Where Does Robin Live? Everything You Want to Know

Robin is the very first person you meet when you get off the bus in Stardew Valley. She’s the local carpenter and you’ll need to see her for all sorts of reasons. So where can you find her?

A picture of Robin telling the player, "I'm Robin, the local carpenter. Mayor Lewis sent me here to fetch you and show you the way to your new home. He's there right now, tidying things up for your arrival."

Here’s everything you need to know about where Robin lives and how you can track her down.

Who is Robin?

As Pelican Town’s resident carpenter, you’ll find yourself wanting to visit her a lot throughout your gameplay. She’s married to Demetrius (so unfortunately you can’t marry her yourself, at least not without a mod) and is the mother of Maru and Sebastian. If you want to get in her good graces, give her a gold or iridium quality goat cheese on her birthday, Fall 21.

Where Does She Live?

Robin’s address is 24 Mountain Road, located just to the southwest of the mines and just north of the community center. There are a few ways to get to her shop from your farm.

Through the Backwoods

The easiest way to get to the carpenter is through the back exit of your farm. When you exit your front door, walk to the left and up slightly, and you’ll find a set of stairs leading to the Backwoods.

The player character walking left and up slightly away from their farmhouse.
The player character walking up a path leading away from their farm. The farm cave is to the left of the path.

While the things around this back exit might change depending on your farm layout or what mods you might be using, this path shouldn’t change.

Walk up the stairs and follow the path north and then as it curves east.

The player character walking north away from a set of stairs into the backwoods.
The player character walking through the backwoods, moving east.

As a bonus, this area of the map frequently spawns forage. Walk through it on a Saturday for the highest chance of finding some. On Sunday, it will refresh and any forage that showed up during that week will have disappeared.

The player character walking down a set of stairs to the left of Robin's house.

Once you walk through the backwoods, you’ll find yourself coming out behind the carpenter’s shop. Walk down the stairs and in through the front door to see her.

Through the Town

What if you aren’t coming directly from your farm, but rather somewhere else in town? There is, in fact, another pathway to find Robin’s shop.

The player character walking past Pierre's shop, heading east.
The player character walking north on a path to the right of Pierre's shop.

As you’re walking past Pierre’s general store, you’ll see a pathway just to the right of it, and a set of stairs leading north. You’ll soon come across the dilapidated Community Center. (Make sure you enter town from the west entrance of your farm between 9 and 5 on a sunny day to get that cutscene with Mayor Lewis.)

The player character walking on a path towards the north of the map. The Community Center is in the top left of the frame.

After passing the Community Center on your left, you’ll find a pathway leading north that follows along the river. That river leads up to the mountains and the lake that sits south of the mines and west of the carpenter’s shop. (You can catch a ton of unique fish up there!)

After walking up that path, you’ll enter the mountains at the southern-most tip and find yourself directly in front of Robin’s shop – exactly where you need to be!

The player character standing in front of Robin's shop. It's only 8 AM.
Let me iiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!

When Does Robin Work?

Unlike the ever elusive Marnie, Robin has a fairly straightforward schedule. She works every day from 9 AM to 5 PM with the exception of Tuesdays, when she goes to Caroline and Pierre’s home for their aerobics class. There are a few other random exceptions in her schedule.

She’s Building Something

When you contract Robin to build something on your farm, whether it’s a coop, a fishpond, or a house upgrade, she will be gone for the following two days. If you purchase a new building the day before a festival, she’ll begin work two days after the transaction.


Robin doesn’t open her shop during festival days. The only exception to this rule is the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies (Summer 28) and Spirit’s Eve (Fall 27.) These two festivals don’t start until 10 PM, and therefore Robin will be there during her normal hours. The Night Market on Winter 15-17 is also an exception; all of the shops remain open during this time.

Rainy Days

On days when it’s Raining, Robin doesn’t leave her shop at all. She opens at 9 AM and closes at 5 PM. You won’t even find her dancing with Demetrius in the Saloon on rainy Friday nights.

Summer 18

This is Robin’s yearly checkup at Harvey’s clinic. Her shop will be closed all day on Summer 18.


Robin closes the carpenter shop one hour early at 4 PM on Fridays. She spends the evening at the Saloon with Demetrius.

What Can You Buy from the Carpenter?

Before completing the Community Center and fully upgrading your farmhouse, there are three options at the Carpenter Shop.

The player character talking to Robin behind the counter. The text box reads, "What can I do for you?" The options are Shop, Upgrade House, Construct Farm Buildings, or Leave. The Shop option is highlighted.

Under the option for Shop, you’ll see a list of a variety of resources, furniture items, useful farm items, and recipes. You can purchase things like wood and stone, different size TVs or beds, a workbench or mini-fridge, and recipes for several different light sources or pathway options. 

If you click on Upgrade House, she’ll offer to make your farmhouse a bit bigger. The first upgrade costs 10,000g and 450 pieces of wood, and Robin will increase the size of your room and add a kitchen. You cannot get married unless you have purchased this upgrade. 

The second upgrade costs 50,000g and 100 pieces of hardwood, and she’ll add two new rooms. One of these rooms is a nursery, which allows married couples to have or adopt children. If you are married and have the second upgrade, your spouse has a 5% chance of asking if you want to have kids. If you say yes, you’ll have a child 14 days later.

The third and final upgrade costs 100,000g and adds a basement and 33 casks. On this floor, you can age cheese and wine to bring them up to iridium quality, making them sell for significantly more money.

If you click on Construct Farm Buildings, Robin will give you the option to build things like a Coop, where you can house animals like chickens and ducks, or a Barn, which holds cows and goats. Upgrading these buildings gives you access to new farm animals that you can purchase from Marnie’s shop or incubate. Under this option, you can also build cabins for multiplayer.


As you’re playing Stardew Valley, you’ll find yourself making your way to Robin’s shop many, many times. Eventually, it’ll become second nature! But for newer players, it never hurts to have a good detailed sense of where to find Robin and what services her shop provides.

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