How to Complete the Island Field Office in Stardew Valley?

Have you paid a visit to Ginger Island? The Island Field Office is one of the newest places you can visit in the tropical paradise, but how can you finish it? Find out more with this straightforward guide!

The player entering the Island Field Office on Ginger Island.
The Island Field Office in Stardew Valley.

With ConcernedApe’s major endgame update for Stardew Valley, more content means more play hours. Ginger Island becomes one of the best places to visit once you beat the game. New NPCs, storyline, and items brought more life to version 1.5.

Among the different inclusions are the Field Office and Professor Snail. Consider him as the Gunther counterpart in Pelican Town, where he needs minerals, artifacts, and lost books. However, it’s a new quest and experience to the tropics away from civilization.

Assuming it’s not your first time visiting Ginger Island and having access to several features, we’ll teach you how to complete the Field Office. With this guide, you’ll know everything from finding different fossils and mummified remains to purple flowers and starfishes.

How to Unlock the Island Field Office?

Parrots repairing the Dig Site bridge and the player meeting Professor Snail.
Spending ten Golden for a Dig Site bridge repair is a smart move.

At any time of the day, you may visit the region. Go North and turn left before the Volcano, and you’ll see a broken bridge. Interact with the parrot and offer ten Golden Walnuts to access the Dig Site.

This area is teeming with Clay and Bone Nodes, where you can get resources. You may also chop down Mahogany Trees, get Gingers, and even pan fossils that you’ll need for the Island Field Office.

Is the room empty? Head back to the site and place any bomb near a small cave. Professor Snail will get out of the opening and invite you to his operations room.

Like the Local Museum, you have to start from scratch until you finish a collection. In total, there are four fossilized remains and two Island Surveys you should work on.

Island Survey – How Many Purple Flowers and Purple Starfishes?

An in-game quiz of one of the island survey.
A sample island survey.

There’s no need to go outside and spend your time counting Purple Flower and Starfish. Feel free to take a wild guess, but across the map, you’ll see 22 Purple Flower and 18 Purple Starfish.

Where to Find Every Fossil?

In-game screen of every Island Field Office collection.
A complete Island Field Office collection.

Digging randomly with a Hoe is too common for treasure hunting. That’s why this new update made it possible for fishing, mining, and many more to find your donations.

In total, Snail will need 12 fossils for his Field Island Office Display. Here are every skeletal remains and the place to find them:

Fossilized Leg (2)• Bone Nodes from Dig Site.
Fossilized Ribs (1)• Bone Nodes and Artifact Spots from Dig Site.
• Tilling Artifact Spots at the Southern Beach.
Fossilized Skull (1)• Breaking open a Golden Coconut.
Fossilized Spine (1)• Digging Artifact Spots at the Southern Beach.
• Fishing in the Dig Site river.
Fossilized Tail (1)• Panning in the Dig Site river.
Mummified Bat (1)• Breaking any rocks in the Volcano Dungeon.
Mummified Frog (1)• Scything weeds in the Jungle.
Snake Skull (1)• Tilling Artifact Spots at the Dig Site.
• Fishing on West Ginger Island.
• Digging Artifact Spots on West of the Map.
Snake Vertebrae (2)• Digging Artifact Spots on West Area.

What Rewards Can You Get?

A cutscene between the Player and Professor Snail after completing the Island Field Office.
Here’s what a finished Field Office looks like.

Hard work comes with a reasonable price as long as it’s Stardew Valley. If Gunther gave a wide variety of rewards, Professor Snail has exotic ones to offer! Here they are:

Purple Starfish and Flower• Golden Walnut (1) each.
Large Animal• Golden Walnuts (6)Banana Sapling (1).
Mummified Frog and Bat• Golden Walnut (1) each.
Snake• Golden Walnuts (3)Mango Sapling (1).
All tasks• Ostrich Incubator recipe.

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