How to Remove Bushes in Stardew Valley?

Have you ever encountered any issues while trying to remove bushes in Stardew Valley? While usually this should be a rather simple task, there are things that might complicate it a bit.

A lot of things in Stardew Valley depend on the quality of your tools, so you also need to learn how to upgrade them throughout the game!

Here is what you need to know:

How to Remove Stardew Bushes

If you encounter smaller bushes, a regular axe will do the trick with no problems! Just swing it and you will get rid of it immediately.

However, there are a bigger bushes that might require a better quality axe. Some players are saying that you need to have a copper axe to do this!

Of course, if you don’t have that tool yet, you can wait a bit or simply ignore it while you’re planting or building around it.

These bushes are usually not a big problem, unless you really want to use 100% of your farm.

However, if your mind is set on removing the bushes in Stardew Valley, here is how you can upgrade your tools:

How to Upgrade Tools in Stardew?

When it comes to the Stardew Valley tools upgrading guide, here is how you can do it.

Upgrading the tools is not a very difficult but a rather expensive choice. However, it is definitely worth it!

These are the prices of upgrading your tools:

  • Copper upgrades will cost you 2,000 gold and five copper bars 
  • Steel upgrades cost 5,000g and five iron bars
  • Gold upgrades cost 10,000g and five gold bars
  • Iridium upgrades cost 25,000g and five iridium bars.

It is said that the ax is the most worthy of upgrading! It really improves the efficiency of whatever tool you choose to work on, so you will be less tired after using it. Who would want to be tired after removing one bush in Stardew Valley?

If you have additional gold, definitely think about upgrading your trash can, watering can, and the hoe to improve gameplay by a lot.

The Volcano Forge

If your Stardew Valley is fully upgraded, then you can reap the benefits of Ginger Island too. Once you complete the community center, you will be able to find a volcano nearby.

After the 10th level, you can access forging in the volcano. This time, the price will be slightly different. You will have to pay cinder shards and a prismatic shard to improve your tool.

Should You Improve Your Stardew Axe?

With everything it can do, the axe is one of the most useful tools. It can help to get rid of bigger “bushes” trees, stumps, and more.

If you encounter a large log, you will need a steel axe, and you will need a copper axe to cut bushes in the forest and the Riverlands farm. Meaning, if you are on a mission to remove bushes in Stardew Valley, you will need to upgrade your axe at some point in the game.

Also, one of the first problems you encounter in the game is that you run out of energy so fast! It seems that you do one or two tasks and then you already have to go to bed because your character has no energy left to do anything else that day!

That doesn’t sound too good, does it?

That’s one of the main reasons why you should set aside some gold coins for almost inevitable upgrades of your tools.

Speaking tools, your axe is not the only tool we suggest to upgrade. The second one would be the watering can! A big part of the game is growing and harvesting crops, and a watering can is a crucial part of this.

The original watering can is a bit of a mess (unless you use sprinklers) as it needs to be refilled so often and takes away so much energy from you. However, if you upgrade it, then you can increase the amount of water the watering can holds, so it becomes much easier.

Then again, no matter which tool you choose to upgrade, it will be a great choice.

Now you’re ready to remove bushes in Stardew Valley or do any other farm tasks much easier!

If you’re interesting in upgrading the gameplay and making everything easier, take a look at our other guides too:

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