What is the Stardew Rare Seed?

This Stardew Valley guide focuses on the Stardew rare seed. What is this item, how can it be acquired, and is it worth it? All these questions will be answered below as we discuss this seed further.

This is actually a very sought-after item to the point that many players try to get their hands on it! One of the reasons behind this is its high selling price.

Let’s learn more about the Stardew rare seed:

What is the Stardew Valley Rare Seed?

As indicated in the name, we are talking about a rare seed in Stardew Valley. The main thing you need to remember about it is that it can grow into a sweet gem berry (even the name sounds expensive!). The seed itself can be sold for 200 gold coins. No wonder why this is such a popular item!

One of the easiest ways to get this seed is by buying it from the traveling cart. Of course, prepare to pay up to 1k gold coins for this item in the game! One more thing, this can only be bought during spring or summer in Stardew Valley. This one is a given.

If you go to the cart during the colder seasons in Stardew Valley, then there is a very small chance that the merchant will be selling it.

Growing Stardew Rare Seed

Once you have purchased the rare seed from the traveling cart, you can start working on your farm.

Be sure to take good care of the growing rare seed, as it will take almost a whole season to grow properly until you can harvest it in the Fall.

It will take 4 days for the rare seed to show any green growth, so try to be patient with this one. You will also get plenty of farming experience (64 XP) if you continue looking after it properly.

While this seed or this crop are not edible, it has so many benefits that it would be a mistake to miss out on it!

It is said that this seed takes a whole season to grow, but that’s not really true. The Stardew rare seed takes up to 24 days to fully grow. It has 5 stages before harvest, so stay patient because it will be worth it!

The seed might not make the best gift in this game because all NPCs dislike it, but its financial value is truly great!

This crop actually has the best profit of any crop! If you’re interested in other profitable crops, then take a look at our profitable crops guide to learn more about them.

What is the Sweet Gem Berry?

Now that we have covered what you need to know about the Stardew rare seed itself, let’s take a look at what you can harvest – the Stardew Valley sweet gem berry.

It is said to be the sweetest thing you have ever smelled! No wonder why it’s so popular in the game.

How to Use the Sweet Gem Berry?

If you manage to grow one of these crops, there are a few ways you can use it!

Of course, the first option is to sell it! This crop can be sold for at least 3k gold coins. However, if you get the best quality sweet gem berry, then this can increase up to 6k gold coins! This type of money doesn’t come too often in Stardew Valley, so definitely consider investing in these crops!

Also, there is a possibility to use this as a gift as all NPCs are neutral about it. Then again, we wouldn’t really advice to use this as a gift purely for the high price.

If you would like to, then you can also use the sweet gem berry in the Rare Crops Bundle.

Now you are more than ready to start growing the Stardew rare seed and harvest the sweet gem berry in the game. It is one of the best crops a player can have, so don’t sleep on it too much!

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