How to use the Sprinkler in Stardew Valley

The sprinkler in Stardew Valley is a type of farming tool that allows you to water your plants efficiently every morning.

This farming tool automatically waters 4 tiles within its radius and is unlockable once you’ve reached Farming level 2.

Sprinklers can also water Slime Hutch trough, although it’s impossible to water Pots and your pet’s bowls.

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Stardew Valley Sprinkler Levels and Upgrades

NameAdjacent TilesCrafting MaterialsFarming Level
Sprinkler41x for both Copper and Iron Bars2
Quality Sprinkler81x Gold, Iron, and Refined Quartz6
Iridium Sprinkler241x Iridium, Gold Bar, plus 1x Battery Pack9

Keep in mind that the Source or the recipes aren’t available unless you’re already at the level required.

Upgrade TypeUsePrice
EnricherOnce used, it applies Fertilizer + the auto-watering system of the Sprinkler20 Qi Gems
Pressure NozzleIncreases the range of the sprinkler20 Qi Gems

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How to fix a broken sprinkler in Stardew Valley

There are rare cases where the sprinkler in the Stardew Valley doesn’t worry. Don’t worry, though, we’ll guide you through each step.

First, let’s diagnose what’s wrong first. Why aren’t the sprinklers working? Well, it’s probably because you’ve placed it even though you haven’t unlocked it.

It might be a little difficult for you at first, but as soon as you’ve reached Farming Level 2, you’ll be able to use it.

Second, the first sprinkler you’ve unlocked at farming level 2 ONLY works on FOUR (4) adjacent tiles. If you’ve planted a bit larger than that of the allowed, then it’ll REALLY not work for you.

Third, the first sprinkler you’ll unlock ISN’T really worth it. For starters, I highly suggest watering the plants on your own.

Lastly, keep the sprinklers within their allowed radius. If you want a better range on your sprinklers, then get the Pressure Nozzle upgrade above.

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Iridium Sprinklers

Iridium Sprinklers are the top-tier sprinklers in the game. There are only 3 of them and the first one isn’t even something you should be using.

This sprinkler can be crafted once you’ve reached level 9 in Farming Skill. For one (1) piece of each item (Gold and Iridium bar, Battery Pack), you’ll be able to craft the Iridium sprinkler.

With 24 adjacent tiles available in its range, you’ll be able to water plants efficiently and without delay.

You should also keep in mind that only TILLED TILES will be watered. You can also get 1 sprinkler from Krobus every Friday, for 10,000g.

And that’s pretty much it for the sprinklers of Stardew Valley. If you’re looking to see more content like this, don’t forget to check out our latest posts. We cover everything from mods, guides, and anything for your Stardew Valley needs.

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