Everything that You Need to Know About Willy’s Boat in Stardew Valley

I think we can all agree that Stardew Valley can be a confusing game at times and it only gets worse when you see glimpses of the end-game as a new player. Many new players get confused about how to access Ginger Island or how to fix Willy’s Boat but if you use the tips in this article that confusion will quickly vanish. Today I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about Willy’s Boat!

How to Access Willy’s Boat

Willy's Boat before repairs

In order to access Willy’s Boat you first need to unlock and complete all the Community Center Bundles. This means that you will have to play through at least one full year in order to complete all of the seasonal bundles. Once you complete the community center you will be met with a cutscene where Willy hints that there is something in his backroom that has “seen better days.” While this cutscene may seem a little weird at first Willy clarifies via your mail that he wants to meet you in the backroom of his shop. Upon receiving this letter you are given the ability to enter Willy’s backroom and finally get to see his Boat.

How to Repair Willy’s Boat

After finding Willy’s boat in his backroom you will immediately see that it’s in complete disrepair. Windows are smashed, there are boards strewn about the floor, and there is seemingly no way to fix it. Or is there? Well, by donating three sets of items to Willy he will be able to restore his ship to its former glory, with the help of Robin of course. New players may be wondering what these three items necessary for repairs are, it’s actually pretty simple. These items include;

Each of these materials can be gathered relatively early on if you know where to look. For instance, Hardwood can be collected by chopping down Large Stumps or Mahogany Trees while Iridium is a mineable ore found in Skull Caverns. The only materials that may be confusing are the Battery Packs as they need to be collected from a Lightning Rod after a thunderstorm or from a Solar Panel on Sunny Days. Although this price may seem steep to some, it’s actually quite cheap considering you unlock an entirely new area to explore.

Getting to Ginger Island!

Ginger Island cutscene in Stardew Valley
Welcome to Ginger Island!

Now that you’ve helped Willy gather the resources needed to fix his Boat you are rewarded with access to Ginger Island. Ginger Island is an extremely important part of Stardew Valley as it gives the player access to tons of late-game content that would be otherwise locked. In order to take Willy’s Boat to the Island all you need to do is enter Willy’s shop anytime after 8 a.m. Entering the shop and heading to the backroom lets you purchase a ticket for 1,000g from the ticket booth just left of the entrance of the boat. After buying your ticket Willy will enter the room and sail you straight to Ginger Island, allowing you to access all of Stardew’s amazing late-game content like the Island Farm and golden walnuts.

Fun Fishing Fact!

This might not be super important to your overall gameplay but, did you know that when a player fishes in the water around Willy’s Boat there is a 20% chance that you catch a Lifesaver Decoration? The really interesting thing about this is that it’s not available in the furniture Catalogue meaning that the only way to get it is to fish near Willy’s Boat in the backroom! This tip is great for anyone who loves to fish or wants to theme their house around Willy’s fish shop or the oceans of Stardew.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about Willy’s Boat in Stardew Valley! I hope that you found this article both informative and entertaining. Being a veteran player I hope that my knowledge will help newcomers to the world of Stardew Valley find something that they love within this amazing game

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