Stardew Valley Purple Star: Everything you need to Know!

Purple star or most commonly known as Iridium quality, are the highest quality an item can be in Stardew Valley.

What this means is, that for every purple star you have, it means that it’s worth more than the brown, silver, and gold quality items. These types of items are pretty rare to get, but there’s always a way to get these items to be produced

You’ll have to remember that Iridium quality items tend to sell more than lower quality items. Also, they are worth giving to NPCs more than other items. It raises friendship faster with better quality items.

It’s always recommended to take profit on purple star items in Stardew Valley, rather than those low-quality items.

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Stardew Valley Purple Starfish

There are a total of 18 purple starfish in Ginger Island, within Stardew Valley. This is one of the answers to Professor Snail’s questions.

He’ll tell you to survey the entire island. Once you’re done with your little surveying trip, go back to his tent and answer his questions.

Stardew Valley Purple Starfish on Island

Aside from the purple starfish, there’s another question you’ll have to answer later on. This question is about the number of purple flowers on the island.

The answer is 22. You’ll have one chance per day to answer these questions. If you ever answered incorrectly, you can always go back the next day.

You’ll be rewarded with Banana Sapling (1) and Golden Walnuts (6).

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Purple Star Eggs, Fruits, and Other Items

Purple Star items aren’t really hard to get but aren’t really easy to get either. In order to produce the highest quality items, you need to play the game and dedicate your time to it. Once you’re far into the game, you’ll have access to a bunch of other skills that will prove useful to you later on.

But then again, you’ll have to go through the lengthy process of learning the game’s mechanics and playing through the first year to get a grasp of how to play the game.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to have a fully-upgraded house. Aging cheese and wine in the basement casks are one of the methods you’ll have to take. Also, if you choose Gatherer and then Botanist, later on, you’ll be able to forage the highest quality items.

You’ll also have to take good care of your farm animals in order for them to produce the best quality items.

As for fruits, make sure that the trees are able to grow on their own (without a sprinkler touching it).

And that’s how you’ll get purple star items. If you like what you do, consider checking out our other posts. We have everything ranging from mods, tips and tricks, hacks, and many other Stardew Valley guides just for you.

Happy farming!

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