Stardew Valley Accessories: Easy Ways to Get Them All

Farming too much with the boring jumpsuit and getting insecure from Haley’s remarks? Do you want a little style while on the homestead or need an extra boost? Let’s talk about accessories in Stardew Valley and teach you how to get every one of them.

Trucker Hat, Dinosaur Cap, Napalm Ring, and Cinderclown Shoes (some accessories) on top of Marlon's Adventurer's Guild.
Rings, Hats, and Shoes are the different accessories in Stardew Valley.

Why settle for the normal farm attire when you can do your chores with style? While Stardew Valley has a serious storyline, wearing your preferred fits is possible! You can choose from an ever-expanding cosmetics collection, from stylish hats to buff-giving rings and shoes.

Never wear your awkward farming jumpsuit at the Flower Dance or wedding. Attend festivals with fashion and extra charisma for your last dance! However, you need to earn it, and we’re here to help.

Depending on the item, it’ll take a while to unlock each of them. After all, the recent update makes more room for cosmetics and valuable rings. Nonetheless, you’ll know everything about accessories in this guide and how to get them all.

What is an Accessory in Stardew Valley?

Anything you can wear in the game aside from shirts and pants is accessories. Rings and Boots give perks and permanent buffs when worn, while Hats lets you style more. Even better, finding matching clothes can make your character attractive.


The player standing alongside 18 mannequins with different footwear.
Here are all in-game boots you can collect.

As the only reliable defense clothing, every footwear in Stardew Valley makes you tougher against enemy attacks and debuffs. There’s a huge difference between a player wearing one and no armor at all. However, getting the best ones is challenging, but we’ll help you with that.

Marlon’s Adventurer’s Guild offers basic footwear to kickstart your mining adventures. Along the way, killing monsters and breaking crates or barrels may drop boots depending on your luck. If it’s high-tier shoes, see the complete table below:

Boots/ShoesDefenseImmunitySourceBuying PriceSelling Price
Cinderclown Shoes.pngCinderclown+6+5• Volcano Dungeon ShopCinder Shard (100)550g
Combat Boots.pngCombat+3• Purchasable at the Adventurer’s Guild after reaching Level 40 in the Mines.
• Fishing Treasure Chests.

Cowboy Boots.pngCowboy+2+2• Unobtainable.
Crystal Shoes.pngCrystal+3+5• Remixed Mine Reward after reaching Level 110 in the Mines.
• Skull Cavern loot.
Dark Boots.pngDark+4+2• Purchasable at the Adventurer’s Guild after reaching Level 80 in the Mines.
• Fishing Treasure Chests.
Dragonscale Boots.pngDragonscale+7• Volcano Dungeon Chest350g
Emily's Magic Boots.pngEmily’s Magic+4+4• Emily’s 14-heart event.400g
Firewalker Boots.pngFirewalker+3+3• Purchasable at the Adventurer’s Guild after reaching Level 80 in the Mines.
• Fishing Treasure Chests.
• Level 80 Mines Reward.
Genie Shoes.pngGenie+1+6• Fishing Treasure Chest.
• Skull Cavern loot.
Leather Boots.pngLeather+1+1• Purchasable at the Adventurer’s Guild after reaching Level 10 in the Mines.
• Fishing Treasure Chests.
• Level 10 Mines Reward.
link+Leprechaun+2+1• Train drops.150g
Mermaid Boots.pngMermaid+5+8• Volcano Dungeon Chest.650g
Rubber Boots.pngRubber+1• Fishing Treasure Chests.
• Green Slimes monster drop.
Sneakers.pngSneakers+1• Purchasable at the Adventurer’s Guild after finishing “Initiation”.
• Fishing Treasure Chests.
• Monster or barrels/crates drop at Level 1-40 in the Mines.
Space Boots.pngSpace+4+4• Purchasable at the Adventurer’s Guild after reaching Level 10 in the Mines.
• Level 110 Mines Reward.
Thermal Boots.pngThermal+1+2• Fishing Treasure Chests.
• Random monster drop in the Mines.
Tundra Boots.pngTundra+2+1• Purchasable at the Adventurer’s Guild after reaching Level 50 in the Mines.
• Level 50 Mines Reward.
Work Boots.pngWork+2• Fishing Treasure Chests.100g


A chest full of every types of ring (accessories) in Stardew Valley.
All rings in Stardew Valley.

From your Profile Tab, you’ll see two slots to equip your desired ring. You can get these accessories through different means we’ll include on the table. However, the most common ways are buying, fishing, and mining.

Depending on the type, a ring may give you single or multiple buffs. Combining them with a Cinder Shard on the Forge will provide you with the best results for utility purposes.

Here’s a closer look at every type, price, source, and what perks you can get:

Ring/Band TypePerk(s)SourceCrafting IngredientsBuying PriceSelling Price
Amethyst Ring.pngAmethyst+10% Weapon Knockback• Guild after finishing the “Initiation” quest.1000g100g
Aquamarine Ring.pngAquamarine+10 Critical Strike Chance• Guild after reaching Level 40 in the Mines.2500g200g
Burglar's Ring.pngBurglar’s• 2x Monster Loot Drops• Gil after slaying 500 Dust Sprites.
• Purchasable at Marlon’s Shop.
Crabshell Ring.pngCrabshell+5 Defense• Monster Slayer’s reward for eradicating 60 crabs (Rock, Lava, and Iridium counts).
• Item available at Marlon’s
Emerald Ring.pngEmerald+10% Weapon Speed• Unlockable item reaching Level 80 in the Mines.5000g300g
Glow Ring.pngGlow• Emits light around the player (ten tiles).• Breaking boxes and barrels.
• Special monster drop (Level 40+ Mines and Level 1 to 39 in Skull Cavern).
• Feast of the Winter Star gift
• Remixed Mine Rewards (20th floor).
Glowstone Ring.pngGlowstone• Emits light for ten tiles.
• +2 tiles for attracting items.
• Craftable once Level 4 in Mining is reached.
• 1000 Token at the Stardew Valley Fair (stock not guaranteed).
• Iron Bar (5)
• Solar Essence (5)
Hot Java Ring.pngHot Java• 25% Coffee drop chance after killing a monster.
• 7.5% chance to drop Triple Shot Espresso.
• Volcano Dungeon chests.200g
Immunity Band.pngImmunity+4 Immunity• Mines on 100th floor.
• Skull Cavern drops.
Iridium Band.pngIridium• Emits 4 radius circle of light.
• Increases Magnetism.
• Attack Power boost.
• Craftable at Combat Level 9.
• Fishing Chest loot.
• Iridium Bar (5)
• Solar Essence (50)
• Void Essence (50)
Jade Ring.pngJade+10% Critical Strike power.• Guild item for sale.2500g200g
Jukebox Ring.pngJukebox• Lets the wearer play any game soundtrack.• Unobtainable.
Lucky Ring.pngLucky+1 Luck.• Skull Cavern
• Quarry Mine
• Panning
Magnet Ring.pngMagnet+2 tiles for attracting items.• Breaking crates and barrels.
• Monster loot drop.
• Mixed Reward for reaching the 20th floor in the Mines.
Napalm Ring.pngNapalm• Turns a monster into a dying bomb that destroys rocks and mummies and damages other enemies, except the player.• Gil’s reward for killing 250 Serpents or its Royal variant.
• Marlon’s Guild.
Phoenix Ring.pngPhoenix• Revives a dying player with half of their health. It can only happen once a day.• Volcano Dungeon chests.100g
Protection Ring.pngProtection• Invincibility after taking damage for up to 1.6 seconds.• Volcano Dungeon chests.100g
Ring of Yoba.pngRing of Yoba• The wearer doesn’t take any damage for five seconds.• Craftable upon reaching Level 7 in Combat.Diamond (1)
Gold Bar (5)
Iron Bar (5)
Ruby Ring.pngRuby+10% Attack Damage.• Purchasable from Adventurer’s Guild.5000g300g
Savage Ring.pngSavage+2 Movement Speed for three seconds after slaying any monster.• Gil’s reward for killing 150 Void Spirits.
• Item available from Marlon’s.
Slime Charmer Ring.pngSlime Charmer• Prevents any damage and debuff from Slimes.• Gil’s reward for killing 1000 slimes (any color).
• Purchasable from the Guild.
Small Glow Ring.pngSmall Glow• Emits light around the player (five tiles).• Breaking boxes and barrels.
• Special Monster Drops on Levels 1 to 39 in the MInes.
Small Magnet Ring.pngSmall Magnet+1 tile for attracting items.• Boxes and barrels drop.
• Loot from Levels 1 to 39 in the Mines.
Soul Sapper Ring.pngSoul Sapper+4 Energy after every slain enemy.• Volcano Dungeon chests.100g
Sturdy Ring.pngSturdy-50% Debuff Duration.• Craftable at Level 1 in Combat.• Bug Meat (25)
• Copper Bar (2)
• Slime (25)
Thorns Ring.pngThorns• The attacking monster receives the same damage after they hit you.• Craftable at Level 7 in Combat• Bone Fragment (50)
• Gold Bar (1)
• Stone (50)
Topaz Ring.pngTopaz+10% Weapon Precision.• Buyable at Marlon’s.1000g100g
Vampire Ring.pngVampire+2 Health for slaying any monster.• Monster Slayer reward for killing 200 bats (any type).15000g750g
Warrior Ring.pngWarrior+10 Attack for every enemy slain (5-sec duration).• Craftable after reaching Level 4 in Combat.• Coal (25)
• Frozen Tear (10)
• Iron Bar (10)
Wedding Ring.pngWedding• No buffs but is used for proposing to another player.• Recipe available at the Traveling Cart for 500g.• Iridium Bar (5)
• Prismatic Shard (1)


The player standing alongside 93 mannequins with different hats as Accessories.
Hats come with different designs for personal style and character customization.

Wearing a hat makes no impact except for the unique visuals. There are 90+ of them in total, and you can partner it up with shirts and pants. Do you want to get them all (at least 99%)? Check this table out:

HATS/CAPSAchievementSourceSewing Machine Item
Arcane Hat.pngArcane • Kill 100 Mummies and redeem the reward from Gil.
Archer's Cap.pngArcher’s Gourmet Chef• Cook every recipe and buy it at the Abandoned House for 1000g.
Blue Bonnet.pngBlue BonnetTreasure Trove• Donate 40 Minerals or Artifacts to the Museum and buy them at the Abandoned House for 1000g.
Blue Cowboy Hat.pngBlue Cowboy • Random Skull Cavern chest loot.
Bluebird Mask.pngBluebird Mask• Exchange 30 Taro Roots from the Island Trader during Wednesdays.
Bowler Hat.pngBowler Millionaire• Earn 1,000,000g and buy for 1000g at the Abandoned House.
Butterfly Bow.pngButterfly BowA New Friend• Gain 5-Heart Friendship with anyone and purchase at the Hat Mouse for 1000g.
Cat Ears.pngCat EarsThe Beloved Farmer• Gain 10-Heart Friendship with eight people and buy it from the Hat Mouse.
Chef Hat.pngChef Gourmet Chef• Cook all recipes and make a deal with the Hat Mouse for 1000g.
Chicken Mask.pngChicken MaskA Big Help• Finish 40 Help Wanted requests and exchange 1000g from the Abandoned House.
ConcernedApe Hat.pngConcernedApe Mask• Achieve 100% Perfection and interact with the monkey in the Volcano Caldera.
Cone Hat.pngCone • Buy it from the Magic Shop Boat at the Night Market during Winter 16 for 2500g.
Cool Cap.pngCool Homesteader• Earn 250,000g and buy it at the Abandoned House for 1000g.
Copper Pan (hat).pngCopper Pan• Place a Copper Pan in the hat slot.
Cowboy Hat.pngCowboy • Trade 333 Omni Geodes to the Desert Trader during Odd Days.
Cowgal Hat.pngCowgalMonoculture• Ship 300 pieces of a single crop type and trade 1000g with the Hat Mouse.
Cowpoke Hat.pngCowpokePolyculture• Ship 15 of every in-game crop and buy it from the Hat Mouse for 1000g.
Daisy.pngDaisyD.I.Y.• Craft 15 different items and buy them at the Abandoned House for 1000g.
Dark Cowboy Hat.pngDark Cowboy• Random Skull Cavern Treasure Chest loot.
Delicate Bow.pngDelicate BowCook• Prepare ten different meals and purchase the item at Mouse’s Shop.
Deluxe Cowboy Hat.pngDeluxe Cowboy• Exchange 30 Taro Roots from the Island Trader during Fridays.
Deluxe Pirate Hat.pngDeluxe Pirate• Random Volcano Dungeon Chest loot.
Earmuffs.pngEarmuffsPopular• Gain 5-Heart Friendship with 20 villagers and purchase the item at the Abandoned House for 1000g.
Elegant Turban.pngElegant Turban• Earn every in-game Achievement.
Emily's Magic Hat.pngEmily’s Magic• From Emily’s 14-Heart event.
Eye Patch.pngEye PatchMaster Angler• Reel in every fish and buy it from the Abandoned House for 1000g.
Fedora.pngFedora• Trade 500 Tokens at the Stardew Valley Fair
Frog Hat.pngFrog• Cast Fishing Rod on the water at the Frog’s cave on Ginger Island.
Garbage Hat.pngGarbage• Interact with Trash Cans to have a 0.2% chance to get the hat.
Gnome's Cap.pngGnome’sCraft Master• Craft all items available and buy it from the Abandoned House for 1000g.
Goblin Mask.pngGoblin MaskFull Shipment• Ship every item in Stardew Valley and buy the hat from Hat Mouse for 1000g
Golden Helmet.pngGolden Helmet• Let Clint break a Golden Coconut for 25g and get a 5% chance to get the helmet.
Good Ol' Cap.pngGood Ol’Greenhorn• Accumulate 15000g and purchase the hat from the Abandoned House for 1000g.
Green Turban.pngGreen Turban• Trade 50 Omni Geodes with the Desert Trader.
Hard Hat.pngHard• Defeat 30 Duggies and claim the item from Gil.
Hunter's Cap.pngHunter’sLiving Large• Get the Max House Upgrade and buy the hat from the Hat Mouse for 1000g
Knight's Helmet.pngKnight’s Helmet• Eliminate 50 Pepper Rex and get the reward from Gil.
Living Hat.pngLiving• Cut weeds and get a 0.001% drop chance.
• Destroy Wilderness Golems and get a 0.01% drop chance.
Lucky Bow.pngLucky BowCowpoke• Gather 50000g, and the hat will be available for 1000g from the Mouse.
Magic Cowboy Hat.pngMagic Cowboy• Offer 333 Omni Geodes to the Desert Trader every even days.
Magic Turban.pngMagic Turban• Offer 333 Omni Geodes to the Desert Trader every even days.
Mouse Ears.pngMouse EarsBest Friends• Gain 10-Heart Friendship with any villager, and the hat will be available for 1000g at the Abandoned House.
Mr. Qi's Hat.pngMr. Qi’s• Exchange Qi Gems (5) at the Walnut Room.
Mushroom Cap.pngMushroom• Cut down Mushroom Trees and get a 1% drop chance.
Official Cap.pngOfficialOl’ Mariner• Reel in 24 different fishes, and the hat will be available for 1000g at the Abandoned House.
Panda Hat.pngPanda• TGP-exclusive content from Tencent Games but still unobtainable.
Pink Bow.pngPink Bow• For sale from the Volcano Dungeon shop.
Plum Chapeau.pngPlum ChapeauSous Chef• Prepare 25 different recipes and buy it from the Hat Mouse for 1000g.
Polka Bow.pngPolka BowGofer• Fulfill ten Help Wanted quests, and the item will be available for 1000g at the Abandoned House.
Red Cowboy Hat.pngRed Cowboy• Random Skull Cavern Chest loot.
Sailor's Cap.pngSailor’s• Reward for winning the fishing competition at the Festival of Ice
Santa Hat.pngSantaNetworking• Reach 5-Heart Friendship with ten people.
Skeleton Mask.pngSkeleton Mask• Eradicate 50 Skeletons and claim the reward from Gil.
Small Cap.pngSmall Cap• Offer 30 Taro Roots to the Island Trader during Mondays.
Sombrero.pngSombreroLegend• Earn 10,000,000g and purchase the hat from Mouse.
Sou'wester.pngSou’westerFisherman• Catch ten different fish and get the hat from Mouse for 1000g.
Squire's Helmet.pngSquire’s Helmet• Kill Metal Heads for a chance to drop.
Straw Hat.pngStraw• Beat Egg Hunt opponents at the Egg Festival.
Tiara.pngTiaraCliques• Reach 4-Heart Friendship with four NPCs.
Tiger Hat.pngTiger• Random Tiger Slime drops.
Top Hat.pngTop Hat• Purchase at Casino for 8000 Qi Coins.
Tropiclip.pngTropiclipMoving Up• Upgrade the farmhouse on time, and the hat will be purchasable from Mouse for 1000g.
Trucker Hat.pngTruckerArtisan• Craft 30 different items and buy the hat for 1000g from Mouse.
Watermelon Band.pngWatermelon BandMother Catch• Catch 100 Fish and buy the hat for 1000g from the Mouse.
White Turban.pngWhite Turban• Random Skull Cavern Treasure Chest loot.
• Combine Cloth and Sweet Gem Berry at a Sewing Machine.
Beanie.pngBeanie• Acorn
• Mahogany Seed
• Maple Seed
• Pine Cone
Blobfish Mask.pngBlobfish Mask• Blobfish
Party Hat (blue).pngBlue Party• Chocolate Cake
Bridal Veil.pngBridal Veil• Pearl
Dinosaur Hat.pngDinosaur• Dinosaur Egg
Fashion Hat.pngFashion• Caviar
Fishing Hat.pngFishing• Ice Pip
• Midnight Squid
• Scorpion Carp
• Slimejack
• Spook Fish
• Stone Fish
• Void Salmon
Floppy Beanie.pngFloppy Beanie• Maple Syrup
• Oak Resin
• Pine Tar
Forager's Hat.pngForager’s• Ginger
Goggles.pngGoggles• Bug Steak
Golden Mask (hat).pngGolden Mask• Golden Mask
Party Hat (green).pngGreen Party• Fish Taco
Hair Bone.pngHair Bone• Prehistoric Tibia
Logo Cap.pngLogo• Lava Eel
Pirate Hat.pngPirate• Treasure Chest
Propeller Hat.pngPropeller• Miner’s Treat
Pumpkin Mask.pngPumpkin Mask• Jack-O-Lantern
Qi Mask.pngQi Mask• Qi Fruit
Radioactive Goggles.pngRadioactive Goggles• Radioactive Bar
Party Hat (red).pngRed Party• Pizza
Spotted Headscarf.pngSpotted Headscarf• Red Mushroom
Star Helmet.pngStar Helmet• Mushroom Tree Seed
Sunglasses.pngSunglasses• Cinder Shard
Swashbuckler Hat.pngSwashbuckler• Dragoon Tooth
Totem Mask.pngTotem Mask• Beach Totem
• Desert Totem
• Farm Totem
• Island Totem
• Mountain Totem
• Rain Totem
Warrior Helmet.pngWarrior Helmet• Ostrich Egg
Wearable Dwarf Helm.pngWearable Dwarf Helm• Dwarvish Helm
• Dwarf Gadget
Witch Hat.pngWitch• Golden Pumpkin

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