George Stardew Valley: The Biggest Questions Answered

When it comes to interesting characters, one of the few that pop into a player’s mind is George in Stardew Valley. A lot of discussions have been happening around the internet about various questionable aspects of this particular character: George and Penny’s friendship and heart event, his possible issues with homophobia, and much more.

Since this is becoming a more and more interesting topic among Stardew Valley players, we will go over all the most common questions that are asked by you! There are also some particular situations that players are mentioning.

George at his home

Take a look below and learn more about this character:

Penny and George Stardew Valley

When it comes to various heart events in Stardew Valley, this one stands out particularly. It’s Penny’s two heart event we’re talking about. To be fair,

Here’s What Happens

The basic premise of this heart event is that George is quite an old man. He is struggling to take care of his mail. Penny is always trying to help people around her, but this time many players considered it to be quite problematic. Penny was trying to move George. Yet, it seemed more like she was shoving the wheelchair that George in Stardew Valley uses.

So, why are the players angry at this scene? Basically, it reminds them of the issues people in wheelchairs (whether older people or younger people) have to deal with in daily life. Meaning, they are often treated as items, people are just moving or shoving them without asking. It’s not an ideal scenario.

Players are saying that this is not the best representation. To quote, “it’s not kind to have this kind of thing in such a beloved game”. Another problem that players see in this situation is that the player is forced to agree that Penny did the right thing. However, many disagree.

Changes to the Event

Quite some players are bothered by this 2 heart event and want this to be changed a little bit or even want a whole new event to be created. Some are saying that Penny looks bad in this even if they generally like her as a character.

Some are saying that maybe it could be changed to Penny asking George in Stardew Valley whether she can move him and he could accept help.

Since then, there has been a game update, but players are still not very happy. Now you have an option to tell Penny that she should have asked George or waited until he could accept help. The problem is that you lose friendship points if you point out her mistake. Meaning, it seems like the “right” thing to do would be to say that Penny was being kind.

It seems that this dialogue discourages you from pointing out the mistake. That’s why many players are writing articles, expressing their opinions, and talking more and more about this issue.

Do let us know what you think about this situation!

Changes of dialogue by George in Stardew Valley

Another very popular topic is George’s dialogue in Stardew Valley. Quite often he might seem a bit rude or even homophobic. That’s why some players are even coming up with mods to change that.

For example, if the character gets married to Alex, George can be seen saying “How can two men get married? It’s unnatural.” There are also issues with ableism (preference of able-bodied people).

That’s why there is a mod that changes some parts of George’s Stardew Valley dialogue. The main goal of this mod is to delete any homophobia or ableism from what he says (for example, remarks about wheelchairs) without removing any of his grumpy character.

The main reason for it is that Stardew Valley is a very calm game, so players don’t want to have random stressors in it while they’re just trying to enjoy some farming. Sounds fair enough, right?

George is still a very interesting character despite some questionable moments. Once you become good friends with George, he does become more kind and sweet, so first impressions are not always the best.

Keep in mind what type of gifts he likes and you will soon be on good terms with this particular character in Stardew Valley.

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