Strange Bun: Cooking, Benefits, and More

What’s the strangest cooked dish in Stardew Valley? Perhaps, it’s the Strange Bun– a mystical yet edible item that regenerates some of your health and energy. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

A player holding a strange bun in Stardew Valley.
What’s with the odd filling?

Dishes like cookies, cakes, and pizzas can be a bland menu sometimes. So, if you’re looking for something distinctive and edible, you can make a Strange Bun with just a few cooking items. 

Moreover, it doesn’t just have restoration effects, but it also makes an excellent addition to your profits. This guide will help you discover more about its value in Stardew Valley.

What is a Strange Bun?

It’s a cooked dish prepared in your home’s kitchen or cookout kit. But there are other ways to obtain it, including:

  • Traveling Cart. Purchasing it from this bazaar costs 675g to 1125g.
  • Stardrop Saloon. Their rotating stock occasionally offers this for a fee of 450g.
  • Krobus’ Shop. You can randomly find it here every Saturday with a price ranging from 50g to 500g.
  • Shadow Brute. There’s a 4% chance of getting this bun by slaying these monsters.

Additionally, ingesting this item revives some of your health and energy. These benefits are improved by  80% once you add the Qi Seasoning. Here’s a brief comparison of it with and without seasoning:

Healing EffectsWithout SeasoningWith Seasoning

Aside from these advantages, you can make your gameplay more thrilling by offering it to the Dark Shrine of Terrors in the Witch’s Hut. It allows monsters to lurk on your farm, saving you a trip to the Mines and Skull Cavern!

Here’s a secret: you’ll receive a ??Foroguemon?? Stature by placing it in a toy chest from Vincent’s room. 


A random conversation with Shane in Stardew Valley.
Make good bonds with him to get this recipe!

The ingredients you need to prepare this bun include one Wheat Flour, Periwinkle, and Void Mayonnaise. You’ll get this recipe once you earn seven hearts with Shane.

Selling Price

You can sell this good for 225g. But adding the seasoning inflates its price by 50%, making it worth 337g.


A shirt produced in a Sewing Machine in Stardew Valley.
A Shirt complimenting the 14-Hearts Event!

It makes an effective spool for producing a Heart Shirt in the sewing machine. While you can also use it as red dyes for pots.


It is most likely the worst gift for NPCs.


Not used in any quest.


Not used in any bundle.

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