Morris: The Complete Character Guide

Have you met Morris in Stardew Valley? He is one of the most recognizable characters, so you might want to know when and where to find him, and how he can impact your experience in the game.

Morris greeting the player when you enter JojaMart.
Morris is one of the most recognizable Stardew Valley characters.

He often clashes with Pierre and the people of Pelican Town, but what does he do that irks the Villagers? Find out who he is, what he does, and whether a friendship with him would benefit you in-game. This article will cover everything you need to know about this character.

Who is Morris?

He’s a Villager who lives in the town and works at the local JojaMart as the manager. Because of his dedication as an employee, he also serves as a customer service representative. 

He puts the company’s needs before his own, which often causes a rift between him and the other townsfolk. One cut scene shows him going into Pierre’s General Store to hand out coupons to customers. Many of the Villagers don’t like him, especially Pierre, Andy, Pam, Shane, and Jodi.

Aside from Joja, the Manager loves the movies and likes to go to the Movie Theater when he has the time.

Where Can You Find Him?

You can find the Manager inside Joja Mart as long as it’s open. The store’s operating hours are 9 AM to 11 PM every day.

Morris is found on the right side of JojaMart.
Morris can always be found in JojaMart.

What Can He Do for You?

He will offer you a Joja membership for 5,000g. If you accept this offer, the abandoned Community Center will be replaced by a Joja Warehouse. However, if you choose to revive the center instead, the JM branch in Pelican Town will go out of business, driving Morris out of town.

JojaMart in Pelican Town, Stardew Valley.
The JojaMart branch in Pelican Town.

Friends and Relationships

Outside of possibly opening a JojaMart warehouse with him, you can’t be friends with the Manager nor give gifts to build a friendship with him.

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