Best Animal in Stardew Valley (Ranked)- Full Guide 2022

If you’ve found the best crop for your farm, good for you, but aren’t you wondering about the best animals in Stardew Valley? This guide will give you a break from these profitable yet sluggish crops. Here we’ll rank the best animals you can get!

A player picking the best animal in Stardew Valley.
What do you think is the best animal in Stardew Valley?

All animals are valuable in Stardew Valley. Some serve as comfort animals, while others can help you out on your farm. But among these creatures, which one do you think is the best? From a farmer’s or rancher’s perspective, a milk pail and shearing tool should be of good use. 

In this guide, we’ve ranked every farm animal based on its usefulness and profitability in Stardew Valley!

Best Animal in Stardew Valley

12. Cats Or Dogs

A player with a cat in stardew valley.
Are you a cat or dog person?

These comfort pets are at the lowest ranking since they’re only valuable for earning one point on Grandpa’s Evaluation. There aren’t plenty of benefits when owning them since they don’t produce marketable products in-game. Still, they’re still an excellent addition to your farm, and they won’t cost you a penny since you can only adopt them.

11. Horse

A player close to a horse in Stardew Valley.
Especially made for lazy people like you.

Despite being handy and loyal to you, having a horse isn’t as beneficial as it may seem. Although it helps increase your movement speed, it’ll be troublesome to summon it if you haven’t obtained the Horse Flute. It doesn’t give you any animal products, either. Hence, you won’t profit from this animal in Stardew Valley.

 But if you’re interested in owning one, you may visit Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop to get it. It’s a package you’ll obtain when you purchase the Stable.

10. Void Chicken

A player close to a void chicken in Stardew Valley.
Its black feathers look really enticing.

It’s a special chicken you obtain from a random event with the Witch. If you’re expecting tons of gold out of them, you’re pretty mistaken since they aren’t the best kind of Coop Animal to own. Their prices are a little higher compared to a regular egg, but unlike normal chickens, they only produce one kind of egg.

QualityVoid EggArtisan GoodsSelling Price (S.P.)S.P. With RancherS.P. With Artisan

9. Chicken

A player's cursor hovering over a chicken at Marnie's Ranch.
Are you sure about this?

This livestock is the cheapest you can get from Marnie’s Ranch. But we’ve ranked them at the lower tier of best animals since their products aren’t lucrative. Although they could make a decent profit by making eggs every day once they’re matured and fed, we still think it’s not the best investment.

One chicken costs 800g, while below are the products they can make alongside their selling prices.

QualityRegular EggLarge EggArtisan GoodsSelling Price (S.P.)S.P. With RancherS.P. With Artisan

8. Ducks

A player's cursor hovering over a duck at Marnie's Ranch.
The green and brown combo makes me want to purchase It ASAP.

Similarly to the 8th farm animal, Ducks also produce eggs that’ll give you some profit. But unlike the latter, you’ll get a Duck Feather from them instead of a larger egg. However, you first need to make them happy to obtain this loot. Establishing a good friendship with them also aids in producing better quality products.

Nonetheless, you may purchase them for 1200g. Below are the items you may get by caring for this Coop Animal in Stardew Valley:

QualityDuck EggDuck FeatherArtisan GoodSelling PriceS.P. with RancherS.P. with Artisan
Base95g250gDuck Mayonnaise375g450g525g

7. Rabbit 

A player's cursor hovering over a rabbit at Marnie's Ranch.
Little furry friend.

This furry creature also belongs to the lower ranks since it can’t reproduce despite costing a considerable sum of gold. You may purchase it from the same shop for 8,000g. Its edge against the four previous livestock is the selling price of its products.

It produces two products and can be pretty useful in some events too. Here’s the list of items it makes and their prices:

QualityWoolRabbit’s FootArtisan GoodSelling PriceS.P. with RancherS.P. with Artisan

8. Sheep

A player's cursor hovering over a sheep at Marnie's Ranch.
I guess, unlimited wool it is.

Unlike most Barn Animals, a Sheep isn’t really the most lucrative creature. It takes them three days to regrow their coats. But when compared to a Rabbit, this livestock is more lucrative since it can reproduce. Saving you the cost of purchasing another one just to produce more wool in Stardew Valley.

Refer to the table below to learn about the value of its products:

QualityWoolArtisan GoodSelling PriceS.P. with RancherS.P. with Artisan

6. Goat

A player's cursor hovering over a goat at Marnie's Ranch.
Would you pick a goat over a cow?

This Barn Animal gives almost the same profit as owning a Cow. It produces milk every four days. Additionally, you can save some money after purchasing it for 4000g as it’s capable of getting pregnant and giving birth. It also offers decent amounts of profits. 

Refer to see the selling price of its products:

QualityGoat MilkLarge Goat MilkArtisan GoodSelling PriceS.P. with RancherS.P. with Artisan
Base225g345gGoat Cheese400g480g560g
Silver281g431g 500g600g700g
Gold337g517gGoat Cheese from Large Goat Milk.600g720g840g
Iridium450g690g 800g960g1120g

5. Cow

They’re our best pick for getting milk!

A Cow may seem less lucrative than Goats, but judging its milk production’s duration, it’s actually more profitable. Unlike other Barn Animals, Cows produce milk every day. The sum of the base price of its product for two days equates to 250g. It’s more than 25g compared to the latter.

Here’s a breakdown of the prices of its produce:

QualityMilkLarge MilkArtisan GoodSelling PriceS.P. with RancherS.P. with Artisan
Silver156g237g 287g344g401g
Gold187g285gCheese from Large Milk.345g414g483g
Iridium250g380g 460g552g644g

4. Dinosaur

A player near a dinosaur in Stardew valley.
Little dino seems sleepy.

You can also have your Dinosaur on your farm! It’s quite a surprise, but what’s more interesting is the profit it offers after they hatch. It’s one of the three best animals you can get in-game since it’s lucrative. But it takes seven days to produce another egg.

Moreover, it’s quite difficult to obtain it because, like the Golden Chicken, you can’t purchase it from any shops. Below are the products and earnings you’ll get from it:

QualityDinosaur EggArtisan GoodSelling PriceS.P. with RancherS.P. with Artisan
Base350gDinosaur Mayonnaise800g960g1,120g

3. Golden Chicken

A player near a golden chicken in Stardew Valley
Our prized possession!

It’s another special event chicken obtained by earning Perfection in Qi’s Walnut Room. It’s worth the effort despite going through the tedious process to obtain it. Unlike most chickens, this variant gives better profits as it lays Golden Eggs daily once they’re fed and fully developed.

QualityGolden EggArtisan GoodSelling PriceS.P. with RancherS.P. with Artisan
Gold750gMayonnaise from Golden Egg285g342g399g

2. Ostrich

A player near an ostrich in Stardew Valley.
Took us a long way to get this bad boy.

Owning this Barn Animal is as tricky as obtaining a Dinosaur Egg. You can’t purchase or trade it in any shop. You’ll need to complete some quests from Professor Snail to get it. But is it worth the trouble? It surely is since you’ll get a good amount of earnings.

Here’s the list of its selling prices alongside their qualities:

QualityOstrich EggArtisan GoodSelling PriceS.P. with RancherS.P. with Artisan
Silver750g 237g284g331g
Gold900g 285g342g399g
Iridium1200g 380g456g532g

1. Pig

Here’s the best animal in Stardew Valley!

The best animal you can own in Stardew Valley is a pig. Despite spending 16,000g, it’s still a good investment since it produces Truffles daily once it’s fully matured and fed. These raw items make great Artisan Goods when placed in an Oil Maker. But unfortunately, it doesn’t benefit the Rancher Profession.

Refer to the table below to see the selling price of the raw product and goods:

QualityTruffleArtisan GoodSelling PriceS.P. with Artisan
Base625gTruffle Oil1065g1491g

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