Are you ready for the most important festival in Stardew Valley? Are your decorations in place? How about making some extra profit selling a Holly? Read this guide to learn more about this foraged item in Winter!

The player holding a Holly in Stardew Valley.
The fruit in the middle will damage you. Be careful!

As the cold season approaches in Pelican Town, so as the Feast of the Winter Star – one of the most important festivals to commemorate. The doctrine is prevalent across the Ferngill Republic, where every 25th of the season means Tree of the Winter Star and Hollies are in place.

Since the latter is also an important piece in making the Christmas spirit alive, we’ll discuss where you can find it. Moreover, you’ll also know what it is, its value, and what you can do with it.

What is Holly?

Holly is a popular Winter decoration because of its bright red berries and comfy leaves. If you have an end table, place it near the Tree of the Winter Star to make it look perfect!


Consuming this foraged item will deduct points from your Energy Bar. That’s because the berries are poisonous and for decoration purposes only.

How to Find a Holly?

Holly pops out from the snow and is available for picking, unlike other similar foraged goods. There are two places to get it:

  • Secret Woods – After chopping down the Large Stump, a 100% item spawn is guaranteed every day you visit.

  • Anywhere on the Map – Available across Stardew Valley regardless of the location. However, choose the Tracker profession to find it faster and easier.

Selling Prices

This foraged good sells slightly better than its counterparts.

QualitySelling Prices


Sewing Machine and Dye Pots interface in-game.
Perfect for Christmas!

A piece of cloth with this item at the spool of the Sewing Machine will create a Fancy Red Blouse. You may also use it in the Dye Pots as a red dye.


Although the town loves Christmas – Harvey, Leah, and Linus are the only ones who like this as a gift.


Not used in any quest.


It’s a possible option in the Crafts Room in the Remixed Winter Foraging Bundle (Community Center).

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