Crocus is everywhere during Winter – but do you know where to find them? We’ll teach you everything about it alongside its good uses!

The player holding a Crocus in Stardew Valley.
A purple-colored Crocus is one of the most beautiful flowers!

Since all greens don’t grow under thick snow patches, expect random stones and logs on your farm. What was once thriving becomes a temporary wasteland – but it’s still beautiful because of the blizzard and dirt covered in white. Luckily, some foraged items in Stardew Valley still bloom even if it’s purple-colored.

It’s attractive and pleasant to the eyes – a Crocus that grows on Winter 1 until the end of the month. This item guide will talk about the wild loot, where to get it, and what it can offer to your gameplay.

What is a Crocus?

This edible flower is one of Winter’s many wonders. It’s an item worth collecting because of its elegant design by nature. While it’s safe to eat, you won’t get Energy or Health regeneration.

How to Find a Crocus?

It’s not as elusive as other foraged items like Winter Root and Snow Yam. However, there are three options available to get the flower:

  • Foraging in the Winter – You can forage anywhere around Stardew Valley (except Calico Desert and Ginger Island) with a high guarantee of getting one.

  • Wild Winter Seeds – After crafting the item on the Player Menu, you’ll get 10x seeds. Plant it at your homestead or Greenhouse and wait for seven days. The outcome is randomized, and the Botanist profession will take effect.

Selling Prices

With Botanist, you’ll always get the highest quality. However, it’s better after cultivating them using Wild Seeds (Wi).

QualitySelling PricesWith Tiller


The player planting Winter foraged goods with a Winter Wild Seed.
The same seeds with their importance in-game.

You’ll need this flower in crafting the following item:

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Wild Seeds (Wi)Level 7 ForagingCrocus (1)
Crystal Fruit (1)
Snow Yam (1)
• Winter Root (1)


In-game screen of the Sewing Machine and Dye Pots.
Something to know about Tailoring and Dyeing!

At the spool of the Sewing Machine, combining a piece of Cloth and the purple flower will result in a Shirt. Moreover, you can use it as a purple dye on Dye Pots.


Sandy is a massive fan of Crocus, and it’s where you should give the item.


Used in one quest:

  • Help Wanted at Pierre’s General Store. Any Pelican Town villager will request a piece for 180g and 150 Friendship points during the same season.


Finishing the Winter Foraging bundle at the Crafts Room (Community Center) requires this item.

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