Everything you need to know about the Dwarf in Stardew Valley!

When you first start playing Stardew Valley you’re introduced to the seemingly normal small town of Pelican Town, but the deeper you dig the more you discover!  The wizard who lives at the edge of the forest, monsters hiding in the mines, teleportation devices, and eventually strange scrolls written in a language you can’t read.  These scrolls will lead you to the Dwarf.

Who is the Dwarf?

The Dwarf lives in the mines under Pelican Town.  He is the only dwarf you find in Stardew Valley but through conversation, you can learn more about the Dwarf’s species. However, you can only communicate with the Dwarf once you’ve found all the Dwarf scrolls.  If you try to speak with him before being given the translation guide, you will only get responses in Dwarvish, gifts will have no effect and you will not be able to buy from the store.

What are the Dwarvish scrolls?

The Dwarf scrolls are artifacts you can find tilling in the mines or as drops from monsters.  There are four, Dwarf Scroll I, Dwarf Scroll ii, Dwarf Scroll iii, and Dwarf Scroll iv, and each has a different color ribbon.   These scrolls contain the secrets of the dwarfs.  If you give all four to Gunther at the museum, he will give you the Dwarvish translation guide, which allows you to communicate with the Dwarf. These scrolls aren’t the only Dwarvish artifacts though! Keep your eye out for the Dwarvish helm and the Dwarf Gadget for a close look at Dwarvish technology.  

The scrolls are rare but not hard to find!  The first two can be found tilling in the mines, the first one can be found on any floor and the second can be found on floors 1-39.  All four can be found as monster drops.  The 1st one can be dropped by a bat, bug, cave fly, duggy, green slime, grub, rock crab, and a stone golem.  The 2nd one can be dropped from a blue slime, dust sprite, frost bat, and a ghost.  The 3rd scroll can be dropped by most of the slimes, a lava bat, lava crab, squid kid, shadow brute, shadow shaman, metal head, spider, and a blue squid.  The 4th scroll can be dropped by any monster except skeletons, serpents, wilderness golems, carbon ghosts, iridium bats, iridium crabs, or a haunted skull.  

Where to find the Dwarf?

Similar to Krobus, the only friendly monster who lives in the sewers, the Dwarf lives in the mines and does not move from there.  Unlike Krobus you can’t invite him to move in with you, but you can invite him to the movies!  You can find the Dwarf in the mines to the right of the entrance.  At first, the passage to him is blocked by rocks, but they can be removed using a cherry bomb or a steel pickaxe.


Friendship and Gift Giving

Like all villagers in Stardew, you can give the Dwarf gifts to earn friendship points!  If you want to jump-start a friendship try giving him a gift on Summer 22nd, his Birthday!  For your best bet, most things from the mines or the skull cavern will be enjoyed.  But like all Stardew villagers, the Dwarf can be picky so I’ll go through a full gift guide here!


  • All Universal Loves
Lemon StoneMining
Omni GeodeMining


  • All Universal Likes
  • All Artifacts
Cave CarrotsMining
QuartzForaging in the Mines


  • All Universal Neutrals
  • All Fruit (except Fruit Tree Fruit and Salmonberry)
Solar EssenceMonster Drops
Void EssenceMonster Drops


  • All Universal Dislikes (Except Artifacts, Cave Carrot, Lemon Stone, Omni Geode, Solar Essence, and Void Essence)
ChanterelleForaging in Fall
Common MushroomForaging in Fall
DaffodilForaging in Spring
DandelionForaging in Spring
GingerForaging on Ginger Island
HazelnutForaging in Fall
HollyForaging in Winter
LeekForaging in Spring
Magma CapForaging in Volcano Dungeon
MorelForaging in Spring
Purple MushroomForaging in the Mines
SalmonberryForaging in Spring
Snow YamTilling in Winter
Wild HorseradishForaging in Spring
Winter RootTilling in Winter


  • All Universal Hates

What is the Dwarf’s heart event?

The Dwarf has one heart event, reached at 50 friendship points.  All you need is to have a stardrop bought from Krobus and then enter the sewers.  Upon entering the sewers, you will find the Dwarf and Krobus fighting, the Dwarf blames Krobus and the rest of the shadow people for the death of his family during the Elemental Wars.  The fight continues until the Wizard arrives and stops them.  The Wizard then makes them promise to make peace and casts a “seal of promise” to hold them to it.  Of all the heart events, this one is definitely one of the spookiest.

What does the Dwarf sell?

Dwarf’s shop sells many helpful items, such as Life Elixir and Miner’s Treat, as well as great decorative items such as a Stone Cairn and the Weathered Floor Recipe.  His shop is a great place to stock up before heading into the mines, or a quick stop if your luck is running out!  Here is the complete shop guide and prices:

Life ElixirRestores health to full2,000g
Oil of GarlicPrevents monsters from spawning in the mines
(except for dungeon floors)
Prevents floors from getting infested and

prevents swarms in the Skull Cavern
Cherry BombSmall Explosive Item300g
BombExplosive Item600g
Mega BombHuge Explosive Item1000g
Miner’s TreatOffers 125 energy, 56 health and a short-term
mining and magnetism buff for 5 minutes and 35s
Rarecrow #6Collectable decoration that scares away the crows
from your crops
Stone CairnDecoration200g
Weathered Floor RecipeAllows you to craft Weathered Floor500g

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