Stardew Valley Clint: Schedule, Gifts, And More

Have you met Pelican town’s local Blacksmith? He’s Clint, a great metalwork craftsman and hopeless romantic. Read further to learn about his schedule, most-loved gifts, and more in Stardew Valley!

You can rely on him for all your metal forging needs!

When you first meet Clint, you’ll see that he’s a friendly, business-minded individual who frequently offers you his services. As you get to know him, you’ll learn that he doesn’t only care for his shop, but he also deeply cares about someone. Unfortunately, his romantic skills aren’t as polished as his craftsmanship skills.

Are you interested in befriending him to know more about his love life and take your gameplay to the next level? Read further to learn more about his characteristics, schedule, gift preferences, and more!

Who is Clint?

To learn more about him, make an effort to speak to him more.

Clint is one of Pelican Town’s most prominent non-marriageable villagers who plays a significant role in your gaming experience. He owns and operates the Blacksmith shop, which sells a variety of ores and offers geode processing and tool upgrade services. Moreover, you’ll most likely find him in his shop because he works and lives there.

Additionally, he claims that he was forced into the job and tends to complain about his working conditions. He also mentioned that he’d rather work outdoors than in a hot furnace for hours. Despite these statements, he spends most of his time working in the shop and seems to enjoy receiving gifts you can get from the Mines.

Interestingly, according to a photo of him clutching a Joja Cola, he only has four fingers on his left hand. You can also tell he loves the blues if you take a careful look at one of his Boombox tapes. Furthermore, his age is unspecified, but according to Stardew Valley’s developer; he’s in his late “30s-40ish.

friendships and Relationships

Clint is exclusively friends with Emily and doesn’t interact with many of the locals. He’s unmarried, has no children, and has no family, which only makes him feel more alone in Stardew Valley. After witnessing numerous happy families celebrate the Feast of the Winter Star, he even remarked that another lonely year is ahead.

He rarely speaks of his family, but he’s made the following statements. First, his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all blacksmiths from a long line of craftsmen in the Smithing business. Second, his father pushed him to choose this line of work.

Clint has a massive crush on Emily despite living a seemingly isolated lifestyle, as evidenced by a note discovered in his bedroom addressed to her. This unsent letter contains a message saying he knows she only sees him as a friend. He adds that it’s his fault because he’s too frightened to tell her the truth.

After working in his shop, he’ll visit the Saloon so he can talk to her. Furthermore, he’s been holding onto his romantic affections for a long time but is too afraid to ask her out. However, every time he attempts to invite her out on a date, he panics and becomes awkward.


Clint follows a regular schedule that rarely changes. His daily routine slightly alters when he goes to the town’s festival days, when it’s raining, or when he requires a checkup. However, if you restore the Community Center, his Friday timetable permanently changes.

Refer to the tables below if you want to know the Blacksmith’s location at all times in Stardew Valley:

Regular Schedule

Time Location
9:00 AMHe stands behind his shop counter.
5:00 PMHe leaves the counter to work on the anvil.
7:00 PMHe exits the Blacksmith’s shop and walks toward The Stardrop Saloon.
8:20 PMHe spends some time in The Saloon.
12:00 AMHe goes home to sleep.

Rainy Day

9:00 AMHe’s positioned behind his shop’s counter.
5:00 PMHe walks to the Anvil in his shop and begins working on it.
7:00 PMHe goes to The Saloon.
12:00 AM He goes back home and goes to bed.

winter 15

8:50 AMHe stands behind his shop counter at the Blacksmith’s.
5:00 PMHe exits his shop to attend the Night Market.
12:00 AM He goes back home to sleep. 

Winter 16

9:00 AMHe’s behind his shop counter.
10:30 AMHe exits his Blacksmith shop and heads towards Harvey’s Clinic.
1:30 PMHe walks from the waiting room to the Clinic’s left examination room.
4:00 PMHe exits the Clinic and heads to The Stardrop Saloon.
12:00 AM He goes back home to sleep for the night.

Friday-Restored Community Center

8:50 AMHe exits his home and walks toward the Community Center’s Boiler Room.
5:00 PMHe exits the Community Center to spend some time in The Stardrop Saloon.
12:00 AM He heads home and goes to sleep.


Give him his favorite things to make him happy!

Unlike most villagers, Clint loves receiving minerals and expensive smelted ores as a gift. So, if you’re interested in befriending him, you should give him something he’ll appreciate twice weekly. However, giving him a gift on Winter 26, his birthday, will give you 8x more friendship points than any other day, making the process easier.

To help you choose a gift for him, refer to the table below:

LovesLikesNeutralsDislikes Hates
All Universal LovesAll Universal Likes except FlowersAll Universal NeutralsAll Universal Dislikes except for the following:
•Copper Bar
•Gold Bar
•Gold Ore
•Iridium Bar
•Iridium Ore
•Omni Geode
•Refined Quartz
All Universal Hates
AmethystCopper barAll eggsQuartzHolly 
AquamarineIron BarAll Fruit except for the following: 
•Fruit Tree Fruit
Artichoke DipAll MilkWild Horseradish
Fiddlehead RisottoCommon Mushroom
Gold BarCoal
Iridium BarDaffodil
Omni Geode Ginger
RubyGold Ore 
Iridium  Ore
Magma Cap
Purple Mushroom
Refined Quartz
Snow Yam
Winter Root

movies and concessions

Clint enjoys watching nearly all of the movies in the theater but doesn’t love any of them. Additionally, he also has a particular dislike for one film. Here’s a table of the Movie titles he likes and dislikes:

It Howls In The RainThe Zuzu City Express.
Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture.
Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
The Brave Little Sapling.
The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch.

While watching the movie, consider getting Clint some snacks and beverages to make the experience more enjoyable for him. Use the list below to determine what to get him in the Concessions stand:


  • Fries
  • Stardrop Sorbet


  • Everything else


  • Apple Slices
  • Black Licorice
  • Hummus Snack Pack
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Joja Cola
  • Joja Corn
  • Kale Smoothie
  • Panzanella Salad 

heart events

Befriending him will be worth your while.

Triggering Clint’s heart events requires you to collect points to gain Friendship hearts. By doing this, you can access the following cutscenes and receive the following recipes, as mentioned in the table below:

No. Of HeartsEvents
AnytimeIf your friendship level with Clint exceeds zero, you’ll receive a gift from him in the mail. Your chances of getting these presents from him increase along with the development of your friendship.
3 (I)Visit him at the Saloon between the hours of 7 and 11 pm. You can strike a conversation with him where he’ll open up that he has terrible luck with women and ask you for your advice. You can choose between these four options:

Tell him to impress the ladies with his strength and charm (+25 points.)
Tell him to act crazy to keep people guessing (+25 points.)
Tell him to act natural and just be himself (It doesn’t affect your friendship.)
Tell him to treat women the way he treats men (+50 points.)

Depending on what you pick, his response will vary. If you choose the first, second, and fourth response, he’ll say, Okay, and he’ll keep what you said in mind.  While if you choose the third one, he’ll say that’s precisely his problem because he’s never been successful when he acts like himself. 

After this exchange, Emily comes and takes Clint’s order causing him to panic. She’ll take his order of one Big n’ Cheesy with extra sauce and then greet you nicely. Following this, he’ll awkwardly thank her for taking his order and attempts to ask her out, but he gives up and says never mind.

Sad background music plays when she goes away to take Shane’s order. Clint watches his crush talk to another guy easily. Thus, leaving him despondent and certain that he’s doomed.
3 (II)Clint will mail you a letter once you’ve reached a three-heart friendship level with him. This letter includes a message and a recipe for Algae soup. A note is attached saying that he has a recipe he wanted to share with you that might help you mine more.
6There are a few requirements for this cutscene; first, you must view Clint’s ‘Three hearts I’ event. Second, you must not be married to Emily and have not seen her Eight or Ten Heart events. Lastly, you must enter the town from the Cindersap Forest between 9 am and 6:30 pm. 

When this heart event is triggered, you’ll catch Clint in the bushes, watching over Emily. He’ll explain that he intended to ask her out, but upon reaching her doorstep, he heard her approaching and hid in the bushes. He’ll add that he’s waiting for her to finish her conversation with Caroline to go back home.

Upon hearing his story, you threaten him that if he doesn’t ask her out, you’ll never upgrade your tools with him again. He agrees to this and asks if he can speak with her alone. Then he asks her if she’s willing to go on a date with him tomorrow at the Grampleton Carnival.

She’ll say it sounds fun and accepts his invitation. Clint tells her that he’ll pick her up tomorrow. After that, he’ll thank you for forcing him to ask her.
7After triggering the Seven-hearts event, you’ll receive a letter in the mail from Clint. He’ll send you one of his recipes for Bean Hotpot. Additionally, attached to the note is a message that he wanted to share one of his recipes because it might help you mine more ores.


If you’re wondering if you can marry the town’s Blacksmith in Stardew Valley, the answer is no. Your relationship with Clint can only go as far as being good friends by earning friendship points to obtain more hearts. As your friendship level with him increases, the more heart events you trigger, allowing you to learn a few recipes and witness intriguing cutscenes.


  • Forging Ahead. The first Copper Ore you find is a wonderful accomplishment. Clint will drop by the next day after you’ve acquired one and provide you with the blueprints to craft a Furnace.
  • Clint’s Attempt. On the 6th of Winter, Clint will request you to deliver an Amethyst to Emily and say it’s from him. Upon completing his order, your reward is one friendship heart with Emily.
  • A Favor for Clint. On the 17th of Winter, Clint will ask you to give him an Iron Bar. If you comply with his request, he’ll give you 500g and one Friendship Heart as a reward.
  • Help Wanted Board at Pierre’s General Store.
  • Quest I. Clint will randomly post a “Help Wanted” request at Pierre’s General Store to order Ores and Coal. Your gold reward for completing this will vary depending on what item or amount he requests. You can achieve this without having any ore or coal in your inventory.

 After collecting all the necessary things, you can finish the quest by simply speaking with Clint. If you hand him any amount of coal and ore, one of them is given automatically to him as a gift.

  • Quest II. He also posts another request at Pierre’s Store to bring him a random item or kill several Monsters. Your pay depends on the type and quantity of monsters you slay will determine the amount of gold. However, when it comes to item delivery, he’ll pay you three times the item’s base value and 150 friendship points.

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