Stardew Valley Jas: Everything you need to know!

Jas is one of the two little kids in Pelican Town, the other being Vincent.  She is Marnie’s niece and Shane’s goddaughter.  She spends most of her time with Vincent being homeschooled by Penny.  Jas’s parents are not in the picture, it’s implied that they are both dead so she lives with her aunt Marnie and godfather Shane in Marnie’s ranch.

What are Jas’s favorite gifts?

If you know anything about Stardew Valley, you know that giving gifts to villagers is the most important way to grow your relationships.  If you want to gain friendship hearts with Pelican Town’s cutest little girl, here are some great gift options!

Jas loves all universal loves, including golden pumpkins, magic rock candy, pearls, prismatic shards, and rabbit’s foot.  Many of those are hard to get in your first year though, so if you’re looking for other ideas try fairy rose, pink cake, or a plum pudding!  She also likes all universal likes (except for artisan goods, triple shot espresso, and vegetables, she is a kid after all!), along with coconuts and daffodils if you need something to give her in a pinch!

Like all kids, Jas can be a bit picky, so be sure to avoid all universal hates, all artisan goods except for honey, jelly and oil (which she likes), clay, pina colada, triple shot espresso, and wild horseradish.

Giving Jas a gift

What are Jas’s heart events?  (Spoiler warning!)

Jas only has one heart event and she shares it with her friend Vincent.  Once you have 8 hearts with both kids, enter the Cindersap forest on a sunny summer day between 6 am and 5 pm.  Then the kids will teach you how to clean the bugs off of spring onions, which will allow you to gain “Spring Onion Mastery” which increases the selling price by 5!

Where can I find Jas?

Sometimes finding a villager can be difficult if you don’t know their schedule!  I’ll go through Jas’s general schedule (and then the exceptions!) so you don’t have to search around!

Jas’s regular schedule:

Jas is in her bedroom until 11 am when she leaves her house to stand by the large tree with bright pink leaves above the Cindersap forest to jump rope.  She stays there until 3 pm when she goes home and reads in the entry hall.  At 7 pm she goes to her bedroom and she’s asleep by 9 pm.

9amHer Bedroom
11amLarge tree with bright pink leaves above Cindersap Forest
3pmEntry Hall
7pmHer Bedroom

Jas’s Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule:

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday Jas and Vincent get tutored by Penny, so at 9 am, Jas leaves her house to go to the museum to learn!  She stays there until 2 pm and then she hangs out at the riverbank near the museum with Vincent.  At 4:20 she starts walking home, using the route that takes her past Emily and Haley’s house.  By 5:50 she makes it out of the town and walks the rest of the way home.

9amLeave home to go to the Museum
2pmRiverbank near the Museum
4:20pmWalking home, near Emily and Haley’s house
5:50pmOut of town, walking home

Jas’s Saturday schedule:

On Saturday Jas leaves home at 10 am to go stand next to a tree near Willow Lane.  At 12pm Jas heads to the playground next to the community center to jump rope.  At 5 pm she walks back to hang out around Willow Lane.  She heads home at 8 pm to go to sleep.

9amHer Bedroom
10amA tree near Willow Lane
12pmPlayground next to the Community Center
5pmAround Willow Lane
8pmHeading home to sleep

Jas’s summer schedule:

Jas leaves her bedroom at 9 am and by 11 am she looks at the cows in the pen.  At 1:20 she walks to the beach to jump rope.  At 4 pm Jas walks home and reads in the entry hall of her home until 7 when she heads to bed.

9amHer Bedroom
11amLooking at cows in the pen
1:20amOn the Beach jump roping
4pmReading in the Entry Hall
7pmHer Bedroom

Jas’s rainy day schedule:

When it rains all villagers get a change in their schedule.  On rainy days Jas stays in her bedroom until 11 am when she stands in the entry hall.   At 3 pm she starts to read by the fireplace.  At 7 pm she heads into her bedroom.

9amHer Bedroom
11amEntry Hall
3pmReading by the Fireplace
7pmHer Bedroom

Jas’s schedule on Winter 15:

Good news all it’s night market day!  On Winter 15 at 11 am Jas leaves her bedroom to the big tree above Cindersap forest to jump rope.   At 2:50 she leaves the forest to go to the night market.  She goes home at 11 pm.

9amHer Bedroom
11amBig Tree above Cindersap Forest
2:50pmNight Market

Jas’s schedule on Winter 18:

Winter 18 is Jas’s yearly checkup day!  So, she leaves her house at 10:30 to see Harvey in his clinic.  She stays in the waiting room until 1:30 pm when she gets called into the exam room.  At 4 pm she leaves to go home and read in the entryway.  She goes to her bedroom at 8 pm.

9amHer Bedroom
10:30amWalking to Harvey’s Clinic
1:30pmThe Exam Room
4pmEntry Way
8pmHer Bedroom

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