Purple Mushroom: Uses, Benefits, and More


There are plenty of foraged items in Stardew Valley, but have you ever found a Purple Mushroom? It’s a rare item that you’ll find in caves. In this guide, you’ll learn more about its uses and benefits!

A purple mushroom in a tapper on a Winter Season in Stardew Valley.
A Purple Mushroom from a Tapped Mushroom Tree.

Getting foraged items like mushrooms in Stardew Valley can sometimes be a bummer, but did you know that it can be handy too? Things like Purple Mushrooms may sound poisonous, but it’s not. It’s one of the cheapest and fastest ways to regenerate your health and energy.

If you’re a cheapskate, using this foraged item is the key to saving your money. Here’s a guide that’ll help you learn about this loot!

What’s a Purple Mushroom?

A Purple Mushroom is a nonseasonal foraged item that you’ll get by chopping off a Mushroom Tree or tapping it with a Tapper. When consumed, it’ll give you +125 Energy and +56 Health which is helpful whenever you get worn out.

Where to Find it?

A player in different locations where you can find a Purple mushroom in Stardew Valley.
You can find a Purple Mushroom in these locations!

You can also purchase them in Traveling Carts for 750g to 1,250g, which is quite expensive. 

However, if you made friends with the Wizard, you’ll get it as a gift from him via mail. While some adult villagers may also give this to you during the Feast of the Winter Star. But don’t expect it to be from Marnie, Robin, Clint, Willy, and Evelyn.

Nonetheless, these aren’t the only way to get this item; you can also find it in different areas like:

  • The Mines (Level 81 and above) or by the Skull Cavern
  • In the Farm Cave made for mushrooms (2.5% chance of getting them).
  • Occasionally in Garbage Cans, once you reach the bottom of the Mines.
  • Forest Farm Map every Fall (25% chance).
  • Ginger Island’s Mushroom Cave.


If you got too many Purple Mushrooms, you could sell them for a good price, especially if your skills are at a higher level. Remember that a Silver to Iridium Star item means more value in Stardew Valley!

Here’s its price list and the differences in the Healing Effect:

Regular +125+56250g
Silver Star+175+78312g
Gold Star+225+101375g
Iridium Star+325+146500g


Unlike other loots, you can’t use a Purple Mushroom in multiple recipes. Still, you can make a Life Elixir with its help. This concoction does wonders as it can regenerate your health and energy to full once you drink it. 

ItemIngredientsHealing EffectRecipe SourcePrice
Life Elixir1 Morel+200 Energy
+89 Health
Combat Level 2500g
1 Chanterelle
1 Purple Mushroom
1 Red Mushroom


This would also make an excellent gift for the Wizard. While Demetrius, Harvey, Leah, and Linus would appreciate it. However, some NPCs may feel neutral when receiving it, and others dislike it.


A player wearing a black and purple shaded shirt.
Jumper-like Shirt is a fabulous way to doll up in Stardew Valley!

You may use it to make a shirt or a purple dye for dyeable clothing. It’s also useful in coloring pots.


With the help of Purple Mushrooms, you can complete the following bundles:

  • Field Research Bundle in the Bulletin Board.
  • Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room (Option).
  • Wild Medicine Bundle in the Crafts Room (Remixed, Option).


It’s also handy in completing quests such as:

  • Randomly requested in the “Help Wanted” Board of Pierre’s General Store.
    • Reward: 750g and 150 Friendship Points

Note that it’ll only be requested once you reach level 40+ in the Mines.

  • Randomly asked in the Fish Pond Quest to increase the pond capacity from five to seven.

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