Vinegar: Recipes, Benefits, and More


Did you find some Vinegar from Pierre’s General Store? This ingredient does wonder in your food. This guide will help you learn more about it!

Vinegar is placed on a table with a player standing near it
Here’s what Vinegar looks like in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley’s adventures and tasks take a massive chunk of your energy and health points. If your solution is going home or getting life elixirs, you should try making meals with Vinegar instead. In this guide, you’ll learn everything about its uses and the advantages it offers!

What’s a Vinegar?

A Vinegar is a cooking ingredient that you’ll get from Pierre’s General Store for 200g. You can consume this item, and it’ll give you +13 Energy and +5 Health.

Additionally, you may resell it for 100g. These offers may not sound like a great deal, but you’ll get more benefits once you create meals with this ingredient.

Also, make sure you have a cookout kit or an upgraded farmhouse to prepare these meals.


You can make four dishes with this ingredient where they won’t just increase your health and energy, but give you more profit by selling them too. 


A coleslaw placed on a table
Gobble up some tasty Coleslaw!

If you’re after a quick dish, making a Coleslaw is your best pick. In cooking it, you’ll need one Red Cabbage, Vinegar, and Mayonnaise. You’ll get this recipe from a TV Show, The Queen of Sauce, on Spring 14, Year 1. 

Parsnip Soup

A soup placed on a table in Stardew Valley
Parsnip Soups, best served when hot!

However, if you want something fresh and healthy, you should make a Parsnip Soup. All you need is some Milk, Vinegar, and Parsnip. You’ll receive this recipe via mail once you have three friendship hearts with Caroline.

Radish Salad

A Raddish Salad on a table in Stardew Valley
A Crispy Radish Salad.

You can try a crispy but healthy dish like Radish Salad. The ingredients you’ll need are Vinegar, Radish, and Oil. Its recipe will be available on Spring 21, Year 1, from The Queen of Sauce.


A Salad on a table in Stardew Valley
A Fresh and Healthy Salad.

Preparing a plate filled with vegetables like Salad is possible with Vinegar. You’ll also need to forage for goods like Dandelion and Leek to make it. But to get this recipe, you first need to earn three friendship hearts from Emily.

Aside from making these cooked foods for yourself, you can also sell them. And to get more profit, you should enhance their benefits with Qi Seasoning!

Here are the data of these cooked foods’ with and without Qi Seasoning:

DishesEnergy HealthEnergy with Qi SeasoningHealth with Qi SeasoningPrice Price with Qi Seasoning
Parsnip Soup+85+38+153+68120g180g
Radish Salad+200+90+360+162300g450g


Everyone dislikes this ingredient, so offering it to anyone wouldn’t be the brightest idea.


A player wearing an orange shirt in Stardew Valley
Voguish Orange Gi.

You can make a dyeable Orange Gi from this item.

Bundles and Quest

Sadly, you can’t use it in quests or bundles.

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