Best Stardew Valley Statues Guide for 2021

You’d be surprise to find a couple of statues in Stardew Valley. What do these curious structures do? What are they for? Well, don’t worry, we’ll help you find out.

What are Statues in Stardew Valley

There are a couple of things you need to look out for in a statue in Stardew Valley. Many statues are placed all around the Valley. And you’ll have to memorize them in order to make use of them. But you can always visit this guide to know where are they and what’s their use.

Statues around the map of Stardew Valley

There are a lot of statues in Stardew Valley. And these bizarre, yet fascinating items/structure are a mystery for a lot of players. You’ll find them surprising once you do get your hands on them. Keep in mind that these statues, while you might find them to be incredibly rare and mysterious, don’t necessarily mean they do something.

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There are only a couple of statues around the world that has its own use and you’ll see down below which among these statues are actually worth keeping.

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Statues with Gems

The statue with gem refers to the teleportation statues that you’ll arrive at using Warp Totems.

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Warp Totems are purchaseable, earnable, and craftable. These items make it easier for you to warp to certain locations within the Valley. They’re easy to use, but are consumables, so you’ll have to buy another or craft one.

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Statue of True Perfection

The Statue of True Perfection is a type of item that costs around 1 million gold. You can buy it from one of the NPCs in the Casino.

The Statue of True Perfection will provide you one gift per day. These gifts can be given to any of the love interest NPCs in the game. Another gift will replace them the next day if you aren’t able to collect them. Oh yeah, they aren’t purple star quality.

There is also no limit as to many Statues you can purchase.

Statues of Endless Fortune

This statue is a reward from Grandpa’s Shrine candle quest, given that all four were lit. It will be the best statue to get first before getting the True Perfection Statue. This statue will produce iridium ores each day, so yeah, get it as soon as you’re able to finish the quest.

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