Snow Yam: Sources, Good Uses, and More

A Winter without Snow Yam (S.Y.) is incomplete. But are you familiar with this nice foraged good? Check out this guide about the root vegetable and what you can get from them!

The player holding a Snow Yam in Stardew Valley.
It looks like Snow Carrots, but it’s a regular Yam under the snow.

It’s sad to see Fall go after the 28th day in Stardew Valley. There are no more competitions, giant Pumpkins on the field, and appealing wind gusts. As the cold takes place, new hurdles and opportunities appear. However, a new season also means another deal for Foraging.

As one of the five available wild loot you can find in the cold, S.Y. appears to take over your inventory. And in this guide, we’ll talk about the item, where to locate it, and what it can do for you.

What is a Snow Yam?

It looks like a regular Yam, but it’s hiding underneath thick layers of snow. It’s invisible to plain sight until you use a Hoe


How to Find a Snow Yam

The foraged good is strictly available during Winter only. These are three ways to get S.Y.:

  • Tillable Soil Anywhere – Use a Hoe to dig any soil outside the farm (4%).

  • Wild Winter Seeds – Planting this crafted item either on the homestead or Greenhouse for seven days is guaranteed to get S.Y. (Botanist profession also applies).

  • Garbage Cans

Selling Prices

As with every item you can find in the wild, this one doesn’t sell much.

QualitySelling Prices


The player plating Winter foraged goods with a Winter Wild Seed.
Winter Wild Seeds is a huge deal in the cold.

After finding a piece of this good, consider crafting this recipe to reproduce and gain even more profit while it’s the cold season:

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Wild Seeds (Wi)Level 7 Foraging• Crocus (1)
• Crystal Fruit (1)
S.Y. (1)
• Winter Root (1)


Sewing Machine interface in-game.
The blue and white combination fits the season!

The Blue Shirt it creates also needs a piece of the spool of the Sewing Machine.


Harvey, Leah, and Linus are big fans of this item.


Used in one quest:

  • Help Wanted at Pierre’s General Store. Random delivery request from any villager during the season for 300g and 150 Friendship points.


A requirement for completing the Winter Foraging Bundle at the Crafts Room (Community Center).

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