Radioactive Ore: Crafting, Sources, Uses, and More

Do you want to know what a Radioactive Ore (R.O.) in Stardew Valley PC is? Where can you mine them, and what are they used for? Read this complete guide to know more about this exotic resource!

The Radioactive Ore in Stardew Valley.
This item is dangerously glowing!

Ores in Stardew Valley are well-known for reliability and usefulness. Even if it’s the lowest quality and power, the earlier you have them dictates how your gameplay and farm success go. However, one particular type so powerful and deadly, Clint the Blacksmith, can’t turn your tools into its glowing neon green vibe.

Despite its highly hazardous label from the Zuzu City Safety Commission, the ore has several benefits to the player. We’ll talk about the resource in this guide and where you can find it to use on different things in-game.

What is a Radioactive Ore?

It’s a glowing green little orb that emits dangerous energy. This resource replaces its Iridium counterpart after the major Stardew Valley endgame update was made. Also, you can’t use it to load Slingshot ammo, unlike any other of its kind.

It sells for 300g.

Where to Get a Radioactive Ore

The resource is a late-game item in Stardew Valley and isn’t available on your regular mining trip. You’ll have to unlock Ginger Island first and have access to Qi’s Walnut Room. Afterward, you also have to take Special Orders in the following areas but be warned as monsters are stronger here:

  • The Mines. Radioactive Nodes will appear during the Danger in the Deep quest or after activating the Shrine of Challenge on the 120th floor to increase monster difficulty.

  • Skull Cavern. The same nodes will also appear in the Skull Cavern Invasion (tougher enemies).

Tip: Activate the Shrine of Challenge early on, so if it’s a lucky day, you can go anytime at the Mines. Combine the Lucky Ring with another of its type in the Forge to increase your chances!


The player holding a Hyper Speed-Gro and a Magic Bait.
These are some of the items you can craft with the exotic material.

You can use this resource for upgrading your equipment. However, you can craft the following items:

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Hyper Speed-GroQi’s Walnut Room for 30 Gems• Bone Fragment (3)
• Solar Essence (1)
Magic BaitQi’s Walnut Room for 20 Gems• Bug Meat (3)
R.O (1)


In-game screen of the player using the Radioactive Ore in Tailoring.
Peculiar style, but acceptable.

One piece of cloth with this ore in the spool of the Sewing Machine will make a Turtleneck Sweater. You can also use it as a green dye at Dye Pots.


It’ll take ten in-game hours for five pieces of Radioactive Ores and one coal to turn into a solid Bar from the Furnace.


Maru likes the item – the rest don’t.


Not used in any quest.


Not used in any bundle.

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