Fish Taco: Cooking, Benefits, and More

Do you want to make a snack from your tuna? If you’re good friends with Linus, you must’ve heard of the Fish Taco. This guide will help you to prepare it in Stardew Valley!

A player holding a fish taco in Stardew Valley.
Don’t forget to eat before leaving your farm!

Fishing is a thrilling task in Stardew Valley because every haul you get depends on the season and weather. And upon spending your time capturing a good-quality fish, you might be low in energy already.

If you catch plenty of Tuna during Summer and Winter, you could make a Fish Taco that gives generous healing effects. 

What is a Fish Taco?

It’s a cooked dish rustled up in the kitchen of your upgraded farmhouse or cookout kit. You can also purchase it in these in-game stores:

  • The Stardrop Saloon. You’ll randomly find it in their rotating stock for 1000g.
  • Krobus’ Shop. It’s occasionally sold here on Saturdays for 50g to 500g.
  • Traveling Cart. They sell it for 1500g to 2500g.

This taco regenerates some of your health and energy. It even enhances your fishing skills. Combining it with a Qi Seasoning increases its rejuvenation effects by 80%. You’ll also receive +1 on each buff and +50% on its duration.

Here’s a comprehensive comparison of this dish with and without the add-on:

Healing Effects and BuffsWithout Seasoning With Seasoning
Buff Duration7m10m and 30s


An old man from the mountains in Stardew Valley.
He’s a warm-hearted guy from the Mountains!

You’ll get its recipe from Linus via Mail upon earning seven hearts with him. Its ingredients require one of each item: Tuna, Red Cabbage, Mayonnaise, and Tortilla.

Selling Price

Its base price is 500g, but if paired with the seasoning, it’ll turn to 750g.


A green party hat made in a sewing machine from Stardew Valley.
Party Hats make everything extra fun!

You can use Fish Tacos to make a green Party Hat and some yellow dye for Dye Pots.


It’s the best gift for Caroline and Gus, while other NPCs would also like to receive it. But Krobus, Leo, and Emily are an exception.


Not used in any quests.


Not used in any bundles.

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