What is the Stardew Valley Wild Plum?

You might encounter the Stardew Valley wild plum while foraging during the fall days in the game or by using your harvesting skills. Whichever they you do that, the wild plum can be a great addition to your inventory!

Let’s take a look at what can be done with the Stardew Valley wild plum. In the guide below, you will be able to get all the information you need to make the most out of foraging in this game.

Here is what you need to know about the Stardew plum:

What is the stardew plum?

The first things first, this item is counted as a Stardew Valley fruit, and it can only be found during fall.

While this might be a seasonal item, you still have plenty of time to make the most out of it. Of course, you can find the plum at any time in the farm cave. However, if you’re only into harvesting items, you might have to wait for the colder days in Stardew Valley.

How much is the stardew valley plum worth?

Let’s get to the details. The base selling price of the Stardew Valley wild plum is 240 gold coins. Then again, there are ways to make more! If your plum is better quality, then you can get 360 or 380 gold coins for it.

It all depends on the quality of your harvest items. Try to improve the quality by working on your skills because this does make a big difference in the game.

What can you do with the stardew plum?

Once you manage to get your hands on the Stardew Valley wild plum, there are a few ways that you can use it. Let’s take a look at the most common ones that will be the most beneficial for any type of player.

Here are a few different ways that you can use the Stardew wild plum in the game:


There are quite a lot of villagers in Stardew Valley who enjoy the plum. They like the Stardew Valley wild plum so much that this actually makes it a great gift for them.

Some of the NPCs who are big fans of the wild plum are: Elliott, Jodi, Leah, Pam, Robin, and Shane.

Of course, there are plenty of those who are quite neutral about the item (such as, Alex, Emily, Maru, Sam).

Just don’t give the plum to Abigail, Haley, Jas, or Vincent because they definitely won’t thank you for that! Giving them the wild plum won’t get you any friendship points, so you might as well use the item for better things!

If you need more Stardew gifts suggestions, then take a look at our gifting guide for Stardew Valley NPCs!


There is no way that we wouldn’t have great plum recipes with such an item.

For example, you can make plum pudding. You will need 2 pieces of wild plum, 1 wheat flour, 1 sugar to make this. This can give you plenty of energy and health, so don’t disregard this recipe too fast!

Also, this does sell for 260 gold coins, so that might be useful if you need to get some gold coins fast and you have a few plums on your hands.

The Stardew Valley wild plum can also be used for the fall wild seeds recipe that is needed for Stardew Valley crafting. Other than that, you will also need blackberries, common mushrooms, and hazelnuts for this recipe.

Stardew Valley Wild Plum for Tailoring

Did you know that you can actually use the Stardew Valley wild plum for tailoring and sewing? That’s right. You just need some plums to make purple dye if you are near a dye pot. After that, you can start getting more creative with clothes in Stardew Valley!

Other than that, you can use it to create some farmer pants that can be dyed later in the game.

Whether you’re interested in the Stardew Valley wild plum for its healing abilities or simply to get more gold coins, you are ready to start foraging it in the game!

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