Stardew Valley Oil of Garlic: Recipe, Price, and More

Are you trying to get your hands on some Stardew Valley oil of garlic? Or would you just want to learn more about this item? Either way, you are in the right place because this Stardew guide will give you plenty of useful information! Below you will find out more about this item’s recipe, price, and other important aspects that will easily make you know more about the game.

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Here is what you need to learn about the Stardew Valley oil of garlic:

What is the stardew valley oil of garlic?

While this item might seem a bit strange at first, it’s quite simple and useful in the game!

That’s right, this is a craftable item that your character can drink to get some energy or health. Of course, many players just choose to sell it due to its high price.

Since this is very profitable, some players will definitely like the 1000g selling price! This recipe has one more benefit. Meaning, it always gives you a profit, no matter the quality of the ingredients.

Of course, if you do end up using it for your personal benefit, then you can expect 200 Energy and 89 Health for your character.

There is actually a thing called the Oil of Garlic Buff! Once you drink the oil, you will get a special effect for 10 minutes of the real time. In simple terms, your character’s skin will exude a rather strong aroma, which will prevent you from infested floors, swarms, and enemies. Just keep in mind that this won’t work in dangerous Mines and Skull Cavern.

What is the recipe?

Let’s get to the interesting part! How can you make this Stardew item?

Basically, you will need 10 of Garlic and 1 of Oil to make it. Simple enough, right?

However, there is one more thing you need to know. Meaning, you need to reach combat level 6 to get this recipe. Once that is done, feel free to make as much garlic oil as your heart desires.

Of course, there is one more way to get this item. Just keep in mind that this will cost you a lot! If you really need oil of garlic and you don’t have the recipe, then keep in mind that the Dwarf sells it for 3000 gold coins. If you would like to buy something from him, you will have to go to the Mines and finish the Dwarf scrolls quest.

Dwarf’s shop

Once you understand his language, you will be able to talk to him and get some interesting deals!

How to Use stardew valley oil of garlic?

Once you do get some oil of garlic in Stardew Valley, there are a few ways to use it in the game! Once you learn how to make the most from your items, you will start enjoying Stardew more and more!

Here are some of our suggestions:


Sadly, none of the NPCs will appreciate the oil of garlic as a gift from you! The characters actually hate this item, so this might harm your friendship.

If you are looking for other and better gifts for Stardew Valley NPCs!


So, how can you use oil of garlic for tailoring? First of all, you can make the Dark Highlight Shirt if you have time to go to the Sewing Machine.

Other than that, you can also use this in dyeing to make a green dye for other items. If this is what you choose to do, just go visit Emily and Haley!


Just in case you were wondering, no, you won’t need Stardew Valley oil of garlic for any quests! In all fairness, that’s quite nice because players can make the most out of it in better and easier ways.

Feel free to use it for other things or just make a good profit in the game.

So, are you ready to conquer Stardew Valley and start making oil of garlic? Then upgrade your character until you have the recipe and have fun with that!

If you ever have questions about this item, then don’t hesitate to come back to this guide to refresh some info just in case.

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