17 Crazy Stardew Valley Challenges You Should Try!

Do you want an extra spice at the beginning of the game? Most Stardew Valley players play chill, while the other half of the community loves challenge runs! We’ve listed 17 of the craziest ones alongside their mechanics, time limits, and goals!

The Junimo Kart Game, Ginger Island cutscene, and a Museum full of minerals and artifacts in one frame.
Push your limits with our new challenges.

Stardew Valley is a popular title in the gaming industry as one of the most relaxing and casual games. It’s the perfect time-killer because of its chill atmosphere, country music, and beautiful villagers. ConcernedApe – the game’s developer – even lets players include mods that optimize their playthrough preference!

Although made for casual gamers, Stardew Valley is also a hub for competitive experience. People love pushing their limits, and applying it to a relaxing game is oddly enjoyable.

You’ve already heard of several of the most common challenges, such as profiting through crops and animal products only and mass-producing items. This list will take a different path with fresh new ideas. However, we’ll still include the common ones that guarantee gameplay progress.

1. Achieve Perfection

In-game screen of the Perfection Tracker in Stardew Valley.
Perfection in progress.

From our similar suggestions, it’s not easy to miss that we always recommend achieving Perfection. Why? It’s because of the game-changing value it can offer. Spoiler: It’s the Statue of True Perfection – a decorative item that dispenses a Prismatic Shard daily! It’s a sweet offer, but you must finish the following activities from the Perfection Tracker first:

It’s a prerequisite to collect all Golden Walnuts first before attempting to check your progress inside the Walnut Room. Afterward, you’ll unlock more features such as Golden Chickens, Golden Eggs, ??? Hat, and other wholesome cutscenes!

2. Complete the Community Center in Year One or Less

In-game cutscene of Community Center completion.
Well done, hero!

If you’re a Joja employee, feel free to skip this challenge since it’s a different path. But if supporting Pierre (the local merchant) and restoring the Pelican Town’s glory are your goals, here’s a crazy milestone.

Since Stardew Valley now offers items that won’t be available until Year 2, it’s possible to finish the Community Center in Year 1. It’s pretty doable, but stick to the project and refrain from doing unnecessary activities! You’ll also need 42,500g in total for the Bus Repair, so prepare that in advance!

If you’re successful at officially beating Stardew Valley, show us the Hero Trophy you got! 

3. Finish the Museum

The player standing in a Museum full of Artifacts and Minerals.
This Museum is yet to be fully restored.

Spending time in the Mines heats your freezing body in the Winter. After all, repeating the same chore is tedious until profiting becomes viable! But what if you can restore the Museum along the way? Gunther would be happy to hear new minerals and artifacts you’re bringing!

In Stardew Valley, you usually go mining for personal gains. Assuming it’s almost Year 2, it’s imperative to get the highest possible upgrade and spend your money on Clint. As a side complement, you can break Geodes to get Geode Minerals! They’re rarer than Foraged Minerals such as Earth Crystal and Quartz and Gems like the Diamond.

There’s no specific deadline for this crazy challenge, but two years would be a decent time frame!

4. Fill Chests with One Item Type

The player interacting with the chest and the chest's in-game screen.
Pick your item now.

Do you remember when you shipped a stack of 999 Diamonds from your Crystalarium farm? Let’s produce more than that, but you can’t sell them until the Chest is full! Check out the item orders we have from our checklist that you’ll need to finish (strictly one item type per year):

Since a Chest in Stardew Valley has 36 slots (like a backpack), you must produce 35,964 pieces of your item choice from the list. However, you must focus on one item and prepare your setup for two days. Qualified farmers should have a stable farm in Year 4, with at least 1,000,000g to prevent running out of resources.

5. Five Candles for Grandpa

The player standing right next to Grandpa's Shrine in Stardew Valley.
He’s proud of you, farmer.

We often overlook Grandpa’s Evaluation after receiving the Statue of Perfection (if qualified). As the best way to commemorate, he deserves a well-lit five blue candles (an imaginary last) on his resting place. Don’t forget that he saved your soul from Joja’s life-draining job!

It’s impossible even for Stardew Valley beginners not to get his reward in Year 3. But if not, this challenge is another chance to make him happier. The following are all tasks you must follow and accomplish to light beyond available candles:

  • Earn 50,000g – 1pt.
  • Earn 100,000g – 1pt.
  • Earn 200,000g – 1pt.
  • Earn 300,000g – 1pt.
  • Earn 500,000g – 1pt.
  • Earn 1,000,000g – 2pts.
  • 30 Total Skill Levels – 1pt.
  • 50 Total Skill Levels – 1pt.
  • Complete the Museum – 1pt.
  • Obtain all fish types – 1pt.
  • Ship all items – 1pt.
  • Marriage + two Farmhouse upgrades – 1pt.
  • Reach an eight-heart friendship with five villagers – 1pt.
  • Reach an eight-heart friendship with ten villagers – 1pt.
  • Reach a five-heart friendship with your pet – 1pt.
  • Complete the Community Center – 1pt.
  • Get the Stardew Valley Trophy (post-ceremony after completing the Community Center) – 2pts.
  • Get the Skull Key – 1pt.
  • Get the Rusty Key – 1pt.

Note that the required points to light the fourth and final candle is 12. However, having 21 points is technically lighting the fifth.

6. Buy Seeds Elsewhere

The Traveling Cart, Krobus
Sorry, Pierre. We’re boycotting you from now on.

Are you sure Pierre is a better person than Morris? Think again. According to in-game dialogues, the merchant seems dissatisfied with his life, has a controversial stash, and prioritizes business over family in festivals. You’ll also reveal his true colors after finishing the “Pierre’s Prime Produce” quest as a credit-grabbing individual.

In response, it’s time to boycott Pierre and switch to other suppliers. Although most people disagree, this lifetime challenge is the hardest as you can only buy from Morris or Krobus. Moreover, you can opt for the Oasis Shop, Magic Shop Boat, and Traveling Cart. The prices are higher, though, and may not be profitable in the long run.

7. 5-Star Chef Millionaire

The player holding a Crab Cake in the Calico Desert near the Trader.
Roasted bread and tons of Stuffing for profit!

Your primary profit source in this Stardew Valley challenge is selling different food items. Feel free to choose any profession and keep grinding for raw materials, but you can only store them until Year 3. Afterward, you’ll need to sell them and must reach 1,000,000g!

It sounds like a challenging and outlandish idea, but there are essential things you should know. For example, it’d be favorable if you select Standard or Beach Farm as most items you can plant, fish, or forage sell high in dishes. You’ll start small with this one, but the Beach Farm makes an extra boost!

8. Beer for a Year!

The player chugging down a Beer in Stardew Valley.
Let’s see who’s the alcoholic now, Shane.

Starting your day involves a cup of Coffee, watching TV daily, and a smooch from your spouse. Those things are the perfect combination for a hyperproductive day that guarantees you thousands to millions of profit!

Sometimes, a little taste of Beer isn’t bad. But this challenge will require more than a sip as you’ll need to drink one daily! No celebrations, no buts, and you can’t hang out with Shane or Pam. You need to be productive, even if you have the Tipsy debuff (less movement speed)!

Since it’s unrealistic to start the challenge in Year 1, build up your wealth first so you can buy or make 112 of them! Thankfully, you only have to slow down for 30 seconds, and you’re good to go again after the debuff.

9. Cheapskate

The player saying to spending money in Stardew Valley (Pierre's General Store front).
Though we don’t hate Pierre in this challenge, you can’t buy anywhere.

No matter how much you love money, you’ll need to spend it for better profit returns. You’ll need new packets of seeds to continue your farming business. Cheap Tackles deducts money, but it’s a solid investment to get quality fish. If you’re planning a Truffle Oil business, you’ll need to get expensive Pigs.

It’s impossible to keep that starter 500g in Stardew Valley, but what if there’s a way? There’s no need to purchase Bean Starters or Cauliflower Seeds, as you can get them from Mixed Seeds! Ran out of supplies? Craft the Seed Maker and place your harvested goods inside to create more crops!

There are different ways you can survive without spending money in-game, although it might impact progress. Since new challenges are present, it helps you think creatively! The example tip above is an overview if you’re planning a Standard Layout, but each mechanic is dynamic for every Map.

10. Ginger Island Vacation

In-game cutscene of the player if it's first-time traveling.
It’s a beautiful tropical paradise (with the Forge at the Caldera).

Since ConcernedApe introduced Ginger Island, it’s been a hub for long-time pros. It’s a unique place where you don’t have to worry about crops-eating Crows and seasonal seeds. However, the expense is less farming space, unavailability to build structures, and a long-distance relationship with your spouse.

For this challenge, you must survive Ginger Island for a year with your Iridium tools and some seeds. Feel free to do any activities, but sleeping until Winter 28 means forfeiting your progress. It’s also unproductive to lay down in bed, which doesn’t bring you anything in Stardew Valley.

11. Pelican Town Musician

A round of applause for the talent!

Players often feel intimidated when placing a Flute or Drum Block and making the worst sound. Relax! Practice is everything. It’s a solo play, after all, plus you have every space to use you can control. However, get the items’ recipes first from Robin before doing this challenge.

Can you compose a song inside Stardew Valley? Some talented ones already have their masterpieces uploaded on YouTube. It’s not impossible to show your musical talent and make three instrumental covers! You only need to crank up some notes and feel if they sound correct. It’s an extra if you’re an aficionado!

12. Secret Notes Collector

In-game screen of the Secret Notes collection in Stardew Valley.
Sure, Secret Notes are sometimes boring to do.

Secret Notes are pieces of paper you’ll get by unearthing up Artifact Spots once you have the Magnifying Lens. They provide insights about Pelican Town, some controversial villager secrets, hidden loots, and easter eggs. Since they’re as interesting as Journal Scraps from Ginger Island, let’s collect them!

Farmer, you have one season to collect all 25 of them. Since Secret Notes are available in Winter, that’s your cue to start the challenge! If you’re a seasoned player and have collected them all, feel free to make a new save file.

13. Skull Cavern Destroyer

The player using Mega Bombs to reach the 100th in Skull Cavern.
Bomb your way down, yes?

Before attempting this challenge, get the best ring combinations, boots, and items. You’ll encounter one of the most challenging and unique runs in Stardew Valley without using tools or weapons. Can you reach Level 100 in Skull Cavern within a day without digging rocks or fighting enemies?

It’s unnecessary to sweep every corner when you’re mining for Iridium Ore. Occasionally, you may use a weapon for defense, and you’re onto the next level.

As a destroyer, the rule is simple: descend until you reach the 100th floor using bombs. You can use consumables for perks and some Oil of Garlic if you wish! When it’s 1:50 am, teleport back to the Farm regardless of the result. You can always repeat the process, even with Qi’s Hungry Challenge!

14. Get All Accessories

In-game interface of the Sewing Machine - one of the hardest challenges in Stardew Valley.
It starts here.

The latest update appreciates the fashion side of Stardew Valley. Although the Sewing Machine has existed since the 1.4 version, the 1.5 released more clothing choices. What’s left to do is try them all, mix and match them, and see which fits perfectly for you!

Can you make them all within a season? Of course! Try every item with a piece of Cloth at the Sewing Machine’s spool while reading this separate guide!

15. Tight Schedule

The player outside the Farmhouse at 12 AM in Stardew Valley.
Get some sleep strictly at that time!

The first day starts by cleaning the farm’s overgrown mess, planting some Parsnip Seeds, and sleeping. This tedious process will last several seasons, so it makes sense to continue forward! There’s nothing to lose (except time), but you’re trading value that always pays off!

Specifically, this challenge demands you to sleep only at 12am for maximum profitability and productivity. Note that you can’t idle around while doing the challenge. However, you may explore different places to your liking.

16. The Damage-Proof Prairie King

JOTPK Gameplay.
Can you dodge all bullets?

There are two achievements for the arcade “Journey of the Prairie King”. One is for beating the game, while the other needs you to do the same without dying! Both are challenging tasks, but you’ll experience the most extreme with the latter! 

17. Reach 1,000,000,000+ Points in Junimo Kart

The Junimo Kart in Stardew Valley.
Cute retreat!

If you were to beat Mayor Lewis in Junimo Kart, you’d need 50,000 points. The value is equivalent to the “Let’s Play a Game” Special Order from Mr. Qi. On average, players can score at least 100,000 to 500,000. However, reaching the new scale that’d blow up the community would be a different story!


The ideas in this list may have existed elsewhere, or you’ve tried them before. Nonetheless, there are more crazy challenges in Stardew Valley that you might discover from every update. As always, play the game at your pace without worrying about other people and enjoy!

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