Stardew Valley Shed Ideas

Stardew Valley Shed building is a great way to add more space to your existing farm. Furthermore, by purchasing Shed, you will get an amazing opportunity to fully decorate the interior. However, if you need a little push, we will gladly help. In the following lines, learn how to design the interior that will make others say „Hoooly Shed!“

Stardew Valley Shed layout

The Shed is a farm building you can purchase from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. As you can probably guess, the initial interior of the Shed is empty. So, you have absolute freedom to do whatever you want with this space.

Now, let’s see how spacious that freedom is.

Standard Shed’s interior dimensions are 11×9, which is almost the same as the Stardew Valley’s starting farmhouse. On the other hand, upgraded, big Shed’s interior dimensions are 17×12, a bit more than twice as the standard Shed.

The upgraded version of Shed pays off more as it is only 5,000 gold more expensive than the standard one, yet you get a lot more space. 

Stardew Valley Shed interior design ideas

If you are feeling unsure whether to use Shed as storage or a place for a creative outlet, let us help you. Here, we will share with you the top 3 Shed interior design ideas that captured our attention. Hope you will find inspiration right here!

Epic Gameroom Shed

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a Gameroom the size of a farmhouse? Especially when you take into account how exhausting farming can be. And, let’s be fair, at the end of a busy workday, everyone deserves a bit of fun. So, the Epic Gameroom might not be the most practical way to use up the space Shed provide, but one thing is sure – it is certainly one of the coolest. If not the coolest.

Cozy Coffee House Shed

If you love the beautiful, rustic design and warm, dark coffee, you would enjoy spending time in this cozy Shed. It has that Zen vibe to it, which calls you to relax and get the most out of the present moment. The cozy coffee house is for those who need peace and comfort after a long, busy day. It is soothing, yet aesthetically pleasing. If this design would be a zodiac sign, it would be Taurus.

Spooky Shed

Do you love Halloween vibes? Deep down you believe that skulls, a dark rug, and a couple of candles can make any place cooler? Say no more, this shed will steal your heart. Nothing’s off-limits here, you can practice witchcraft, summon ghosts or call a Wizard to hang out with you. Who knows, he might leave his Tower when he realizes how powerful this design is. Or, he will call you to help him make a couple of changes to his interior. Who knows, maybe that will become one of the future updates.

Stardew Valley Shed mod – bigger layout

These ideas seem awesome; however, you still feel you could use more space? No problemo! This Shed mod will provide you with 25×25 usable tiles. Although, because of the limitation of Stardew Valley’s code, custom sheds are not allowed to have custom wallpaper and flooring.

For this reason, you will get to use 8 wallpaper and flooring sets that will help you with design. This includes 6 sets that match the starting farmhouse and 2 custom sets.

Now that you know the options, it is up to you to choose your “canvas” and start painting. The only question is – are you ready to create one of the Stardew Valley’s most epic Sheds?

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