Stardew Valley General Store: Useful Stock, Open Hours, and More

Have you already visited the infamous Stardew Valley General Store? Do you know its opening hours or who runs the place? If you are trying to learn more about this store, then keep on reading this Stardew guide to get more information about this useful place in the game!

Stardew Valley General Store

What is the stardew Valley General Store?

If you are new to the game, soon you will find out that the Stardew Valley General Store will be one of the most important places in the game!

So, what can you actually do there? Let’s dive deeper into this particular store!

Basically, this is a great place for buying seeds, saplings, any fertilizer you need in the game, ingredients, and other things that will be important in Stardew Valley. Of course, this shop is not only about selling items! You can also ask Pierre to buy stuff from you! For example, Pierre might want to buy cooked dishes, crops, and foraged items from you!

When is the Stardew Valley General Store open? Well, it’s open hours are from 9am to 5pm! A lot of players tend to go too early there and then have to wait for a while before the store even opens!

Some items in stock might depend on the season, while some are there year-round. That’s why it’s useful to know when you can grab some items from the store.

Year-Round Items in Stardew Valley General Store

Below you will find more information about items that you can find in Pierre’s store whenever you go there.

Grass Starter100g
Wheat Flour100g
Basic Fertilizer100g
Quality Fertilizer150g
Basic Retaining Soil100g
Quality Retaining Soil150g
Deluxe Speed-Gro150g
Wallpaper (This item will be random each day)100g
Flooring (This item will be random each day)100g
Cherry Sapling3,400g
Apricot Sapling2,000g
Orange Sapling4,000g
Peach Sapling6,000g
Pomegranate Sapling6,000g
Apple Sapling4,000g

As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of items that you can just go and buy from the Stardew Valley General Store.

Stardew Valley General store Items (Seasonal)

Of course, there will be some items that you can only buy during specific seasons. Just keep in mind that we are only talking about Spring, Summer, and Fall (there are no special items for the Stardew Winter).

Parsnip SeedsMelon SeedsEggplant Seeds
Bean StarterTomato SeedsCorn Seeds
Cauliflower SeedsBlueberry SeedsPumpkin Seeds
Potato SeedsPepper SeedsBok Choy Seeds
Tulip BulbWheat SeedsYam Seeds
Kale SeedsRadish SeedsCranberry Seeds
Jazz SeedsPoppy SeedsSunflower Seeds
Garlic SeedsSpangle SeedsFairy Seeds
Rice ShootHops StarterAmaranth Seeds
Corn SeedsGrape Starter
Sunflower SeedsWheat Seeds
Red Cabbage SeedsArtichoke Seeds

There is one more thing you should keep in mind. You can complete Pierre’s Missing Stocklist and get these seeds and starters off-season. However, they will still cost 50% more than during their season. For example, the Potato Seeds will cost 50 gold coins during Spring and 75 gold coins during any other season once you complete the Stocklist.

Other than that, you might also see some random items for sale if you sold them to Pierre in large quantities.

Who lives in the stardew valley general store?

As you will soon notice, there are a few people who live in the Stardew Valley General Store. There are actually three NPCs who live there. We are talking about Pierre, Caroline, and Abigail. The rooms can be found to the north of the General Store, so you can go visit them once you are friends.

Stardew Valley Pierre’s Schedule

Just in case you are also looking for the manager of the General Store, you might want to know his schedule too!

Thankfully, Pierre’s schedule is quite easy to track, so let’s take a look at it:

TimeRegular ScheduleFriday (Sunny)
7:00 AMAisle, StoreAisle, Store
8:30 AMCounter, StoreCounter, Store
5:00 PMAisle, StoreThe Stardrop Saloon
7:00 PMKitchen, House
9:00 PMRoom, House
10:50 PMSleeping
11:00 PMSleeping

As you can see, he spends most of his time at the Stardew Valley General Store, so it will be quite easy to find him there.

So, when is your next visit to the Stardew Valley General Store? It’s a very useful place in the game, so go there to at least check it out!

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