Stardew Valley Save Editor: How to Use Save Editor App

A simple save editor is a nice addition for a game such as Stardew Valley. This makes the game a lot easier to access and modify. There are some instances where we can screw up with the game and end up with a lot of crappy items we don’t need.

A save editor, simply put, is a tool that helps you modify a lot of aspects of the game BEFORE you start a game. There are some times when you want to start the game by becoming a millionaire instantly. But you can’t simply do that in a vanilla copy of the game. But a save editor will save you from this nightmare of not being able to cheat.

This type of tool allows players to access the in-game files and modify them to their satisfaction. Below are the guides for the save editors for each platform that needs them.

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Stardew Valley Save Editor APK for Android

If you’re looking for a save editor for Stardew Valley on Android, we got you covered. You can check out this nice save editor made for Android.

This app has everything for you. This save editor is a lot easier and newbie-friendly. And with this app, you’ll be able to add items to your chest, backpack, speed up things with junimo, and many more!

You can also make the a lot easier for you. Farming friendship points can be a little painful, but with this app, you can do so much more. You can send potions to any of your love interests in Stardew Valley. You can also send gifts to NPCs in the game, cheesing out the majority of what the game has to offer.

The save editor isn’t free, though.

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Stardew Valley Save Editor for Mac and PS4

If you’re looking for a Save Editor for Mac, well, it’s out there but not quite there.

The save editor for Mac isn’t really non-existent, but the problem with it is that there aren’t a lot of Mac players of Stardew Valley. So, generally, finding a Save Editor support for Mac might pose a problem.

Although that’s quite the scenario, this forum will definitely help you get a save editor for mac. The same goes for PS4, so tough luck, mate. You might need to switch to Android or PC, which both have open-source support for mods and save editors.

But you can certainly add mods. Find out how here.

Save Editor for Multiplayer

If you’re looking for a save editor for Stardew Valley multiplayer, you can always check this link here. It offers multiplayer save editor support and works with PC versions of the game.

There are a lot of additions to the application, including 4-player slot support, change host, cabin removals, and more!

You can check the full post here. You can also check out our latest multiplayer guide here.

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