45 Best Stardew Valley Horse Mods

It is undeniable that unlocking your Stardew Valley horse for the very first time is magical. You do not have to walk everywhere anymore, and it always returns to the stable in the morning! But after some time you might want to either change the way your horse looks or maybe not even ride a horse at all! Perhaps a rideable tank fits your playthrough better.

This carefully compiled list of the 45 best Stardew Valley horse mods will save you time, and change your whole Stardew game for the better!

Gameplay altering Horse Mods

The vanilla Stardew Valley Horse is great, but it could be even better with just a simple mod or two. Listed below are 7 of our favorite mods that can improve your overall gameplay experience with your favorite steed.

45. Horse Whistle – Icepuente

Stardew Valley horse mods - Horse Whistle

Do not underestimate the power of this simple mod to change your life for the better. It installs a horse whistle hotkey so you are able to teleport your horse directly to you, as long as you are outside. This feature is in a lot of other video games, but in Stardew Valley it saves you so much time and is an amazing feature for experienced players.

The default hotkey is “V”, though you can change it in the config JSON file. Another alternative version of this mod is Horse Flute Anywhere.

Download here

44. Horsemanship – Magimatica

Mule option.

This mod adds a few animation and artistic changes that make your character’s horseback riding more realistic. It improves the saddle and how your character sits in it. It adds a bridle and stirrups, as well as a mule version of your horse to choose between. Lastly, it also changes the gallop animation.

Download here

43. Horsefriendly Town – DevilBro

Changed river area to now be a rideable space.

This mod alters the whole of Pelican Town so now your horse is able to move through most huge passageways! This includes the walk near the river to the right of the Community Center which saves so much time.

Once installed, everything around town stays mostly the same. Most people do not even notice the change, just that afterward you can now bring your horse through areas that were previously too small. It is just perfect and does indeed make the town horse-friendly.

Download here

42. Pony Weight Loss Program – BadNetCode

Riding your horse through a 1 by 1 space

This mod works similarly to Horsefriendly Town. Though instead of changing the town to fit the horse, it changes the horse to now be able to fit inside any single tile space! This should help out around your farm if you have spaces the horse could not fit through.

This mod also affects tractors if you have the tractor mod installed and is compatible with most other horse mods.

Download here

41. Faster Horse – Kibbe

Fast horseback riding

This mod greatly increases the speed of your horse, though sometimes it can be difficult to handle with the increased speed.

Download here

40. Horse Overhaul – Goldenrevolver

Filling up the water trough in horse stable

This mod is exactly what it says it is, a complete horse overhaul – for the better! If you are looking for a totally different experience with your horse, this is the mod for you. It combines various different mods, some of which we have included above.

What does this mod add:

  • Thin Horse Feature – This feature is similar to the one from Pony Weight Loss Program, but it actually makes the horse’s hitbox 1×1.
  • Visible saddle bags and inventory – This allows your horse to carry items for you. This is amazing, it is like having a walking chest with you at all times!
  • Friendship Scores – This gives your horse a friendship score like the rest of your farm animals. Plus it gives you a reason to improve your friendship score because if you have a higher friendship it increases the speed of your horse (such as in Faster Horse). There are only ways to increase friendship and it does not decay.
  • Menu – This menu shows after you interact with your horse. It allows you to check your friendship score and if the animal has been fed/watered in a day.

This mod is a must-try for anyone who is looking to experiment with their Stardew Valley playthrough.

Download here

39. Multiplayer Horse Reskin – DelphinWave

Having a herd of differently skinned horses

This re-skinning mod allows you to select different skins for horses while playing multiplayer Stardew Valley with friends. These skins will stay with the farmhand as long as they continue using the same assets. To choose between different skins for your horse, just right-click while standing inside the stable and it will bring up your re-skin menu.

Download here

Stardew Valley Horse Skin Mods

Now that you have made your playthrough perfect for your beloved horse, it is time to pick out the perfect skin. There are tons and tons of different skins to choose from. So much so that it can be almost overwhelming to pick out the perfect mod for your horse.

This is why we detailed a list of our 38 favorite horse replacing and re-skinning mods to help you choose your dream ride. These include not just normal horses in different colors, but magical and mechanical rides as well.

38. Elle’s New Horses – Elle

a prismatic and a brown horse options

This mod had to be first on the list because it offers so many options in one modpack! There are 31 different skins to choose from and an optional saddle overlay (which has 20 colors to choose from). Plus it makes sure it replaces the horse head icon in the menu with whatever option you choose.

Elle’s New Horses is one of the best Stardew Valley mods if you want a lot of customization without having to download multiple mods.

Download here

37. Real Life Horses – Minakie

Various horse color options

This mod pack allows you to re-skin your horse to colors inspired by real horse breeds. The breeds that are added, in the order shown below from left to right, are American Cream Draft Horse, Andalusian Horse, Buckskin Horse, Buckskin Horse (from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron), Icelandic Horse, Shire horse (black), Shire horse (brown with the grey muzzle), Shire Horse (brown with the pink muzzle).

Download here

36. Better Horses – SerialDollFace

Various horse color options

This mod is a retexture of Real Life Horses (and slight modification). It includes a diversity of seven new breeds which are Palomino, American Paint, Friesian, Norwegian Fjord, Blue Roan, Black Forrest, and Appaloosa. Also, each of these options allows you to choose between a bareback and a saddled version.

Download here

35. Flowers For Horse Mane And Tail – Barbie

Added flowers to mane and tail

Though this is a very slight change, it is a beautiful addition to spice up your vanilla Stardew Valley horse as well as any horse from Elle’s New Horses. There are 17 different flower color options to choose from too!

Download here

34. Clydesdale (Horse Replacer) – Zhuria

Clydesdale horse option

If you have been wanting to ride this famous Scottish draught breed, you are in luck because this adorable mod is made just for you. It even has feathers on the legs!

Download here

33. Improved Horses (4 Colors) For CP – Gweniaczek

Various horse color options

This mod pack includes only four different colors of horses but has put in a lot of work to improve the running animation. It also has four different colors of saddles to choose from.

Download here

32. Fat Pony – Jeiel Aranal

fat pony option

This pony is an adorable addition to the farm. When they are left alone you can see their ears wiggle during their munching animation. The skin is based on Kate Beaton’s Fat Pony character.

Download here

31. Dapple Gray Horse – Zhuria

Dapple gray horse option

This mod is similar to the Clydesdale mod, it simply replaces the vanilla horse skin with a gray dappled one. This skin is based on the creator’s father’s real horse. It is available with or without the saddle.

Download here

30. Cleo Black Horse – RaestheDead

Black horse option

This mod is also based on a real horse, by the name of Cleo. She was the creator’s Aunt’s horse and this mod simply replace the vanilla horse skin with this super cute one.

Download here

29. American Paint Horse Mod – PorcelainRose

American paint horse option

This mod also adds a singular horse color (an American Paint) into the game, replacing the vanilla Stardew Valley horse.

Download here

28. Rideable Deer (Content Patcher) – hojichas

Rideable deer option

If you want to take a step away from horses, this modpack replaces your horse with a deer of your choice! You can choose between a brown deer, a pink deer, and a red elk (with or without reins) to ride into the sunset.

Download here

27. Ride Bear – PenguinTuxedo

rideable bear horse reskin

This mod takes an even further step away from a rideable normal horse with a brown bear of your very own! It also alters the riding animation to make your character fit better onto the fluffy beast.

Download here

stardew Valley Magical Horse Replacers

Pelican Town is not a normal mundane place, there are already skeletons, a friendly monster that runs a shop, and wonderous forest sprites that fix buildings for you in exchange for fish. Why should you be limited to normal horses when there is already magic in the world? Spice up your Stardew Valley playthrough with some of these creative mods.

26. Flame Horses – CreepyKat

various colored flame horse options

This mod allows you to have a flame horse with a flowing mane that leaves a trail of fire in its wake. There are five colors to choose from and the mod creator is open to suggestions on different colors for future updates.

Download here

25. Pink Unicorn – Strawberrymilk95

pink unicorn horse replacer

This pink unicorn replacement skin will have your average farmer feeling like a pretty princess.

Download here

24. Rainbow Unicorn (Horse Replacer) – Zhuria

rainbow unicorn horse replacer

If you want a unicorn but are not feeling pretty in pink, this mod is for you. It replaces your vanilla skin with a rainbow unicorn without a saddle.

Download here

23. The Amazing Deathicorn – Rgbunpro

This mod rounds out the unicorn spectrum in our list, replacing your Stardew Valley horse with a fiery, deadly unicorn.

Download here

22. Skeletal Undead Horse – Zcsnightmare

skeletal horse replacer

This updated mod has skeletal monstrosities that look better than ever. As you run through Pelican Town on this beast it will even breathe fire.

Download here

21. Spooky Ghost Horse – LunaLavellan

This spooky scary mod pack reskins your Stardew Valley horse into an almost see-through ghost pony with red eyes and a blue saddle.

Download here

20. Dragon To Ride – Kyuya

rideable dragon replacer

This mod goes the extra mile. Not only does it present you with terrifyingly detailed dragons to ride, in either red or black, but they fly above the ground as they move.

Download here

19. Junimo Horse – Monteso

junimo carrying you horse replacer

Where most of the previous mods just replace your horse, this one comes with a story as well. After the Junimos and yourself fixed up the Community Center, they are so grateful that they crown you King/Queen of the Junimos. With this high honor comes the private chauffeur of two Junimos carrying you around Pelican Town like royalty.

Download here

18. Tan And Green Velociraptor – Zcsnightmare

rideable velociraptor horse replacer

Magic might already be in the game, and so are dinosaurs, so why shouldn’t you be able to ride one? This mod allows you to do just that and ride either a tan or green velociraptor around town.

Download here

17. Iridium Ore Galaxy Horse – Pecuniam Art

iridium ore galaxy horse replacer

This rare re-skin replaces your vanilla Stardew Valley horse with one that looks just like the very best ore in the game. You have the option to choose between it having a saddle or not.

Download here

16. Pegasus Horse – Broegan

Pegasus horse replacer.

This gorgeous mod replaces your boring non-winged horse with a white Pegasus with a pink mane and tail.

Download here

15. Abigail Centaur Horse Replacement – Zcsnightmare

rideable abigail centaur horse replacer.

Many people think Abigail is one of the good NPCs for marriage. This mod creator went one step further with this Abigail centaur mod. When idling, her character will pull out a flute and play a few notes.

This mod does not replace the character model of Abigail, it replaces your horse with the centaur skin. You will even be able to ride your Centaur, to go see normal two-legged Abigail if you wish.

Download here

14. Leah Centaur Horse Replacement – Zcsnightmare

Rideable Leah centaur horse replacer.

This mod is the exact same as the mod for Abigail but just for Leah. Instead of her playing the flute, your Leah centaur swings a tool in the air like she is working on one of her sculptures.

Download here

13. Elf Centaur Horse Replacement – Alreito

Rideable centaur horse replacer.

If you want a centaur to ride around Pelican Town, but do not necessarily want it to have the face of your wife, this mod is for you. The blonde centaur is a high elf who eats carrots during her idle animation. The white-haired centaur is a dark elf who fixes her hair while idle.

Download here

12. Agro (Shadow Of The Colossus) (Horse Replacer) – Zhuria

Agro horse replacer.

Thanks to mods we can blend multiple games together and have horses from other games and even TV shows right on your farm in Stardew Valley. This mod replaces the vanilla horse with Agro from Shadow of the Colossus.

Download here

11. Arvak – R99AZM

Arvak horse replacer.

This re-skin allows you to channel the Dragonborn and have Arvak in your Stardew Valley playthrough.

Download here

10. Adventure Time Lady Rainicorn Horse – Thornsby

Adventure Time Lady Rainicorn horse replacer.

This mod replaces your vanilla horse with the lustrous Lady Rainicorn.

Download here

9. Horse to Applejack – Miura

Applejack horse replacer.

Embrace Equestria while playing Stardew Valley with this mod. It not only reskins your vanilla horse but changes its idle animation. Now instead of eating grass, Applejack will munch on apples.

Download here

8. Ponyta (Horse Replacer) – Zhuria

Ponyta horse replacer.

These next mods showcase various re-skins allowing you to ride Pokémon through your world. This one is a fiery unsaddled Ponyta with flames that flicker as they move. Who loves the flame pet that can burn your crops at any time? Just kidding, it won’t!

Download here

7. Altaria (Horse Replacer) – Zhuria

Altaria horse replacer.

If you are more into flying-type Pokémon, try out this mod where it replaces the horse from Robin with a rideable and floating Altaria.

Download here

6. Horse Skin Arceus – LeafyFetus

Arceus horse replacer.

Technically Arceus is an equine Pokémon, while also being a creator deity who is responsible for shaping a whole universe. With this mod though, he is truly just a horse that you can ride around your farm.

Download here

5. Chocobomod – Renn2226

Chocobo horse replacer.

The list would simply not be complete without this classic Final Fantasy ride. This mod replaces the vanilla horse with a yellow Rideable Chocobo.

Download here

4. Tank Mod – Allyjamy

Tank horse replacer.

Your dreams of being a farmer who is a also WWII buff can finally come true with this mod that changes your horse into a tank. You can choose between a Soviet T-34 and a Panzer III. It also requires that you change your character sprite so it looks more natural as you ride your war machine.

Download here

3. Moped Scooter Horse – Monteso

Moped horse replacer.

For a much less dangerous mechanical ride, try this mod that replaces your vanilla horse with a red moped.

Download here

2. Content Patcher – Durarara Horse and Motorcycle

Durarara horse replacer.

This horse replacer is a mixture between the motorcycle, horse, and headless horse from Durarara.

Download here

1. Broomstick Horse – AkaiLIANG

Rideable broom horse replacer.

Last, but definitely not least, is this magical mod that allows you to ride one of the most famous broomsticks from the Harry Potter Wizarding World – a Nimbus 2000. Quidditch skills are not included.

Download here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize your horse in Stardew Valley?

Besides installing Stardew Valley horse mods, you can’t actually customize your horse in Stardew Valley just yet. But a few users in the community also made a suggestion that you can change the horse’s appearance in the Wizard’s basement, just like what you do while you change your player’s appearance.

Is a horse faster in Stardew Valley?

As you may know, riding a horse is not the fastest method to travel in Stardew Valley. But having it can have up to three benefits. First, you have a friend to do the work with. Secondly, a horse is a little bit faster than running which will not consume your stamina anyway. And finally, horses can help you travel through plants without slowing you down.

How do you use Elle’s new horse mod?

You need to install the latest version of SMAPI mod and Content Patcher. Then download the map and extract the files into StardewValley/Mods folder. Now the mod is playable when you run the game using SMAPI!


And that’s it, folks and horse lovers! We hope through this comprehensive list of the best Stardew Valley horse mods, you can find something to motivate you up and continue that exciting farmer life, whatever your device is!

If you are wanting any more mods to spice up your Stardew Valley game, check out our guide on the 20+ best Stardew Valley animal mods.

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What initially hooked me into Stardew Valley was how much there was to uncover and learn as you played through it. What got me to stay was how rich the characters' stories were! Abigail, Emily, and Shane will always be my favorites.

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