How to Beat Every Qi’s Special Orders in Stardew Valley?

Completing all Special Orders is a lengthy journey in Stardew Valley. But is it necessary to go through the hard work when you can speed it up? How about the prizes? Read more as we give you valuable tips and tricks for success to reap the rewards early!

The player at the cutscene unlocking the Walnut Room.
The Walnut Room is a special area in Stardew Valley you can access after collecting 100 Golden Walnuts in total.

Players can expect more gameplay hours with the newest endgame content from the Ginger Island update. From extravagant tropical farming to completing fossil collections at the Island Field Office, Stardew Valley becomes addictive once more.

However, the new in-game region brings more challenges, as it seems. It turns out the Casino owner, Mr. Qi, has been tracking your progress – like a simulation. With his new operations room on the Island West, he’ll need your help.

This guide will talk about Qi’s Special Orders and how you can finish them quickly. Moreover, we’ll spill available items you can bring home as a reward!

What are Qi’s Special Orders?

Special Orders Board with two missions to choose from.
An example of weekly Special Orders.

The shady man who runs a Casino in the middle of the desert sparks mysteriousness. Even on his extreme quests, it’s as challenging as gaining his trust and respect, especially for beginners.

Special Orders is a new set of more demanding tasks for advanced players. From planting and improving affinity to raiding monsters, you’ll have an endless list on your journal!

To proceed, go Northwest from the Island Farm near the Tiger Slime Grove. You’ll see a Golden Walnut banner that leads to the room. You’ll need to collect 100 Golden Walnuts in total first before access. After that, he’ll greet and congratulate you for reaching this far.

As the cutscene goes, you’ll see a Rewards Dispenser and Perfection Tracker on the right. However, you should check the Special Orders board first on the left side. You may select missions instantly, but it’ll reset every Monday.

Completing All Tasks with Ease

Qi’s Special Orders are like in the Town with unlockables. In total, there are ten missions that build up Perfection. Each has varying difficulty depending on the task you’re taking. And for the best part, you’ll get compensation in Gems – a unique currency for unlocking new items – but we’ll get to that part later.

Reminder: Most Qi’s Special Orders take time to complete, albeit doable. However, we’ll speed things up for you with the following tips and tricks!

Danger in the Deep – 7 Days (50 Gems)

The player standing inside the Local Mines.
The Local Mines in its dangerous state.

Once you take this challenge, the Mines’ elevator system and your progress will reset. Moreover, Marlon’s stock will revert to the first day of unlocking the Adventurer’s Guild. Your task is to reach the 120th floor within the time frame. Otherwise, the Mines’ perilous state will be forfeited, but you’ll keep the loot.

A helpful survival tip is bringing Oil of Garlic, food items, combined rings, bombs, and staircases. There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed as it’s the same mining, but with more enemies.

Speaking of monsters, countering them is a different story. Here’s a table of every new mob with their behavior, physique, floors to expect, and strategy to beat them:

MonsterHealthDamageDefenseFloor to ExpectBehaviorStrategy
Blue Squids31018211-29Irregularly swims through walls or may stay still when attacking the player. They may also shoot orbs, giving a Weakness (-20 Attack) debuff.Either run away from them or use Hammers for a strong splash effect.
Carbon Ghost19025331-39Once dealing physical damage through contact, Carbon Ghosts will reposition in another direction.Strike first before they touch you. They’ll also reposition after concurrent attacks, so pay attention.
Dangerous Bats26813131-39All bat types have similar movement and attack behavior.Use swords for taking out a single target or swarms.
Dangerous Bugs25015-1601-39Similar to its regular counterpart.Bugs are easy to kill. A simple swing from a strong weapon will do.
Dangerous Cave Flies26613-15241-69Behaves the same as regular cave flies.Use a sword with strong knockback to damage and push them away.
Dangerous Duggies280801-29Behaves similarly to its weaker counterparts.Since Duggies are hard to spot, move towards the soil where they might attack, but keep moving to avoid their incoming damage. Stepping in and out of the ground is also an excellent strategy for baiting a Duggy.
Dangerous Dust Sprites28013-15641-79Has a similar behavior to its regular counterpart where they travel in groups.Hitting them with any weapon is enough.
Dangerous Grubs26512-13041-69These creatures will attack you on sight and may transform into a Cave Fly upon taking huge damage.Since they appear in groups, multiple grubs pupating into their winged version can overwhelm the player. Try to kill them fast and catch all retreating grubs. You may also use explosive ammo for splash damage.
Dangerous Haunted Skulls31019-26271-79Behaves the same as its normal counterpart.Use swords and dodge.
Dangerous Lava Crabs34019-26881-119Disguised as a Gold Node and will surprise players sometimes.Use your weapon first to make sure there are no Rock Crabs. Their shell will make a noise, and you’ll see a 0 damage indicator. Afterward, you can either use bombs or a Pickaxe to break their carapace to defeat them.
Dangerous Metal Heads28019-262481-119Tanks a lot of damage as their average counterpart.Back up after two to three swings because of its knockback resistance.
Dangerous Rock Crabs2721321-29Indistinguishable from the rock cluster because of its shell.Use a weapon first to make sure there are no Rock Crabs. Their shell will make a noise, and you’ll see a 0 damage indicator. Afterward, you can either use bombs or a Pickaxe to break their shells to defeat them.
Dangerous Shadow Brutes37022-32681-119The same behavior as its weaker versions but with knockback resistance.Deal damage while maintaining distance.
Dangerous Shadow Shaman31021-30681-119Heals himself and nearby monsters and fires a Jinx debuff (-8 Defense).Strike them down first. However, maintain the distance after the debuff expires.
Dangerous Skeletons65516-18271-79Has the same behavior as normal skeletons but has a longer bone throw attack range.Hit and dodge at the same time.
Dangerous SlimesVaries depending on color but with a 2x buff.Varies depending on color but with a 2x buff.Varies depending on color but with a 2x buff.All floors.Slimes will leap charge when they’re about to attack.Attack first. Alternatively, wear a Slime Charmer.
Dangerous Squid Kids25022-32681-119Shoots four ricocheting fireballs while sometimes hovering over rocks.Swing a sword to kill squid kids quickly. You may also negate their fireballs by attacking or playing it safe by using Slingshots.
Dangerous Stone Golems283132831-39Has the same behavior as its common counterpart.Strike them with a sword but equip light-emitting rings as they’re difficult to spot.
Frost Bats27714140-79Similar to its common counterpart.Any weapon is enough.
Haunted Skull (dangerous)31019-26271-79Identical to its weaker counterpart as it may fly away and change its attack direction.Swords work best for covering large areas. Useful during swarms.
Putrid Ghost50025351-79Will unpredictably fly towards the player and charge before attacking. This monster prevents any consumable item consumption for two minutes by applying a debuff.Strike first before it attacks you. Avoid their green fireballs by running in a different direction before they get near you. In case you caught the Nauseated debuff, consume Ginger or Ginger Ale.
Shadow Snipers30018281-119Fires an arrow of Darkness which limits the player’s vision.Dodge their attacks as their range is limited to a single direction.
Skeleton Mages35520-25271-79Casts a damaging spell to the player aside from dealing collision damage. Can also apply Frozen debuff, which paralyzes you for two seconds.Whenever a Skeleton Mage raises its hands, that’s the time for dodging. If caught by the freezing orb, hit enemies to avoid more damage.
Spiders20015251-69Spiders will jump towards the player and deal damage consequently.Try not to get overwhelmed by striking and finishing them as manageable as you can.
Stick Bug70020241-79Disguised as a piece of wood to surprise players.It’ll take a while to kill them with a strong weapon, but using bombs may help.

Although the quest may seem time-demanding, there’s no actual rush. Remember to have strong tools and weapons along with supportive items, and you should be good. Consider Warp Totems as well if you’re in a hurry.

Extended Family – 3 Days (20 Gems)

The player fishing on multiple spots (Cindersap Forest, Mountain Lake, the Sewers, Pelican Town, and Ocean).
Every original fishing location of Legendary fishes in Stardew Valley.

Did you miss the old Legendary fishes you’ve caught before? Wanting to do an extra fishing challenge with one of the Special Orders? The Extended Family quest lets you relive that fulfilling moment with the original ones’ relatives!

Note that they have the same selling prices, healing effects, and catching them in any season or weather is possible. Here’s a complete list of every fish, locations, behavior, and difficulty:

Glacierfish Jr.Cindersap Forest100Unpredictable
Legend IIMountain Lake110Unpredictable
Ms. AnglerPelican Town85Smooth
Radioactive CarpThe Sewers80Dart
Son of CrimsonfishOcean95Unpredictable

Ensuring a bite depends on luck and fishing skills, so bring rings and food items such as Seafoam Pudding, Fish Stew, Lobster Bisque, and Dish O’ the Sea for best results. Moreover, attaching a Dressed Spinner will help increase bite rate and Cork Bobber for a larger fishing bar.

Four Precious Stones – 28 Days (40 Gems)

The player holding a Prismatic Shard and standing near four more of the same mineral.
Prismatic Shard – the most valuable in-game mineral.

Qi loves collecting and displaying peculiar items in Stardew Valley. That’s why it’s no surprise he’s also a fan of Prismatic Shards. For 40 Gems, you’ll have to deliver four of the exotic minerals to his collection box at the Walnut Room.

Although you have a whole season for mining, you may take the ones in your storage. However, you can’t refund them, so think twice.

Let’s Play a Game – 7 Days (10 Gems)

A Green Junimo riding a Mine Cart
Junimo Kart – an arcade game equivalent for “hell” in Stardew Valley.

The Junimo Kart is one of the most challenging mini-game to try your luck on. There are checkpoints and finish lines you need to reach to progress. However, each level will get harder, but the endless mode is another story.

You need to get 50000 points in a single run in this quest. Meaning you have to beat Lewis’ high score without restarting the mini-game. Before partaking in this mission, dedicate your time practicing. Don’t expect to get lucky too, as it won’t affect your gameplay.

Qi’s Crop – 28 Days (100 Qi Gems)

The player holding a Qi Fruit in a field of Qi Fruits.
Even crops impersonate Mr. Qi with his iconic eyewear.

This mission will need you to ship 500 Qi Fruits before the final day on the 28th. Ready your Hoe and Watering Can as it’ll be another hard work in the field! However, starting may take time since finding Beans can be tricky.

Here are every way possible for finding them:

  • Breaking rocks.
  • Chopping trees and stumps.
  • Cutting weeds.
  • Interacting with Trash Cans.
  • Killing monsters all around Stardew Valley.
  • Digging Artifact Spots.
  • Cracking open geodes of all types.
  • Shaking Coconut trees in Ginger Island.
  • Opening Volcano Dungeon chests (luck-dependent).
  • Breaking dungeon crates and barrels.
  • Fishing (anywhere).

For faster seed acquisition, fishing treasure chests are the most reliable way. With the Pirate profession and Treasure Hunter tackle, you’ll get better odds! Moreover, you can place beans in the Seedmaker during lucky days to get some extra.

The crop is ready to harvest after four days. However, you may use Deluxe Speed Gro to make it three. Make sure to automate with Iridium Sprinklers, get help from the Junimos, and place fences and scarecrows on all sides!

It grows all year round, so no worries about wilted beans. However, fulfilling the quest will despawn every Qi Fruit or Bean on chests, Harvey’s clinic, or Marlon’s Adventurer’s Guild.

Qi’s Cuisine – 14 Days (25 Gems)

The player holding 1667 breads.
Completing the Cuisine quest easily.

Would you trade 100000g for special currencies? If so, this demanding task is for you! At the same value, you’ll need to ship freshly cooked food. Shipping before accepting the mission will forfeit your progress.

Here’s the trick: purchase 1667 Wheat Flours from Pierre and cook them into bread. It’ll total 100020g, but you’ll lose 66,680g in the process. 

Qi’s Hungry Challenge – 7 Days – 25 Gems

The player's inventory and equipment.
During Hungry Challenge, disregard any food item and switch to “life steal” mode.

Descending below the Skull Cavern is the most demanding activity in Stardew Valley. There are no elevator shafts for quick floor skipping, and this challenge prevents you from consuming anything – water, food, or potions! Moreover, you have a week to reach the 100th floor!

Don’t worry. We’ve gathered some valuable tips and tricks for you to save time and enjoy the game more.

Once you see the challenge on the Special Orders board, don’t accept it yet. It’s crucial to prepare everything first before descending.

Check your tools and weapons – are they strong enough? Don’t forget explosives to clear rocks faster so you can reveal ladders or holes quicker and more efficiently. Max out your defenses and wear combined rings too. 

Specifically, you’ll need to forge Slime Charmer and Vampire (+2 health after killing an enemy), and the other slot will be your preference.

Applying the Vampiric perk to your weapon choice at the Forge can make a significant difference. This buff gives a 9% chance to heal 9 to 10.67% upon slaying a monster. However, you need to finish the Volcano Dungeon for access, 20 Cinder Shards, and a Prismatic Shard. You should also be lucky enough to get the perk.

Staircases are optional yet situational, especially when Serpents swarm your position. However, breaking stones is grindy, so hoarding them is better with bombs. Lastly, bring a Warp Totem for faster traveling in case you’re racing against time and small floors away from completion.

Qi’s Kindness – 7 Days (40 Gems)

The player holding a Fried Calamari and giving it to Pierre.
Back to where friendships begin.

In one week, you need to give 50 loved gift items to any Stardew Valley NPC. This special order is the simplest yet fairly rewarding versus Junimo Karts. It’s also possible to complete the task within two days as you can give gifts to 34 villagers twice every week.

You don’t have to give away your valuables and pick the lowest selling value for profiting. A Statue of Endless Fortune could potentially help too, in some situations.

Nonetheless, here’s a complete gifting guide to take a look at for convenience:

VillagersFavorite Item(s)
Abigail• Amethyst
• Banana Pudding
• Blackberry Cobbler
• Chocolate Cake
• Pufferfish
• Pumpkin
• Spicy Eel
Alex• Complete Breakfast
• Salmon Dinner
Caroline• Fish Taco
• Green Tea
• Summer Spangle
• Tropical Curry
Clint• Amethyst
• Aquamarine
• Artichoke Dip
• Emerald
• Fiddlehead Risotto
• Gold Bar
• Iridium Bar
• Jade
• Omni Geode
• Ruby
• Topaz
Demetrius• Bean Hotpot
• Ice Cream
• Rice Pudding
• Strawberry
Dwarf• Amethyst
• Aquamarine
• Emerald
• Jade
• Lemon Stone
• Omni Geode
• Ruby
• Topaz
Elliott• Crab Cakes
• Duck Feather
• Lobster
• Pomegranate
• Squid Ink
• Tom Kha Soup
Emily• Amethyst
• Aquamarine
• Cloth
• Emerald
• Jade
• Ruby
• Survival Burger
• Topaz
• Wool
Evelyn• Beet
• Chocolate Cake
• Diamond
• Fairy Rose
• Stuffing
• Tulip 
George• Fried Mushroom
• Leek
Gus• Diamond
• Escargot
• Fish Taco
• Orange
• Tropical Curry
Haley• Coconut
• Fruit Salad
• Pink Cake
• Sunflower
Harvey• Coffee
• Pickles
• Super Meal
• Truffle Oil
• Wine
Jas• Fairy Rose
• Pink Cake
• Plum Pudding
Jodi• Chocolate Cake
• Crispy Bass
• Diamond
• Eggplant Parmesan
• Fried Eel
• Pancakes
• Rhubarb Pie
• Vegetable Medley
Kent• Fiddlehead Risotto
• Roasted Hazelnuts
Krobus• Diamond
• Iridium Bar
• Pumpkin
• Void Egg
• Void Mayonnaise
• Wild Horseradish
Leah• Goat Cheese
• Poppyseed Muffin
• Salad
• Stir Fry
• Truffle
• Vegetable Medley
• Wine
Leo• Duck Feather
• Mango
• Ostrich Egg
• Poi
Lewis• Autumn’s Bounty
• Glazed Yams
• Green Tea
• Hot Pepper
• Vegetable Medley
Linus• Blueberry Tart
• Cactus Fruit
• Coconut
• Dish O’ the Sea
• Yam
Marnie• Diamond
• Farmer’s Lunch
• Pink Cake
• Pumpkin Pie
Maru• Battery Pack
• Cauliflower
• Cheese Cauliflower
• Diamond
• Gold Bar
• Iridium Bar
• Miner’s Treat
• Pepper Poppers
• Radioactive Bar
• Rhubarb Pie
• Strawberry
Pam• Beer
• Cactus Fruit
• Glazed Yams
• Mead
• Pale Ale
• Parsnip
• Parsnip Soup
• Piña Colada
Penny• Diamond
• Emerald
• Melon
• Poppy
• Poppyseed Muffin
• Red Plate
• Roots Platter
• Sandfish
• Tom Kha Soup
Pierre• Fried Calamari
Robin• Goat Cheese
• Peach
• Spaghetti
Sam• Cactus Fruit
• Maple Bar
• Pizza
• Tigerseye
Sandy• Crocus
• Daffodil
• Mango Sticky Rice
• Sweet Pea
Sebastian• Frozen Tear
• Obsidian
• Pumpkin Soup
• Sashimi
• Void Egg
Shane• Beer
• Hot Pepper
• Pepper Poppers
• Pizza
Vincent• Cranberry Candy
• Ginger Ale
• Grape
• Pink Cake
• Snail
Willy• Catfish
• Diamond
• Iridium Bar
• Mead
• Octopus
• Pumpkin
• Sea Cucumber
• Sturgeon
Wizard• Purple Mushroom
• Solar Essence
• Super Cucumber
• Void Essence

Qi’s Prismatic Grange – 14 Days (40 Gems)

The player standing near Qi's Collection Box in the Walnut Room and about to deposit items for Prismatic Grange.
Tip: avoid depositing pricey items as it can be a profit loss.

As one of the most complex Special Orders, it’ll be challenging to complete the Prismatic Grange without guidance. It’s all about placing 100 red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple items in the collection box. However, it’ll be tricky if you’re not hoarding and sorting every collection.

Once you deposit items in the box, Qi will keep them. That’s why it’s essential to be careful to avoid losing valuables. Here’s a complete list of every color and donation you could free from your storage. Remember: prioritize less valuable items.

AppleAeriniteAnglerAlgae SoupApricotAmaranth
BaryteAlbacoreBaked FishArtichokeCinder ShardAmethyst
BruschettaAnchovyBananaBean HotpotCopper BarAmethyst Ring
CherryAncient DollBanana PuddingBok ChoyCopper OreAncient Drum
Cherry BombAncient FruitBeerBurglar’s RingDoradoBeet
CoralAquamarineCalciteCactus FruitDragon ToothBug Meat
CrabAquamarine RingCarpColeslawEarth CrystalCrocus
CranberriesBattery PackCheeseDinosaur EggEelEggplant
Cranberry CandyBlackberryComplete BreakfastDuck FeatherHematiteFairy Stone
Cranberry SauceBlackberry CobblerCornDwarf Scroll IIJack-O-LanternFire Opal
CrimsonfishBlue DiscusDaffodilEmeraldLemon StoneFluorapatite
Dwarf Scroll IBlue JazzDandelionEmerald RingLionfishGrape
Eggplant ParmesanBlue Slime EggDish O’ the SeaEsperiteMagma CapImmunity Band
Energy TonicBlueberryDried StarfishFiberNapalm RingIridium Band
Explosive AmmoBlueberry TartDwarf Scroll IVFiddlehead FernNautilus ShellIridium Bar
Fire QuartzBreamElvish JewelryFiddlehead RisottoOctopusIridium Ore
HelviteBroken CDFish TacoGinger AleOrange (from Fruit Trees)Life Elixir
HollyBroken GlassesFried CalamariGreen AlgaeOrpimentMidnight Carp
Hot PepperClamFried EellGreen BeanPoppyMonster Musk
JasperCrystal FruitFruit SaladGreen Slime EggPumpkinPomegranate
Jelly (from Preserves Jar)Dwarf Scroll IIIGingerGreen Strange DollPumpkin PiePoppyseed Muffin
Lava EelFrozen GeodeGlow RingGreen TeaPumpkin SoupPurple Mushroom
LobsterFrozen TearGlowstone RingHopsRainbow TroutPurple Slime Egg
Magma GeodeGlacierfishGoat CheeseJadeRotten PlantRed Cabbage
Mega BombGlacierfish Jr.Gold BarJade RingSpice BerryRefined Quartz
Miner’s TreatGlass ShardsGold OreJamboriteSunfishSea Urchin
Mushroom Tree SeedHerringGolden CoconutJuice (any)Tiger Slime EggSuper Cucumber
PizzaIce PipGolden MaskKaleTigerseyeSweet Pea
RadishJoja ColaGolden PumpkinLargemouth BassTopaz RingThunder Egg
Radish SaladKyaniteGolden RelicLegendTropical CurryVoid Essence
Red MulletMidnight SquidHayLegend IIWinter RootVoid Salmon
Red MushroomOpalHoney (Wild or Flower)MalachiteWood SkipWedding Ring
Red PlatePeriwinkleJagoiteMutant Carp Wild Plum
Red Slime EggQi BeanLucky LunchOak Resin Wine (any)
Red SnapperQi FruitLucky RingOcean Stone  
RhubarbSardineMangoOil of Garlic  
Rhubarb PieSeafoam PuddingMango Sticky RicePetrified Slime  
RubySpook FishMeadPickles (any)  
Ruby RingSturdy RingMuscle RemedyRadioactive Bar  
SalmonberrySturgeonOilRadioactive Carp  
Son of CrimsonfishTunaPale AleRadioactive Ore  
Spaghetti ParsnipSalad  
Spicy Eel Parsnip SoupSeaweed  
Strawberry PerchShad  
Sweet Gem Berry Phoenix RingSlime Charmer Ring  
Tomato PikeSlimejack  
Tulip PineappleSoul Sapper Ring  
Vampire Ring PufferfishSuper Meal  
  PyriteTea Leaves  
  Rabbit’s FootVegetable Medley  
  Ring of Yoba   
  Sea Cucumber   
  Small Glow Ring   
  Solar Essence   
  Summer Spangle   
  Treasure Chest   
  Truffle Oil   
  Yellow Strange Doll   

Skull Cavern Invasion

The player standing near the entrance of Skull Cavern.
Consider your arsenal first before diving down the Skull Cavern invasion.

Like Danger in the Deep, this is one of the hardest special orders that make traversing below the Skull Cavern harder and deadlier. With the stronger version of the original denizens, you’ll need matching equipment and items for better survival chances.

The trick is bringing more food items and explosives as you have to reach Floor 100 in a single run. Make sure to time your luck correctly too, as it’ll increase the chances of holes spawning.

Staircases will become extremely useful in this challenge as you don’t have to fight every enemy. Remember: you’re speedmining with bombs and staircases in a limited time. It’s also better to have Warp Totems so you can start earlier than the usual Bus Stop operation.

Once you’re inside the Skull Cavern, expect these monsters and follow this table to learn about counter attacking them:

Dangerous Armored Bug25020-270Not aggressive and behaves the same as typical bugs.Avoid or kill them with the Bug Killer perk.
Dangerous Mummy44538-550Behaves the same as normal mummies.Lure as many mummies in a decent radius to kill them both with your weapon and bombs. You may also enchant your weapon with Crusader.
Royal Serpent150 (base), 50 (for every tail segment)32-480Has the same movement as Serpents but is more lethal because of its length.A swarm of Royal Serpents is enough to overwhelm even a seasoned Stardew Valley player. Either use swords or hammers for splash damage or escape with staircases.
Dangerous Purple Slimes820-246032-640Slimes will give a clear indication when they’re about to land an attack.Attack first. Alternatively, wear a Slime Charmer.

Exchanging Qi Gems

Every Qi Walnut's item shop for exchanging with gems.
Here is every item you can exchange with Qi Gems.

Upon completing Special Orders, you’ll get a unique currency for buying rare recipes and items. You may also exchange a Golden Walnut for two gems. Nonetheless, here’s a complete list of items, price, and a brief description of its use:

ItemUsePrice (in Qi Gems)
Aquatic SanctuaryThe largest Stardew Valley fish tank as of the latest version.20
DeconstructorRetrieves the most valuable material from a destroyed crafted item.20
Deluxe Fertilizer RecipeUnlocks the Deluxe Fertilizer.20
EnricherAllows auto-application of fertilizers when planting seeds.20
Exotic Double BedA stylish bed for sleeping.50
Galaxy SoulA mythical item for making a Galaxy Weapon’s final form in the Forge.40
Golden EggHatches into a Golden Chicken but is available after Perfection.100
Heavy Tapper RecipeUnlocks the Heavy Tapper.20
HopperPlacing items inside will transfer them to machines in front of a Hopper.10
Hopper RecipeUnlocks the Hopper.50
Horse FluteSummons your horse near you.50
Hyper Speed-Gro RecipeUnlocks a Hyper Speed-Gro.30
Junimo Chest (2)A special chest with six slots. Items link between Junimo Chests.30
Key to the TownEnables access to Pelican Town buildings regardless of time (except during Festivals).20
Magic BaitEnables catching fishes of all seasons regardless of time, weather, and location.5
Magic Bait RecipeUnlocks the Magic Bait.20
Mr. Qi’s HatAllows you to wear Mr. Qi’s Hat.5
Mushroom Tree SeedPlanting this will grow into a Mushroom Tree.5
Pierre’s Missing StocklistUnlocks every crop from Spring, Summer, and Fall that you can buy regardless of the season.50
Pressure Nozzle (4)Enhances a sprinkler’s watering range.20
Qi Seasoning (10)Enhances food item regeneration and buffs.10

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