Stardew Valley: 16 Important Things to Do in Winter!

What can you do besides slacking off in your cold bed in the Winter? Is there any reason to wake up and sip a cup of joe? Yes! Here are 16 things you can do during this season in Stardew Valley!

Different things to do in Winter in Stardew Valley.
You can do several things in Winter, but you have to experiment a little!

Winter is your resting time after countless hours of farming for profit. In Stardew Valley, the hard work will pause as everyone gives time to beautiful festivities in the snow. With more time, there’s the freedom to explore and prepare.

In this list, we’re looking at 16 game-changing things to spend your time in Winter. We’re covering every important thing a beginner Stardew Valley player must do and some fun activities you can benefit from.

Upgrade Hoe and Watering Can

The player using the Hoe and Watering can in Stardew Valley.
Maximum power!

Believe it or not, farming is one of the most tedious and repetitive in-game mechanics. You dig soil, throw high-yielding seeds, and water them daily. Eventually, it gets harder to maintain as you reinvest your money by expanding the farmland.

A great solution to those problems and hassles is through upgrading your Watering Can and Hoe. Clint the Blacksmith is your go-to place, located northeast of Pelican Town. He’s available daily, but we recommend visiting him during work hours.

In upgrading, you’ll need cash and metal bars. Different metals have varying prices and effects. Hoe and Watering Can deal a massive amount of work as they cover lots of farmland tiles. Here are every upgrade’s prices and effects:

Watering Can QualityCost/MaterialsEffects
CopperCopper Bar (5), 2,000g• Capacity is now 55 charges.
• Area of Effect is now 3 tiles in a straight line.
SteelIron Bar (5), 5,000g• Capacity is now 70 charges.
• Area of Effect is now 5 tiles in a straight line.
GoldGold Bar (5), 10,000g• Capacity upgraded to 85 charges.
• Area of Effect covers 3×3 tiles.
IridiumIridium Bar (5), 25,000g• Increased capacity to 100 charges.
• Area of Effect covers 6×3 tiles.
Hoe QualityCost/MaterialsEffects
CopperCopper (5), 2,000g• AoE increased to 3 tiles in a straight line.
SteelIron Bar (5), 5,000g• AoE increased to 5 tiles in a straight line.
GoldGold Bar (5), 10,000g• AoE covers 3×3 farmland tiles.
IridiumIridium Bar (5), 25,000g• AoE covers 6×3 farmland tiles.

Prepare for Spring

The player preparing the farm during Winter in Stardew Valley.
An inspiration you can take to prepare your farm.

Assuming you have the best farming tools for use, you should focus on preparing for Spring. Have your farmland space ready for crops. Make sure to put Scarecrows within range, fortify fences, and ready your seeds and fertilizers in a convenient place.

The following day might be messy because of overgrown weeds and debris. But that’s okay. It’ll always be like that unless you have the Gold Clock costing 10,000,000g! You won’t need it now, but consider having it if you’re dedicated to cultivating fruits and vegetables!

Alternatively, you may opt for Wild Seeds (specifically Winter Seeds) and plant them without harvesting. To make ten packets, you’ll need Crocus, Winter Roots, Snow Yam, and Crystal Fruits! While you can collect them for the Winter Foraging bundle (similar to regular Foraging), it’s up to you.

But what matters is having the stock – most especially Cauliflower Seeds. You can buy them from the Night Market if you have no reserves for the same price as Pierre’s!

Finish the Community Center or Joja Warehouse

The player standing outside the Community Center in Stardew Valley.
Congratulations! You’re the new hero in Town!

Winter is the ideal time to finish what’s left from the dilapidated Community Center or Joja Warehouse renovation. That’s because you can go outside and collect what’s missing to donate to several bundles or get profits and buy community upgrades!

There’s no need for an argument about which is a moral choice. Your game, your choice!

Upgrade Your House

The player upgrading the house from Robin's help.
A bigger space is better.

Remember when Robin made fun of your house on Day 1? Somehow, she wants you to get her expensive upgrades that’s why she teased you (Mayor Lewis is correct). However, they’re far more useful in Stardew Valley than you’d thought!

For one, you’ll get the Kitchen feature, making cooking food items possible! You also have a lot of space to work with your Artisan Equipment or Chests. You’ll get the Cellar for aging Artisan Goods if you reach her final offer. It’s one of the most important features if you want enormous profits in your pocket.

Below are every upgrade that you should consider from the Carpenter’s Shop alongside the costs and improvements:

UpgradeCosts to MakeImprovements/Changes
1stWood (450), 10,000g• Adds a kitchen for cooking.
• Includes a fridge for easy storage of ingredients.
• Adds a bedroom for one.
• Allows marriage.
2ndHardwood (150), 50,000g• Adds an empty room, perfect for Artisan and Refining Equipment.
• Adds a room with two child beds and a crib.
• Improves Kitchen and Bedroom space.
• Enables home renovations.
3rd100,000g• Adds cellar for aging Artisan Products.
RenovationsFREE• Can remove the crib to prevent the player from having a child.
• Adds a room to either south or northeast and opens more • spaces for the player.

Find Ores and Stones

The player mining in the Mines in Stardew Valley.
It’s a good time to mine!

Mining in Winter is perhaps the most popular choice among Stardew Valley players. Since they’re most likely to get tool upgrades, they’ll collect hundreds of ores and stones – and you should do it too! It’s important to have higher quality equipment before the frozen season ends because of the advantage they can offer!

Getting pieces of rocks is easy because they’re everywhere. You can dig them using your Pickaxe or blow them away with bombs. However, it’s the opposite for ores (especially good ones), as you’ll need to reach the lower Mines floor and have some Luck.

Once you have the two indispensable resources, save them in your Chest. You’ll need them later for upgrading your arsenal and crafting important items!

Befriend Villagers

The player giving gifts to Alex, Penny, Vincent, and Leah in Stardew Valley.
Some NPCs in Pelican Town are sweet!

If you’re from Pelican Town, chances are high that you have met your special someone. The only issue is that they don’t like you. Much to your disappointment, you see a blue dot near their character portrait when talking. You’re the new farmer, and they’d act cold like Shane. But you can improve relationships during Winter!

The first step is to give their favorite items that you’ll find in this guide. You can repeat the process next week. Alternatively, take them to the Movie Theater and have some fun. That’ll get you eight hearts in the end, and you can do it for the rest of the villagers!

As you take a break from hard work during Winter, you’ll have more time to spare. Have you considered the little gathering at the Festival of Ice in the Cindersap Forest or gift-giving at the Feast of the Winter Star? Those events contribute to affinity, and your efforts will be paid back in the mail sometime!

Build Sheds for Artisan Equipment

The player standing near Sheds.
Make sure to get the best upgrade!

There are several Artisan Goods in Stardew Valley, but we only recommend Wines. But it’s also okay if you’re starting with low-profit products. What matters is the Artisan Equipment inside multiple Sheds for higher returns!

To build a Shed, you’ll need to give the following to Robin:

  • Wood (300)
  • 15,000g

You can take it further by including Stone (300), Wood (550), and 20,000g in the next upgrade!

In total, an average Shed provides 67 spaces while its bigger counterpart at 137. Convert it into a Cheese or Mayonnaise factory if you wish. But don’t forget to restock your Silo with Hay, so your farm animals are happy. Kegs? Preserves Jar? Caviar from Sturgeon eggs? If you’re a beginner, then these will work!

Explore Calico Desert

The player riding the bus to Calico Desert.
Tip: You won’t need the Bus ride if you use a Warp Totem or Desert Obelisk.

While Stardew Valley is covered in thick snow, Calico Desert is still the hottest place during Wintertime. This area is the best to visit if you want some heat on your skin! Aside from Palm Trees, you may also enter the Oasis and Skull Cavern!

Before accessing the Calico Desert, you’ll need Morris’ workers or the Junimos to fix the Bus Stop. It costs 40,000g for the former and 42,500g for the latter – so make your choice!

Visit Ginger Island

The player in the Ginger Island Jungle.
Befriend Leo first!

What’s next for your adventures after successfully beating Stardew Valley? Since ConcernedApe made more endgame content, including Ginger Island, it’s worth visiting. 

Unlocking Ginger Island starts when Willy sends you an invitation to come over to his backroom. During the cutscene, he’ll show you a broken boat and will request you to fix it. Here’s what you’ll need:

Congratulations! Your ticket to Ginger Island is fixed (you still have to buy 1,000g for an actual ticket, though). There are new areas, valuables, and NPCs you’ll encounter on the tropical island. We’ll leave it to you if you want to uncover its secrets!

Upgrade Your Weapons

The player using the Forge.
Ready for the finest augments?

One of the most remarkable features of Ginger Island is the Forge. If it’s Winter back in Stardew Valley and you have some spare time, consider trekking the Volcano Dungeon. It takes ten floors to reach the Caldera, where you can upgrade your weapons!

Each gem renders a unique perk to your arsenal. But before adding the changes, you’ll need Cinder Shards as the standard currency for using the Forge. Here are every gemstone’s effects per level:

GemsLevel 1 EnhancementLevel 2 EnhancementLevel 3 Enhancement
Amethyst+1 Knockback+2 Knockback+3 Knockback
Aquamarine+4.6% Crit. Chance+9.2% Crit. Chance+13.8% Crit. Chance
Emerald+2 Weapon Speed+5 Weapon Speed+7 Weapon Speed
Jade+10% Critical Hit Damage+20% Critical Hit Damage+30% Critical Hit Damage
Ruby+10 Damage+20 Damage+30 Damage
Topaz+1 Defense+2 Defense+3 Defense

Farm More!

The player farming the Greenhouse and Ginger Island Farm.
Better to make money during Winter!

Sure, it’s Winter in the valley right now, but maybe you can farm a little more through unconventional means. If you have the Greenhouse, it’s time to sow Starfruit Seeds and care for them until maturity. You may even do it on your Ginger Island Farm, where Scarecrows don’t matter.

Remember: Choose the top three best profitable crops only! We’re talking Sweet Gem Berry, Starfruit, and Ancient Fruit. You can harvest them for easy gold or Aged Wine.

Complete Special Orders

Special Orders board missions in Pelican Town.
Can you finish all Special Orders?

Some Pelican town villagers may have something for you all year round after the Special Orders board is placed near Mayor’s Manor. It’s similar to Help Wanted quests posted from Pierre’s General Store, except there are special rewards you’ll unlock!

You’ll first encounter the Special Orders in Year 1 Fall 2. From there, you’ll see a “!” icon, indicating a villager needing help. The time frame is between seven to 28 days, but the deadline will still countdown to zero regardless. Thankfully, you get new orders every Monday, so it’s still a win-win.

Here are every Special Orders in Pelican Town alongside its compensation:

QuestsRequested ByGoalsRewardsDeadline in daysNotesRepeatable?
A Curious SubstanceWizardCollect an Ectoplasm from Ghosts.• 2,500g
• Mini-obelisk recipe
Aquatic OverpopulationDemetriusCatch the following fishes (season-dependent): 

• Spring: Flounder, Halibut, Largemouth Bass, Sardine, or Sunfish 

• Summer: Dorado, Rainbow Trout, Red Mullet, Tilapia, or Tuna 

• Fall: Albacore, Midnight Carp, Salmon, or Tiger Trout 

•Winter: Lingcod, Perch, or Squid
• Compensation for the fish’s price (quality affected but not profession).
• Farm Computer recipe
Biome BalanceDemetriusCatch 20 River Fish, Ocean Fish, or Lake Fish.• 1,500g
• Farm Computer recipe
Cave PatrolClintDefeat 50 of either Bats, Dust Sprites, Grubs, or Skeletons.• 6,000g
• Geode Crusher recipe
Community CleanupLinusCollect 20 trash items (excluding Joja Cola) and dump them in the train platform bin.• 500g
• 1 Friendship Heart
• Fiber Seeds recipe
Crop OrderLewisHarvest and ship the following crops (season-dependent) 

• Spring: Cauliflower, Garlic, Green Bean, or Potato 

• Summer: Blueberry, Hot Pepper, Melon, Radish, Tomato, or Wheat 

• Fall: Amaranth, Artichoke, Bok Choy, Cranberries, Eggplant, Grape, Pumpkin, or Yam
• 50% base quality compensation
• Mini-Shipping Bin
Fragments of the PastGuntherCollect 100 of any bone items and place them in the Museum Box: 

• Amphibian Fossil
• Bone Flute
• Bone Fragment
• Fossilized Leg
• Fossilized Ribs
• Fossilized Skull
• Fossilized Spine
• Fossilized Tail
• Mummified Bat
• Mummified Frog
• Nautilus Fossil
• Palm Fossil
• Prehistoric Rib
• Prehistoric Scapula
• Prehistoric Skull
• Prehistoric Tibia
• Prehistoric Vertebra
• Skeletal Hand
• Skeletal Tail
• Snake Skull
• Snake Vertebrae
• Trilobite
• 3,500g
• Bone Mill Recipe
Gifts for GeorgeEvelynCollect Leek (12) and place it into Evelyn’s stove.• 2,000g
• Coffee Maker
28Must be Spring.No
Gus’ Famous OmeletGusCollect Any Eggs (24) and place them into the Stardrop Saloon fridge.• 3,000g
• Mini-Fridge
Island IngredientsCarolineHarvest and ship 100 of either Taro Root, Ginger, or Pineapple.• 50% price of the base quality for compensation
• Solar Panel recipe
28Must unlock Ginger Island first.Yes
Juicy Bugs Wanted!WillyCollect Bug Meat (100) and place it in the Fish Shop bin.• 3,000g
• Quality Bobber recipe
Pierre’s Prime ProducePierreHarvest and deliver gold-quality Vegetables (25) into the bin.• 2,500g
• Mini-Shipping Bin
Prismatic JellyWizardBring a Prismatic Jelly found in the Mines.• 5,000g
• Monster Musk recipe
Robin’s ProjectRobinGather Hardwood (80).• 2,000g
• 250 Friendship Points
• Deluxe Red Double Bed becomes purchasable for 6,000g at the Carpenter’s Shop
Robin’s Resource RushRobinGather Wood or Stone (100).• 2,500g
• Stone Chest recipe
Rock RejuvenationEmilyGet each Mineral and deliver them to Emily: 

• Ruby
• Topaz
• Emerald
• Jade
• Amethyst
• 1,000g
• 1 Friendship Heart
• Sewing Machine
7Should access Emily’s Sewing Machine.No
The Strong StuffPamMake Potato Juice (12) and place them in Pam’s Kitchen.• 3,000g
• 1 Friendship Heart
• Unlocks the Fishing Information Broadcasting Service for the TV
14Season must be Spring.No
Tropical FishWillyCatch five of the following: 

• Blue Discus
• Lionfish
• Stingray
• 2,500g
• Deluxe Fish Tank
7Must unlock Ginger Island and the Island Resort first.No

Complete Qi’s Special Orders

Qi's Special Orders missions from the Walnut Room.
Generous rewards!

Hungry for more complex tasks in Stardew Valley? Qi’s Special Orders answer your call as you encounter the Walnut Room in Ginger Island. Since the guy behind the operations is mysterious, expect that you only get the most challenging ones.

Although it’ll take you time to finish Mr. Qi’s Special Orders, the rewards are generous. Every task has a corresponding value in Qi Gems, which you can exchange for luxurious items.

You can check this complete and easy guide if you want to start torturing yourself with the challenges.

Buy Special Buildings

Junimo Hut, Earth Obelisk, Water Obelisk, Desert Obelisk, and Gold Clock inside the Wizard's Tower.
All special buildings in the game.

For a game with different methods of making money, it’s impossible for Stardew Valley not to attract you with luxury. Looking for a permanent teleportation building or a gigantic clock that prevents debris from coming? The Wizard has you covered!

After retrieving the Magic Ink from the Witch’s Hut, M. Rasmodius will let you use his arcane technology. Afterward, you can start building the following:

Desert Obelisk• Cactus Fruit (10)
• Coconut (10)
• Iridium Bar (20)
• 1,000,000g
Desert Warp
Earth Obelisk• Earth Crystal (10)
• Iridium Bar (10)
• 500,000g
Mountain Warp
Gold Clock• 10,000,000gMakes your fences durable and prevents debris from spawning.
Island Obelisk• Banana (10)
• Dragon Tooth (10)
• Iridium Bar (10)
• 1,000,000g
Ginger Island Warp
Junimo Hut• Fiber (100)
• Starfruit (9)
• Stone (200)
Junimos help harvest crops.
Water Obelisk• Clam (10)
• Coral (10)
• Iridium Bar (5)
• 500,000g
Beach Warp

While these unique buildings don’t need building time, they’re expensive to purchase. But if you know how to use them well, you’ll profit further!

Achieve Perfection

Perfection Tracker screen in Stardew Valley.
We’ll get there soon.

Grandpa’s Evaluation teaches us one thing: Perfection. Sure, you can stroll around and be casual, but pushing your limit to impress your late loved one is rewarding. For example, you’ll receive the Statue of Perfection in Year 3, assuming you have all the requirements. However, you can take it further once you’re on Ginger Island.

Inside the Walnut Room is a Perfection Tracker. Complete them, and you’ll receive the almighty Statue of True Perfection that dispenses Prismatic Shards daily. Now that’s a good motivation, so plan your goals!

Visit the Night Market for Fishing

The player enjoying the Night Market in Stardew Valley.
One of the most loved events in the town.

From most of our recommendations, we always include the Night Market. Who could resist the cold winter nights fueled by the crowd’s laughter and fishing vessels selling items? But most players love fishing for something exotic.

The Submarine can take you on an underwater trip for 1,000g. Afterward, you can catch different sea creatures, including Midnight Squid, Spook Fish, and Blobfish! You might even encounter some rare views from the window or expensive Pearls!

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