bat an eye, but you. 😉

What are you doing, Clint?

Image by u/GermanAutistic

Oi, Clint, you better smash your irons first before you smash Emily. She’s mine, after all.

Nah, I’ll do it next time.

Image by u/squirreliusgirlius

Honestly, though. It’s just hilarious seeing all the debris forming up and me not giving a single damn at all. I would try and clean it all, but it’s not a problem that the present me should be dealing with.

Good luck cleaning that, future me.

Some Cow Problems

Image by u/eeveechaaaan

Oh boy, we’ve been doing this for a long time, we haven’t had the time to check on our cows for a while. Be sure to check on your pets from time to time. They may be not in the mood to give you the best yields, you know.

That’s It?

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